Best Guide: What Is A Telescopic Fishing Rod 2022

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Today we will discuss what is a telescopic fishing rod? Telescopic fishing rods are simple rods that fold into themselves permitting greater transportability. They could fit almost any place like in a car trunk otherwise under truck seats. 

Since their collapsed dimensions are merely among 18- and 26-inches. They are furthermore easy to hold in carry-on baggage or backpacks. This permits you to fish closely any time the mood strikes.

What Is Telescopic Fishing Rod

Telescopic fishing rods are simple rods. The handle is typically made of carbon fiber otherwise cork is enclosed with softer foam. 

This rod and reel seat is made of aluminum, stainless steel, and sometimes even glass. The eyes aid to strengthen the segments and are made of a kind of metal. They have inserts made of diverse materials dependent on line weight plus whether you are fishing in salt- otherwise freshwater. Maximum telescopic rods have a firm plastic tip cover that guards the eyes while in a collapsed situation. 

You could customize your telescopic rod with your favored reel plus line weight. Most often, you would find these rods in spinning or baitcasting types. But trolling rods and sea and surf rods are readily obtainable too. 

Advantages of Telescopic Rods 

fishing rods are crucially important due to their role in angling When it comes to fishing tackle. The rod can help you get the best wish with the least effort If it is accurately selected. Luckily, the market is full of fishing rods. 

Each rod has its exclusive feature working distinctly. They are used for diverse fishing regions. The telescopic fishing rod is a desirable choice for expert and amateur anglers. it has a lot of advantages Compared to handheld fishing rods. Some of them are listed below: 


These rods are very small While collapsed. That allows anglers to carry them in a backpack otherwise any other small bag. You do not require a car to carry them, and they are furthermore very lightweight. If you are one of those anglers who like to travel with their rods, you could take these into your carry-on luggage on the airplane. And not concerned about possible harm your rods might suffer in the cargo hold.


Telescopic rods are very reasonable. 

The inexpensive models made by shady creators will not have substantial properties. but even the good models are not too costly, at least while compared with other kinds of rods. 

This is significant for novices who are still learning and do not truly know what type of a rod they require. And the last thing they want is to concern about possible harm on a costly rod.


These rods could be used anyplace, anytime, and you could catch all types of fish with them. 

This versatility makes them great for both novices and expert anglers. They like to take a small rod on holiday and enjoy some fishing through traveling.

Powerful luring capability 

Telescopic fishing rod works with bomb shackles. This bait is large which upsurges the number of hooks used to around six till eight. The powerful fishing bait does not let the fish go away. It even takes the bait to be consumed in a long time giving fishermen a greater reaction time. More quantity of fishing hooks permits a greater chance of landing the fish. 

Can cast far 

The casting far feature is perfect for fishermen. It supports sufficient storage line, weight, and bait group. It is easier to throw far away from the coast. And expert anglers even throw the fishing line hundreds of meters away. This upsurges the option of capturing large fish. Since big fish live in deep water otherwise far away from the coast.

How Does a Telescopic Fishing Rod Work? 

Do you get the idea of what is a telescopic fishing rod? Telescopic fishing rods truly work similarly to other rod kinds. 

You have to choose other pieces of your tackle to match the rod and the fish type you are trying to catch. 

Before it comes to handling your rod, you have to distinguish how to open plus close it correctly. To open it, place the base of the rod on a flat surface. And prolong the sections by dragging them out till they lock in place. Make certain that the line guides are all in line.

Never use “whipping” motion to lengthen the rod as it would damage the joints. Perhaps not the first time you do it, however over time will see some damage. 

To collapse the rod, rotate each segment until it converts lose plus collapses. If it appears stuck, be persistent and do not force it in. You might by chance damage it. 

Throughout both opening also closing process, avoid applying any side force. As it could damage the rod. 

The worst thing that could occur is if the rod is not correctly extended. It collapses or swaps throughout fishing. It will make your casting hand and reeling in almost impossible. Particularly with the fish hooked. 

This might appear as the rod is excessively sensitive and that you have to treat it similar to a baby, so it is not that hard. Sound manufactured rods will be very easy to handle.

Buying guide of Best Telescopic Fishing Rod 

The collapsible way of telescopic rods means you would have to consider definite vital issues. Please find below detailed factors that you need to consider for buying Best Telescopic Fishing Rod 


For improved sturdiness, it will be perfect to use a product prepared of carbon fiber otherwise fiberglass. It must be slightly heavy also. Though, it does not unavoidably recommend that you have to choose for a weighty unit plus sacrifice the roaming coziness. It is a sort of a complementary act as weighty rods will not for you if you are a recurrent traveler. 


Essentially, weight is a distinct issue that needs more clarification. Persons tend to purchase light-weight telescopic rods, which is worthy and bad also. With lighter products, you will run into concern when something weighty strikes your bait. It must have the capacity to bend sufficiently to stop injuries for that the rod has to be lightweight. If you buy a super light-weight one, stay far from weighty catches. And there is no point of remarking bad after you commit plus fail somewhat that is out of the rod’s reach.

Amount of sections 

The less the quantity of segments is better. The greatest rods have 3 to 6 segments. And more sections would weaken the strength of the rods regardless of the superiority of the ingredients used. It would be perfect to choose a product with fewer segments. Having said that the longer segments have a say before concerning the storing. 


The size of the rod plays an enormous role while traveling along with the water. Thus, have precision on whatever you will do with your rod also wherever you intend to use this. There is no concern in selecting a smaller rod for the people who want to fish in comparatively small places. Though, an activity similar to surf fishing does need a telescopic fishing rod that is 8 feet long. The length of the rod depends on weight. Thus, be mindful of that feature too. 

When it comes to telescopic fishing rods, maximum persons want to relate them to customary fishing rods to watch which one greatest suits their requirements. Let us focus on that as well. 

Why Select a Telescopic Travel Rod? 

It is clear to you what is a telescopic fishing rod? Telescopic travel rods are great choices for professional and casual anglers. They want high performance but with a decreased storage necessity. These rods break down and collapse very fast into a fraction of their fishing length. And can fit easily in a briefcase, glove compartment, airline carry-on, backpack, as well as a car trunk. 

They take somewhat longer to set up plus lock the joints into place than a normal 2-piece setup would. But they are way more movable and much better for travel. If you do not have a ton of space to store your fishing gear, want to fish rapidly while on a road trip, do a lot of fishing out of your car as I do, otherwise plan on doing any travel, collapsible travel rods are the best choice for you. 

They break down into very brief travel units. But can offer quality and performance comparable to several of the best premium 2-piece rods obtainable. In my opinion, they are a must-have for any professional angler owing to their versatility.


Now you know what is a telescopic fishing rod? Telescopic fishing rods present you with the utmost flexibility. Whether you hike with it in your backpack, keep it in your car, otherwise, carry it in your luggage when traveling, these rods are prepared to go when you are. 

Take the anxiety out of planning your fishing journey and just go! At reasonable prices, you could find the perfect rod for you. Trust me, it is worth it!

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