St Croix Triumph Spinning Rod Review 2022

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Today we will discuss St Croix Triumph Spinning Rod Review. St Croix triumph spinning rod is a fishing rod used by anglers with excellent quality weighing from 1.77g to 8.85g at 6ft 6 inches. Its action is fast and moderate.

There are two pieces of this rod, which help to make transportation feasible. Also, these rods are made for savvy anglers for the best performance and value. It is a very sensitive rod with great power.

Premium quality carbon is used in its manufacturing along with aluminum oxide guides and a sea guide reel seat on a premium grade cork handle.

If a high-quality spinning rod of mid-range is required to earn money, one must consider the St. Croix triumph. In the case of power, it works from ultra-light to medium-heavy weight. These rods are more compact.


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St Croix Triumph Spinning Rod Features

  1. Five years warranty backed by St. Croix Superstar Service
  2. Sea Guide ECS or TCS reel seat with the eco-friendly sandblasted hood on casting models.
  3. Premium quality SCIII carbon
  4. Two coats of Flex-Coat slow-cure finish
  5. Sea Guide Atlas Performance slim aluminum-oxide guides with black frames
  6. Premium grade cork handle
  7. Sea Guide XDPS reel seat with the eco-friendly sandblasted hood on spinning models.
  8. The rod’s weight is 93.5g.

Premium SCIII Carbon Rods

Premium quality SCIII carbon is used for making the rod. These rods combine with a Fortified Resin system and provide extra strength and robustness.

Premium Grade Cork Handle

The sea guide reel seat is used with a cork handle that is of premium grade. This contoured handle maintains a firm grip on the fishing rod.


The length of the rod is 6’0’’. Power-ML, Action – fast, pieces 2, line Wt. -4-10 lbs, lure wt. -1/8-1/2 oz, rod wt. -3.7 oz, handle- 3, weight – 41lbs, dimensions – 20x17x19 inches.

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Beneficial Aspects Af St Croix Triumph Spinning Rod

Suitable Handle

A high-quality handle made of cork is used in the triumph spinning reel features, which provides an excellent grip on the rubber area. All rods, medium, fast or light, are available in 4 sizes. This handle contains a large amount of cork and rubber in the area behind it.

This feature enables the anglers to grip the handle using two hands. In this way, your casting distance can be enhanced. Also,see more about Best Ice Fishing Rod For Walleye

Construction of 2-Piece Rod

Triumph rod is a super sensitive rod with awe-inspiring power. This rod shows very high-quality construction. The base area of the triumph spinning rod contains a blank portion of graphite. Graphite material is mainly used in fishing rods to import strength, toughness and sensitivity.

Its super sensitivity allows you to feel the delicate arrangements around the bait. The use of graphite will enable it to withstand abnormal conditions and bear heavy weight.

The rods contain guides that are made up of aluminum oxide. The use of aluminum oxide causes resistance against misuse and scratch. This feature of construction makes t an excellent rod for fishing. A coating of two layers of Flex-coat is made on the rod to enhance protection from unfavorable environments.

Fauji reel seats are also included, which are of impressive quality, and users prefer these seats most. In this way, excellence is shown in the performance and steadfastness of the rods.

The construction of these rods is in the form of 2 pieces which facilitate the ease of transportation. Instead of a 2-piece rod, a 1-piece rod is also used. There is no such significant difference in the performance of both rods. If extra sensitivity is required, then a 1-piece rod is preferred.

Long warranty

The warranty for the usefulness of triumph reels offered is five years. The rod has provided many services for five years. In the 5-years working period, users can quickly become able to examine the qualities of the rod.

Variations In Size And Styles

These spinning rods are available in different sizes and styles. Mostly a 2-piece rod is known, but plenty of sizes and styles are made. Its length ranges from 5-7 feet 6 inches, and its power goes from ultra-light to medium-heavy.

Fast Action And Impressive Power

Anglers preferably use medium-light and fast rods. The medium-light feature enables the fishing rod to be easier to flex. Consequently, heavy lines are not bearable by the reels. The immediate action is responsible for bending the rod closer to the tip and quick straightening after the load removal.

Fast-action rods are used for short casting distances under heavy cover at extreme levels. Since the rod flex is low, the hook is set quickly with more power. The increase in casting distance can be made possible by adding the graphite behind the rubber area.

Disadvantages or Drawbacks in Features or Triumph Reel


St Croix Triumph Spinning Rod Review

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Low Absorption of Shock And Casting

Due to the rod’s fast action, the rod covers very short distances and cannot bear enough shocks. Because of this, the fish put more power and stress on the hook and line, causing fatigue and difficulty fighting.

The Breakdown Under Stress Conditions

The use of graphite makes the rod harder and stiffer. There is no elasticity in it. These rods are more fragile compared to other rods, like fiberglass rods. So there is more risk of breaking rods when stressful conditions have to bear.

It would help if you used these rods with great care. Its specific weight and line limit cannot be exceeded. St. Croix reinforced the advanced and modern technologies for more robust graphite blank construction in its premier series. This technology used carbon fiber meshing to give the rod extra strength.

St Croix Triumph Spinning Rod Review(FAQs)

How can you purchase it on the online market?

Many websites and online platforms offer this rod in a very convenient manner at affordable prices. The best platform is Amazon for its purchase. All required details are available on Amazon.

Where are these rods made?

Park Falls, Wisconsin, factory manufacturers in the United States prepare a variety of rods involving Avid, Mojo and many more. This rod can also be purchased from the retail store at a very reasonable price.

Who is the owner of St Croix Fishing?

The Schluter family purchased St. Croix from Gordon and Irene in 1990. This family-owned the business of St. Croix for 40 years and has continued till today. Also, this family included the partners, i.e., Three Brothers, Dave, Paul, and Jeff and one sister, Pam.

Is St. Croix Triumph Fishing Rod excellent?

It is a little bit sensitive, and care is required to handle it. But still, this rod is highly recommended because it has a perfect backbone for dealing with more prominent bass.

Is there any other rod better than the Triumph fishing rod?

The premier St. Croix fishing rods have one advantage over the Triumph series. The difference between both series of blank construction. The premier series has a more vital blank than the Triumph series, as the graphite used in the premier series is more muscular. Also, see more about Abu Garcia Pro Max Reviews


St. Croix Triumph spinning Rod is a precious fishing rod. It is appreciated by people who are fond of fishing and for professional use. You can earn a lot of money by using this fishing rod. For anglers, who need fast and powerful hooking, this is the best choice for them.

This rod is appreciably used for heavy covers. These triumph rods are not suitable for heavy lines. Also, these rods can be used at 4-6 pounds. Usually, they cover a depth of 2-6 to 9-17 pounds.

An extensive range of variations in styles and sizes are available. The most widely used are of 4 different sizes. This rod is made up of excellent quality material. The ease of transportation is also facilitated by using specific materials along with the aspect of protection.

The handle is used conveniently with two hands with a strong grip. A 5 years warranty is offered. But on the other side, there are some negative characteristics. Much care is required for its use as the graphite material makes it too fragile. But overall, this is a perfect choice for anglers.

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