Important Tips For How To Use A Downrigger in 2022-23

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Today we will discuss how to use a downrigger? A downrigger is used when fishing. But what is this device for? How does it work? When does such a device come into the process for fishing? OK, all these questions will be answered soon.

This downrigger device has been used by fishing geeks worldwide, and it has proved to be very useful so far. Let’s get to know more about its features and their use. How can you use a downrigger if you are thinking about getting one? Keep reading.

Why Need To Used Is A Downrigger 

A downrigger is a fishing tool that helps an angler catch fish deep in the water. Yes, it is specially used to catch fish from about 40-50 feet underwater. Deep fishing with a hand fishing line is challenging and not easy for beginners.

Yes it is. If you are thinking about how to use a downrigger? Let me explain. The volume of water in large bodies of water such as oceans and seas does not allow fishing lines to sink very deep because fishing lines weigh lighter than water.

The water thus pulls them to the surface of water bodies. As a result, it is difficult for anglers to catch these fish, which usually stay very deep in the water. They cannot see many types of fish using a standard line. In comes the downrigger to survive.

The downrigger makes it much easier to fish in deep water. It helps people to fish using trolling techniques. This allows the line to go very deep into the water and allows the bait to reach almost to the bottom of the water body where we can find different types of fish.

So we can say that anglers use downriggers to catch different types of fish, big and small.

How Is A Downrigger Used?

Using a downrigger is not too difficult. Anyone with basic knowledge of fishing can use the device. Downrigger consists of many parts such as weight, rod, cable, bracket and rope release.

The weight is suspended from the downrigger using a rod that is about 3-6 feet long and the weight is a lead weight of about 5-20 pounds.

The weight is attached to the line using a clip known as a line release. The clip helps the line connect to the downrigger. The fishing rod is held on the downrigger holder.

How To Use A Downrigger Putting Down

When we are ready to put the line in the water, we connect the weight and the line together. Then, using the handle, we can remove the fishing line at the desired depth. Fisher sees how deep the stake has sunk. The weight will allow the line to stay deep in the water.

Role Of Lead

The line release or clip attached to the weight and lure is called a “lead”. This plays a vital role in catching fish. Fish could be spooked by the sound of the boat and the arrangement of the downrigger in the water.

Therefore, it is necessary to maintain the correct distance between them.

Correct Lure

For the bait part, fishermen mostly use live baits or plastic squid. Along with interest, anglers sometimes attach an oval-shaped plastic or metal piece called a flasher to get fish from a long distance.

Catching The Fish

After all these precautions, when the Fisher is lucky enough to catch a fish, the line clip or release attached to the line will automatically disconnect from the line. The fisherman sees the pull on the fishing rod and understands that a fish has been caught in the trap.

Then all Fisher has to do is pull out the weights attached to the metal rod using a crank. It’s not hard work at all. Pulling the weight up is advantageous so that the fishing rod is not strangled by the rod.

Manual And Electric Downrigger

A hand crank is easy to use, but anglers can also use an electric downrigger. There isn’t much difference between the two, but an electric rigger makes it much easier to retrieve the weight after a fish is snagged.

The electric downrigger consists of an up and down button to quickly lay down and retrieve the rod with the push of a button. Electric downriggers even automatically pull the weight after disconnecting from the line.

With the weight removed, the Fisher can now remove the rod with the fish and do whatever he wants with it.


But there are many other factors to consider when trolling with a downrigger. Water speed and rod length etc can make it difficult for anglers to use a downrigger. Additionally, using a downrigger can sometimes be dangerous.

There are many tanks and plants in the water. The weight of the downrigger at high speed can cause damage to these items. Therefore, one must be careful and responsible when using a downrigger.

A little caution never hurts. This nature has provided us with so many beautiful things. If we use it carefully and appropriately, we can fulfill all our needs and save our souls from harm.

Are downriggers worth it?

Downriggers are a green way to place bait and lures in unique zones of the water column, and all anglers realize that placement at the right intensity results in excellent fish in the box. Downriggers are used constantly to take king mackerel, amberjack, cobia and grouper.


Finally, we learn that how to use a downrigger? So, in the end, it can be said that the downrigger has made it much easier for anglers to fish at greater depths and catch a variety of fish such as chinook salmon, brown trout, Atlantic salmon and many other large and small fish.

Initially, downriggers were mainly used for trolling in large bodies of water such as oceans and seas. But then people started using downriggers even on small bodies of water like lakes and rivers. It fulfilled the wish of many anglers to get their desired fish. 

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