Awesome Tips How To Store Fishing Rod 2022

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Today we will discuss how to store a fishing rod?  One of the most important pieces in gear in any angler’s equipment list is the fishing rod. However, most anglers don’t know how to maintain one. Once you have invested in a fishing rod, you might want to know how to store that properly. 

In that case, you have come to the right place. We know exactly how important Fishing rods are for you. So, here are some tips and tricks on how to organize fishing rods. 

How To Store Fishing Rod Step by Step

At First, clean It

Clean your rods before storing them. You will be needing some supplies for it. The water that we fish in, when left to sit on your fishing line for long, can cause great damage. You should always clean your rods after every salt-water trip. However, if you are fishing in the freshwater then you can clean it after 4 or 5 trips. 

How To clean It 

Use a soft bristle brush to clean the inside and outside of guides. However, try to never use a wire brush. Try to use the soft bristle brush to give the reel a general cleaning and get into the smaller spaces with a toothbrush. Make the sponge wet in the soapy water and run the line through it. 

Use lukewarm water and mild detergent to clean the fishing rods thoroughly. Put a little detergent in the water bucket and fill it up with hot water. Never use any hard detergent or products in your rods. You can also use dish soaps or vinegar. 

Always remember to dry thoroughly. Moisture can cause rust. You should always try to avoid getting the rust. So be careful after every wash. 

Always make sure to clean it before storing it for too long. It will not only lengthen the lifespan, but it will also give you the best service. 


If you are planning to store your rods for a significantly long time then you must disassemble the fishing line and reel of your rods. If you have been fishing in the saltwater then it is recommended that you remove the lines from the rods before storing them. Store them differently. Identify any worn-out gears and replace them. 

Check The Waders

Check your waders for leaks properly. Here is one way how, make sure your waders are completely dry then turn them inside out, and spray them with rubbing alcohol. Pinholes and abrasion spots will significantly darken and become very crystal clear. Now, just mark the spots with a piece of clothing marker. Wait for the alcohol to dry and rub liberally with Aquaseal.

Another way to determine a pinhole leak is to get it in a dark room and use a flashlight inside the waders. The lights from inside the waders will squeeze through the pinhole. You can circle it with duct tape or a clothing marker as well. Then patch it up. 

If you repair your waders you will also prevent any further tear along with the holed up places as well.

Oil It 

Always lubricate the moving parts. It is very important to lubricate those parts so that they don’t freeze up or get corroded.

Lubricate the connecting parts with the fishing gear lubricant. Wipe away the excess. 

Repair or Replace

Before storing your rods, check any damage, wear or tear to your guide and rod tips. Check the rods for any worn guides. If there are any nicks on the guides, try to smooth them out. If you can’t then it would be a good time to replace them. The best way to fix the loose wraps is by using an extra wrap of the winding thread then using a varnish to coat it. So, it won’t become caught or damaged on the guides during storage. All these will prevent further damages. 

Store Them Vertically or Horizontally 

You can store fishing rods both vertically or horizontally. If you plan to keep them in a wall-mounted rack, keep the rods off the ground so that you don’t have to lose important floor space. You have to go horizontally in that case. This type of storage can hold the rods horizontally on the wall or your ceiling. 

The best advice is to keep them vertically. If you keep them vertically you can avoid any form of bending. However, it is also easily accessible than a horizontal rack. So, if you have enough floor space, go with vertical. 

Store It At Room Temperature

Temperature is a major point of concern when it comes to storing fishing rods. Temperature can cause huge damage to your fishing rods. So, you will have to keep your concern on the back of your head before storing them. Room temperature is the most suitable environment for storing fishing rods. 

Extreme cold or heat can cause huge damage and destruction to your rods. However, you can always store them in a convenient place even if you live in a region with uncontrollable weather. You just have to be cautious about it. 

Where Can You Store Them?

Your fishing rods are very important for you. They will cause you, your next big catch. However, there are a lot of things that can cause damage to your precious rods like moisture, temperature. So you have to be very careful about where to store and how to organize fishing rods if you want to protect them from any harm. 

Your home or garage can be ideal to store fishing rods. Depending on the climate where you live, you have to decide where to store them. If the climate ain’t suitable, then store them inside your home. So, you can keep them at room temperature. Whether it is in air condition or heated environment. 

How To Store Fishing Rods

You can easily store your rods inside a container or rod during transportation. However, it’s not recommended for significantly long storage. Moisture can easily build up inside the container and lead to damage.

Avoid pulling the line too tightly. Whether you’re storing your rods horizontally or vertically, if you’re keeping your line and reel on the rod, it might be a good idea to make sure your line is not pulled too tightly. If it is pulled too tightly, it can cause pressure on both the rod and the line.

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How To Store Fishing rods In The Garage 

Keeping fishing rods in the garage is the most convenient solution. As it doesn’t take up space in your house and also stays safe. 

You can store them in a DIY overhead rack. You can make this very easily with some supplies found in Hardware stores. It’s a very inexpensive way to keep the rods out of the way and also has plenty of space for shelves. One thing to make sure is the rack does not interfere with the garage door. 

You can also use a DIY wall rack—the hack to use PVC pipe for fishing pole holders. Also, a pool noodle to make a standing rack. The PVC fishing rod holder utilizes a pool noodle. 

You can build a wood rack too. If you have some basic woodworking skills, go for it. It can be a decorative piece too. However it is also functional, wall-mounted to maximize space. You can store your rods proudly in your man cave. 

Lastly, if you are not into DIY. You can always go for the commercial racks. You can easily buy racks as per your preference. It can be fishing rod racks on the sides, fishing tackle storage shelves, vertical or horizontal wall racks, ceiling racks, or round racks.

Tips And Tricks 

  • Be sure to keep your fishing poles dry. Many fishing poles have handles made of foam or cork, which can easily rot or mold if exposed to too much moisture. Keep your poles out of Moisture, damp and humid areas of your garage. So, always check if it’s dry before storing it. 
  • Always be careful about sunlight. Don’t put your fishing poles in direct sunlight. You may spend your day out on the lake with your fishing pole but that does not mean it should be exposed to constant sunlight while it’s stored. Preserve the life of your rod by keeping it out of the sun.
  • Be cautious about keeping your poles away from falling objects. You may think your rods are safe, and then a random object comes tumbling off a higher shelf, breaking your rod and your heart all at once. You can never anticipate this kind of event. It is better to be always prepared. So, always try to store your rods away from any objects that might fall and damage them.
  • Try not to store fishing poles off the ground. Fishing poles are less likely to rot, mold, or be damaged if you store them off the ground. So if possible, hang your fishing rod holders or your vertical fishing rod rack at least a foot above the garage floor
  • Never let your fishing poles get too hot or cold. If you live in a place with acute cold winters or flaming hot summers, you may want to think twice before keeping your fishing rods in the garage. They’ll last much longer in a controlled temperature. So make sure of that.

How To Store Fly Rod

Now let me tell you how to store a fly rod. Firstly let out enough line to break the rod in half. You can use a two-piece, but this will work on a four-piece too. Once the rod is in two pieces, you will have to attach the fly to the hook holder. You can also stab it into the pork butt. 

The next thing you will have to do is start to wind the reel up. Try to make sure the top piece is floating free in line. Once you’re done with it, the top piece will be closer to the bottom piece. Loop your tippet around the base of the reel once. Then just continue to reel up until the top piece and bottom piece are snug against each other. 

You can use this method to store fly rods instead of tubes.

How To Store A Two-Piece Fishing Rod

Two-piece fishing rods have been used since ancient times. Although they become recently popular. Many anglers find them more convenient to transport than traditional length rods. 

Storing a two-piece fishing rod can be very challenging. A two-piece fishing rod can fit in your garage or backyard with minimal setup. You will just have to lean it against something so that it is easily reachable. It is better if the surface is drywall or brick. 

For those who have more free space e to store fishing rods, you have some choices. 

You can build a rack and put it in the garage. In that case, at least one pole has to be mounted on a wall so that when you need them, you can easily find them. You also need sturdy hooks that can hold up well. It’s better if you don’t use this process for long time storage. 

You can also put an expensive rod holder system inside your house. This can be easily done by mounting screws onto stuff where you plan to keep your poles together. Just make sure there is enough space between each hook so they don’t get tangled. 

If you aren’t willing to do either of these. You can always just buy a rod holder that can be mounted in the outside wall or another part of your house.

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Finishing up 

Finally, we learn that how to Store a fishing rod. It is very important to anglers. Try to maintain these simple tips for storing fishing rods. They are simple to learn and easy to practice. 

If you store your fishing rods and other fishing equipment’s properly, no matter if it’s horizontally or vertically or in the shelves or racks, you can surely extend the lifespan of your rods, lines, and reels. 

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