Best Tips: How to Repair Fishing Rod Eyes 2022

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Today we will discuss how to repair fishing rod eyes? Whether double foot or single foot, each guide contributes to the overall fishing performance; thus, without one guide, performance can severely be diminished. Hence, removing, replacing and repairing fishing rod eyes is possible and very simple.

This article will be about how to repair a fishing rod eyes. Rod guides inevitably lose their inserts and get bent in a matter of time or by damage. This article will be very beneficial for the fishermen who have to use their fishing rods frequently, whenever they are stored or handled, so it would become very important to fix it.

Using impaired inserts will eventually lead to the fishing line being completely severed. It will save you from all the hassle of shipping it back to the manufacturer or save money by not paying someone to fix it for you.

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Can You Continue Fishing With A Broken Rod Tip?

You can fish and continue the process with a broken rod, but you will have to know that because the rod is not in its usual position, it will work slightly differently, and It will be less sensitive, so it is better to know the ways through which you can fix the tip of the rod.

How Much Does The Repair Cost

To buy parts and reel, it will cost you $20 and shipping charges if applicable. However, if you wish to repair the fishing rod eye, it will cost you approximately $!5. We will teach you how to repair a fishing rod eye and the way through which you are expected to learn easily and save money.


To begin with any process, you need to have a list of the things that are required in the process and which are a need throughout.
Below is the list of products you must have to know how to repair a fishing rod’s eyes.

  • fishing thread
  • sandpaper
  • paintbrush
  • lighter
  • rod guides
  • super glue
  • epoxy
  • masking tape
  • fishing rod eyes repair kits



  • Usually, the rods break and are damaged because of some tiny fractures, which are developed over time. One of the most common reasons found in the cases of the rod being broken is the overload. The rod breaking from the top shows fractures from where the rod eye is affected, but if it breaks from the bottom, it is due to a lot of load on the rod.

  • To save your time and money, you can replace and repair the eye of the fishing rod when it’s damaged. You are required to follow the steps given below. This will eventually help and guide you to repair a fishing rod eye:
  • You will first want to heat the existing thread and epoxy, make sure it does not catch
    fire as we intend only to melt the epoxy.
  • Once the guide becomes lost, use a utility knife and cut from the bottom of the guide’s top, including the epoxy and the thread of the eye
  • Now twist the damaged guide. If it does not twist or move, it means that the thread has not been cut, so repeat the process No. 1.
  • Completely remove the thread off including any epoxy left on the rod, using sandpaper. Ensure that you remove any pieces of the finish, as it may hinder the replacement of the guide.
  • Get a brand new guide and make sure the tip of it is round so that the thread may move on it and not break. To make it round/blunt using sandpaper.
  • Now, get superglue on the eye and stick it onto the rod, according to your desired position.
  • Use a thread and wrap it around, cut off the excess thread with a pair of scissors and tie it to the guide.
  • Now, use the epoxy and brush it on the thread just wrapped; note that you keep the rod moving so that it is evenly distributed

You will need a lighter to remove the bubbles if visible on the epoxy. This also provides a better and smoother finishing; it is important to have your rod lined up perfectly. The best way to check and make sure is the eye test.

This test makes you hold the fishing rod to an eye level and look down to ensure that the centers of the guide match. Once it is replaced, it is highly recommended to add good quality slow-setting epoxy to the harness to seal it. Add 2-3 thin layers of epoxy so that it lasts longer.

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FAQs – How to Repair Fishing Rod Eyes

How do you fix the eyes on a fishing pole?

You have options to either fix or replace the eye on a fishing pole. To repair it, you can use superglue and apply it. This will firmly attach the guide to the rod and stick to it.

How to remove epoxy from the fishing rod?

You will need to do this process using heat. Use heat( in a lighter or heat gun ) to loosen the epoxy. This way, the thread will remove the epoxy from it. Then after removing it, use sandpaper to ensure no debris is left.

How many guides should a spinning rod have?

The number of guides in a spinning rod differs. Usually, there are 7 guides used on a six-foot rod. On an ascent foot rod, you will need 8 guides.

As for conventional baitcasting type rods, you can put on as many guides as you want because the line comes off the reel in a straight line while casting, not coils to hit the guides

What size should the rod guides be?

The size of the rod guide varies. The standard size is 6 – 10 mm for regular rods. If we talk about heavier saltwater rods, they go up to usually 12 – 16 millimeters.

Finally we learn How to Repair Fishing Rod Eyes? The article provides you with full detail and a method for fishing rod repair near me. This will not only end up being a skill and a mode of learning for you, but it will also save time to go to the manufacturer and the time of fixing and maybe the delivery charges.

It even saves time to get it back from the shop if there are no delivery charges; this also saves your money. This can be done at home easily, and people who use fishing rods frequently must be aware of the hacks.

The tools required to repair are listed above, which are low in cost and can be found easily in the market and at home. This may look technical, but it is simpler than ever once it is done. You can be a help for yourself and your follows and educate them with the method.

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