Best Guide: How To Put A Weight And Hook On A Fishing Line 2022

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Do you enjoy fishing? You are a beginner or want to know more about how to put a weight and hook on a fishing line this article will give you a deeper understanding. A fascinating sport, pushing you beyond limits is fishing.

If you are an angler and you don’t love to catch the same old fish in the same sport, you fall into the category of adventurous angler. You love to explore different places, in different rivers and lakes, taken aback by the beauty only nature can offer. You understand the time and tidings of a specific species of fish popping out and ensure catching your dream one.

Having said all about a fisher, there are some strategies to get your fish lured into the hook. Expert anglers or fishers know that exact knack and details into these strategies. Let’s see one of these strategies. Let’s see how to put weight and hook on a fishing line.

How To Put A Weight And Hook On A Fishing Line step Step Guide

Hook in a fishing line

Anglers before we dive to learn how to put a weight and hook on a fishing line. Let’s find out the importance of a hook on a fishing line. Possess your dream fishing rod that is flexible and powerful, just looks like a beast before your eyes. Well, guys if the fishing rod is the powerful beast the hook is the God.

This small instrument is responsible for the most specific action in the fishing rod. It is the instrument to impale the fish in the mouth or cathing by snagging into its body. It is the de facto device to catch those slippery water animals. Now, twitching your head wondering the weights in the fishing line, let’s have a look at it too.

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Weights In A Fishing Line

The other name for these weights is sinkers or knoch. They are used alongside the hook. Guys put on your scientist coat to understand the theory. We know that light objects in water tend to float right.

Now fishing hooks are light. It can go down to a considerable depth and not too deep, as it has only little weight to it. We want the hook to reach a certain limit to lure the fish.

Angler scientists, wondering what to do now? Here comes our weight or sinkers to help those hooks to reach the desired depth to catch fish.

Anglers remember for shallow water consider using lighter weight. Now let’s test you, what amount of weight would you use for deep water? Of course, one which has more weight.

Wooola! The mechanism of hook and weight theory is set in right. Hooks are weights are like twins there are inseparable.

There is also a do you know factor to these weights. There are many kinds of weight like pyramid sinkers, barrel or egg sinkers, split-shot sinkers, and many more.

How to put A Weight And Hook On A Fishing Rod

Fascinated! There is more to this. The fleshy part comes when you learn how to put weight and hook on a fishing rod.

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Let’s learn how the fishing line is set up? We know that the fishing line begins from the reel passes through the guides and ends up in the hook.


Let’s begin with how to attach a hook to a fishing line?

The fishing line is the element that makes the whole fishing rod complete. It attaches the fishing rod with the rigs, hooks, and weights. The hook comes at the end of the fishing line.

Now, how to hook a fishing line? At the end of the fishing line using a hook. The hook should be secure with a knot. Remember there are a variety of knots, but learn a few, in the beginning.

As you understand the weight of different fish in your hook, you will come up with your methods of setting up the hook and the knots.

Do you also know there are multiple ways of setting up a hook? For example, the are lines that have one hook with a lure to it, and there is also a line with multiple hooks and lures to it. Which typically means there are different ways to set up a hook.

Having learned how to attach a hook to a fishing line, let’s also get an idea about how to put a sinker on a fishing line and also learn how far should the weight be from the hook.

Weights or Sinkers

It’s time to learn how to put a sinker on a fishing line? Even for a sinker, there are plenty of methods to attach to the lines.

First, having the fishing hooks with lines attached, you can add any type of weight that floats below the hook. The hook with the lure will be above the weight.

This weighted fishing line helps the hook to stay in the exact place, typically it acts as an anchor to a ship. 

Second, to the mainline few egg-shaped weights can be attached followed by the hook. This mechanism, rather than pulling the line from below, like the previous one, makes the line maintain its balance in the midway.

Typically, where the fishing line weights the hook will also float with a lure in it.

When the weights are tied below the hook it should be 20-25 cm away from the hook. If they follow the weight of a hook system, then 15-20 cm gap between each.

How To Attach Hooks And Weight For Saltwater Or Ocean Fishing

Fishing in saltwater and Ocean is completely different from fishing in freshwater and still water. The difference in saltwater is the density of the water would be more and in the Ocean, the currents and the density of the water would be more.

Then wondering how to set up a fishing line for saltwater? It should be understood since the density and the wave currents would be more, lightweight would not suffice. You should use heavy weights to ensure you hook with the bait go deep to the desired length.

The rest is the same as setting up a fishing line in freshwater.

Things To Remember

Catching different fishes means understanding the fish type and then choosing the hook.

Different water bodies require different weights. There are several weights in the market. Understand the water bodies and use weights accordingly.

For shallow and freshwater waterbodies, lighter weights. For dense, current flowing and saltwater waterbodies denser weights.

To be a knowledgeable angler, try different water bodies and experiment with different weights and hooks.

As you catch the fish try to mentally analyze the weight of the fish in the hook. This helps to choose better hooks for later catches.

Enjoyed all these wonderful insights, weight a little more as we answer some of the most frequently asked questions.

How To Put A Weight And Hook On A Fishing Line (FAQ)

01. How far should the weight be from the hook?

There are two ways weights can be attached. Based on where you attach the weight the distance also differs.

If the weight comes first and hooks second then ideally the distance should be between 15-20 cm

If the weight acts as an anchor, that is hook first and weight later. Then the distance between them can be around 20-25 cm.

02.What goes first the hook or the weight?

Wondering how to hook a fishing line? Do you not exactly know how to attach a fishing line? Confused about what comes first.

The answer is two ways hooks and weights are put in a fishing line. Both are correct, it is just a matter of you exploring which one will suit the best, for the type of fish you wish to fish.

The first is weight comes first and hook second. Generally, the ball or egg-shaped weights are used for this purpose.
Second, the weight acts as an anchor, with the hook coming above the weight.

03.How much weight should I put on my fishing line?

Weights on a fishing line depending on the waterbody. Ocean, Saltwater waterbodies usually require extra weight. The density of the water and the current would be more.

Different types of fish will be in different parts of these large water bodies. Determine the fish you want to catch and the depth they would be, and choose a weight.

If it is shallow or Stillwater waterbodies, then light weights would suffice.

04.How do you put a hook on a fishing line?

There are plenty of ways to put a hook on a fishing line. But having basic ideas of knotting a hook to a fishing line would be more than enough. Then it is just putting the line into the eye of the hook and knotting.
Just remember, the hooks tied to the fishing line should be strong. It knot should not be loosened or broken when we are taking the fish into the boat.
Traditional, knots would do better. As you learn more, it’s important to learn other types of knots also.


This article should have given you an idea of how to put a weight and hook on a fishing line. Putting a hook and weight does not matter much if you carefully observed. It is based on using them correctly as per your idea in catching the fish you desire.

As you grow it is ideal to understand each element of the fishing rod and line. It is also necessary to explore your potential in fishing by using different strategies, to ensure you expand your knowledge as an angler.

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