The Best Ways On How To Put A Hook On A Fishing Rod 2022

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There are many ways to hook a fishing rod. Everyone has their favorite way. This is a guide to the best way on how to put a hook on a fishing rod. Fishing is a very healthy activity for both children and adults—one of the most important things you need to remember when fishing is your fishing rod.

A fishing rod typically has a hook on the end so that you can catch fish. However, many people do not know how to properly put a hook on the end of their fishing rod. This article will teach you how to put a hook on your fishing rod.

Step By Step Instructions On How To Put A Hook On A Fishing Rod 

One of the most important things in fishing is to know how to put on a hook on a fishing rod properly. Especially in the case of beginners. They should learn properly how to get it right. It needs some practice to be an expert. For this purpose, there is a guide mentioned below:

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Material Needed To Put a Hook On The Fishing Rod

You will need the following materials to put a hook on your fishing rod properly.

● A fishing rod

● A fishing line

● A hook

● Some bait (Something for fish to eat)

● A needle or small knife (It is for cutting the line)

Pick The Right Hook

When picking out a hook for your fishing rod, there are many different types of hooks to choose from. You can find hooks in many different sizes and colors. The type of hook you choose will depend on the type of fish you’re trying to catch.

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Types Of Hook

● The most common type of hook is called a “circle hook.” These hooks are often used for catching bass, perch, catfish, or striper.

● Another popular choice is an “octopus” style hook that is great for catching eels or crabs.


Choose The Right Size Of Fishing Line

One of the first steps in putting a hook on your fishing rod is choosing the right fishing line size. To do this, you need to know the size of the fish you are catching. Different fishing lines are better for fish in different sizes and weights.

For example,

If you are catching small fish less than 6 inches long, you need to use a six lb. test line because it is small and light to cast easily. If you are catching larger fish greater than 6 inches long, you need to use an eight lb. test line because it is huge and heavy for heavier lures and baits. 

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Put On The Fishing Line To Your Rod


The fishing line should not be too long or too short. It provides a strong connection between your hook and the fish’s mouth. If the fishing line is long, it could not be easy to reel in the fish.


Put the hook at the ending side of the fishing line. Make it possible that the hook is facing upwards and far away from you as you do this. Next, secure a knot at the last part of the fishing line and start rolling it in.

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Pull Through The Eye Of The Hook

The initial step in putting a hook on your fishing rod is to pull the hook through the hook’s eye. A fishing hook has two parts:

The Eye 

The eye is where you will be inserting your fishing line and attaching your lure. It will transform it into a fishing rig. 

 The Shank

The shank is what you will use to attach it to your fishing rod.

To make this process easier, make sure that the hook’s eye is facing down when you are pulling it through.

Tie A Knot Around The Fishing Line To Secure It 

The last step is tying a knot in how to put a hook on the fishing rod guide. A knot tied in the fishing line is always stronger than the line itself. To make it even more secure, you can wrap the line around itself several times before you tie a knot.

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Types Of Knots

Many different knots can put a hook on the fishing rod. It depends on the type of line you’re using and the size of your fish. Some of the most commonly used knots are mentioned below:

Palomar Knot

The Palomar Knot is commonly used and an excellent choice for tying hooks. It is very simple to tie and the strongest among the fishing knots. It can handle the pressure easily. 

Trilene Knot

The Trilene Knot is also known as the Berkley or Blood Knot and is best suited for medium and heavy lines. It is also easy to tie without tools. It is typically used in tying monofilament to a hook or lure.

Clinch Knot

The Improved Clinch Knot is similar to the Palomar Knot. It is easy to tie and extremely secure. It is a stronger version of the Clinch Knot and ties the fishing line to the fishing hooks and swivels.

Surgeon’s Knot

The Surgeon’s Knot is most commonly used when attaching a lure or hook to a fishing line because it won’t slip or come undone under pressure. It is also very effortless to learn. It is great for monofilament and fluorocarbon lines.

Stinger Hook Knot

The Stinger Hook Knot is great for connecting hooks and lures directly to the mainline on a drop shot rig or any other rig where you want to use a bead or swivel before attaching the hook.

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How to Tie a Palomar Knot

Palomar Knot is one of the most useful knots since it can be used in various situations. To make this knot, follow these steps:

 1) Double about 18 inches of line and pass through the eye of the hook.

2) Wrap the end around a second time, going in the same direction as the first wrap.

3) Take the tag end, pass it through the loop closest to the hook and pull tight. In this way, it is tied.

How To Tie a Surgeon’s Knot

1) First, tie a bowline as normal, but once you have reached the end of your rope, before completing the final wrap around the standing part of the rope (step 3), pass it through the loop at step 2.

2) Now, pull both ends tightly to form a small loop.

3) Then, bring each end around to the back of itself (steps 4 & 5). Pulling both ends should tighten both loops equally and produce a result that looks like a square knot (without any extra wraps).

4) Finally, take each end and pass it through its loop; this will result in a surgeon’s knot.

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How To Put A Hook On A Fishing Rod (FAQ)


What is a fishing hook?

A fishing hook is a sharp, curved metal device attached to the end of a fishing line to catch fish. 

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Why tying a knot is important around the hook?

Tying a knot around a hook is very important because it effectively secures the hook on a line before casting it into water.

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What basic things are required to put a hook on the fishing rod?

To put a hook on the fishing rod, we need a fishing rod, a fishing line, a hook, bait, and scissors. These are the basic things required. When a fish swallows the bait, it is hooked in the mouth of the fish.

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which knot is best for octopus hook?

The surgeon knot is best for octopus hook. It is great for tying fishing weights to your line. It’s a quick and easy way to tie a line to a leader or swivel when making your fishing pole rig. The surgeon knot is also called the Loop knot.

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Which is the favorite knot among fishermen?

The favorite knot of many fishermen is the improved clinch fishing knot. This knot is easy to tie and it can be tied around almost anything, such as eyelets and swivels.

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We discussed a detailed guide on how to put a hook on a fishing rod. It is important to remember that fishing can become a very disheartened activity if you do not focus on the right size of fishing line, the most suitable hook, and the appropriate method of putting a hook on the fishing rod.

You can use particular knots when putting a hook on a fishing rod. They all work fine, and it’s just a matter of which knot type works best for you and what type of fishing you’re doing. The best way to learn how to put a hook on a fishing rod is by practicing.

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