Can You Bring A Fishing Rod On A Plane? Awesome Guide 2022

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Today, we shall discuss that can you bring a fishing rod on a plane. A fishing rod is a tool that is used to catch fish. It is a simple stick or pole which is ended with a hook. Its length varies from 2 to 50 feet. You can attach the bait or lures with the fishing Road, which will help catch the fish for fishing purposes.

Conventionally fishing rods are made from wood or bamboo sticks, but some are also made from carbon fibre or fibreglass. Fishing rods vary in size and shape, made according to the type of fish you catch. Here we shall discuss that is it possible to can you bring a fishing rod on a plane?


Method For Bringing Fishing Rod On Plane

Most of the fishing lover ask to know can you bring a fishing rod on a plane. If you are going on some vacations for fishing, then it’s not good to use a fishing rod of your friend. You must bring your fishing rod for fishing. Here you can find the different ways for getting the fishing rod on a plane.

If you want to bring your fishing rod with you on the plane, you must wrap your fishing rods with bubble wrap and then put them in a PVC tube. It would be best to wrap enough bubble wrap to avoid damage in the PVC tube due to friction or jumps. But if you have a rigid shell box for a fishing rod, then it’s suitable for its safety.

You can also use the bag for the fishing rod, which is considered safe and meets airline measures’ criteria. If your fishing rod is free from collapsible even in travelling, then you can bring it quickly in-plane for long distances.

You can also adopt the two methods for bringing your fishing Rod on the plane, such as

  • Solid rod case
  • DIY rod case.

DIY Rod Tube For Fishing Rod

To keep the fishing rod in a DIY rod tube, you must cut the PVC pipe according to the length of your fishing rod, wrap the bubble sheet around your fishing rod entirely, and then keep it in a PVC tube.

After that, you need to cover the PVC tube with its cover completely.It would be best to wrap enough bubble sheets to not move in the tube even by shaking. Preparinga DIY rod tube requires a little time with little investment, but it can be used for many future occasions.

Important Note

If you use the DIY rod tube for carrying your fishing rod, you should make sure that you have wrapped enough bubble sheets with your rod that does not create sound on shaking. After packing your rod in the tube, you shake it.

If you feel sound, you need to wrap more bubble sheets to stop its movement in the box. It is required to protect your rods from rubbing. Rubbing or friction can lead to the collapse of the rod. Therefore, you must pack it perfectly. Also, you want to know  how to put a bobber on?

When Do You Use The DIY Rod Case?

You can use the DIYrod case only if you do not want to invest money in purchasing the hard-shell rod or get the news of your trip very soon, and you have no time for its buy. Then you do not need to go to any shop.

You can make a DIY rod at your home with little effort and then put your fishing rod in it to bring it with you on a plane. It is also a safe way for getting your fishing rod with yourself on the plane.

Solid Rod Case

If you do not want to make your tube at home and do not want to take the risk of your fishing rod, you can purchase a hard-shellrod case. It is expensive but more portable, reliable and safe for the fishing rod if you travel by plane.

Preventions For Solid Rod Case

As discussed in the previous point about the critical note, it was unsafe for the fishing rod, which can break on rubbing. But hard-shell case or tube is free from any preventions that it will keep the buttons, tips and butts safe from failing. It will protect your fishing rod perfectly. You can also use the telescope tubes for your fishing rod.

You must follow the critical note discussed in the DIY rod tube to keep your fishing rod in a hard shell and cover it completely. You also need to put the bubble sheet around your fishing rod to protect it from rubbing or breakage.

The price of a rod shell case varies from 50 to $100 according to the size of the rod. You can also purchase it from an online platform in different varieties and shapes.

Fishing Rod In Simple Bags

You can also bring your fishing rod in your bags if it fits in the upper apartment of the airline. Some Airlines travel most smoothly that it will not affect the fishing rod then you can bring it in a simple bag to your destination by plane.

Final Thought

As we have discussed, many ways to bring your fishing rods by plane. Such as we discussed that you could keep your fishing rod in PVC tubes. You can use the DIY rod tube and solid rod case.

Both of these work the same way you keep your rod in case or box by completely wrapping it with a bubble sheet. After the wrap, you should shake it to check for any rubbing. If it fits precisely, then you can keep it safely by plane.

I hope that this article has helped you find that can you bring a fishing rod on a plane?

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