The Best Guide: Can I Paint My Fishing Rod 2022

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Can I paint my fishing rod? Sure, you can. No matter if you’re painting a new fishing rod blank or restoring an old pole, the steps are the same. You’ll also need the same supplies. Make sure you’re safe while painting a fishing rod.

Ensure you have plenty of ventilation or wear a painter’s mask to protect your lungs. Eye protection is also essential.

Can I Paint My Fishing Rod Step By Step Guide


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Step 1: Lightly Sand The Rod

You’ll need to sand the fishing rod with the scuff pad first. You’re aiming to get rid of the glossy coating.

You want to dull the shine.

Step 2: Wipe It Down

You’ll want to wipe the rod down after you sand it. So the primer sticks to the rod; you’ll want to remove as much sanding dust as you can.

The 3rd step: Prime

Unless your paint comes with a built-in primer, you can skip this step. Prime your rod if it doesn’t have one. Apply the primer in light coats. After 2-3 coats, let it dry for at least 4 hours before painting.

4th step: Sanding

Sand it again after you prime it. Sand the rod, so the paint has somewhere to stick. Make sure you wipe the dust off after you sand. You want a smooth paint application this time, so be sure to get all the dust off.

5: Let’s paint

It’s time to start painting. Just apply even coats. Even thin coats are better than a couple of thick ones that don’t dry evenly. Let all coats dry overnight after waiting at least 20 minutes between each. Remember, the more paint you put on the rod, the more it’ll be affected. It’ll change the sensitivity and flexibility.

Step 6: Add some clear coat

Maybe you don’t need to do this. You won’t need a clear coat if your paint has a gloss finish. But either way, we recommend a clear coat for extra protection and durability.

After the clear coat dries, you’re ready to make the blank rod useful.

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Materials For Painting A Fishing Rod

Painting a fishing rod requires many materials. You can find these materials almost anywhere. 


If your paint isn’t two-in-one, you’ll need primer. White lacquer is a good choice. You can use Duplicolor. 


Creativity comes through here. You can paint a fishing rod with many different types of paint. Spray paint works great, too. Our favorite is aerosol spray paint. Duplicolor isn’t just a primer brand; it’s also a paint brand. Unlike the other two types of paint, Duplicolor dries faster and is similar to lacquer.

Paint for cars is designed to last and comes in a wide range of colors. When you use automotive paint, you may not need a top coat of gloss because it already has one. We like to use Plastikote. If you want Krylon, you can do that too. It comes in a variety of colors. If you use Krylon, you won’t need a primer. It’s chip-resistant and long-lasting. Krylon takes a while to dry. 

Scuff Pad

Before you paint the rod, you should clean off any existing paint or coatings. Scuff pads are handy for this. Our favorite is the Scotch Red Scuff pad.

Clear Top Coat

It’s okay to omit the clear topcoat. You don’t need a top coat when the paint has a glossy finish. However, it’s good to use it because it makes the paint job last longer. For painting fishing rods, we like Max2K Gloss Clearcoat.

Paint Stripper

You’ll need a paint stripper to get the paint off if the rod you’re painting already has color on it. New paint won’t stick to old paint. Citristrip and Rustoleum paint strippers are our faves. A paint stripper isn’t necessary if you’re painting a rod blank.

Other Materials

To protect your surface, you’ll need a tarp or newspaper as well as a painter’s mask and eye protection. To paint your rod, you’ll also need a way to prop it up vertically so it doesn’t touch anything. The rod can be hung on a string or set in a brick or block.

How to paint a blank rod

Set up your rod so you can paint all sides at once. You can stand it up in brick. Then you can hang it from the ceiling, a limb, or a beam. You’re ready to start painting the blank rod once you’ve set it up.

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How To Repaint A Fishing Rod

“Why would someone paint their fishing rod? Whether you’re restoring an old rod or changing the color of the one you own, you can paint a fishing rod. Repainting a fishing rod is a lot like painting a blank rod.

Step 1: Take the guides off

Instead of painting a blank rod, you’ll have to remove the guides. It’ll make it easier to paint evenly. Paint on the principles can also tear up your fishing line.

Step 2: Get Rid of Old Paint

You’ll need to strip the old paint after you remove the guides. It’s easy to do with a paint stripper or a scuff pad. When you pull the old paint, the new paint sticks better.

For steps 3-7, do it like you’re painting a blank rod. Make sure you stand your rod up vertically so you can get around it.

Step 3: Wipe it down

Wipe the rod down to ensure all the dust and paint stripper are gone.

Step 4: Get it primed.

Use 1-2 coats to get a smoother finish.

The 5th step: Sand

Sand lightly to make the paint stick.

6: Let’s paint

Coat the rod in light, even coats. Make sure there are no streaks or drips. Put on 3-4 coats and wait 20 minutes between each one.

Step 7: Apply a clear coat

Adding a clear coat keeps your rod durable and protected, just like painting it.

Can I Paint My Fishing Rod(FAQ)

01. How to paint a fishing rod? 

First of all, you can suggest a good quality of painting color for fishing rod which can run

for the future time, then clean your fishing rod and remove the previous paint very carefully with an instrument, clean with clothes, and take primary. As you know, that primer is using to cover the wrong places, holes, and rough areas.

2. From where do we get fishing rod paint color?

You can get painting colors from online sites such as Amazon, Shopify, Etsy, Walmart, and eBay. Etsy is a perfect area where you can get paint for fishing rods.

3. What types of colors are there?

There are many colors like shiny, marbling, Dupli, Aerosol, Krylon, the primary color and best painting, car color, and spray color. These all colors are for a fishing rod. We must put painting according to the situation .the fishing rod that use in day paint with dark color while paint light color when you used night.

04. How do you paint a fishing rod?

You can paint a fishing rod with different colors with different steps. You can color according to the situation. If you work during the daytime, you need to paint a dark color, and if you work at night, you have to color light to work quickly.

Your fishing rod is already painted, but it is not good-looking, so you have to repaint a fishing rod. Repainting is good to make new your old fishing rod.

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Let’s Wrap Up

It would be best to remember that changing the paint on a rod will affect its performance. You’ll find it less flexible and sensitive.

If you must paint rod blanks, leave the original color on. We hope this guide helps, whether you’re repainting an old rod or painting a blank rod. Take your safety precautions and good luck!

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