Best Telescoping Fishing Rod For Backpacking Reviews 2022

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Today we will discuss Best Telescoping Fishing Rod For Backpacking. Just like you can’t separate a car from its engine, you cannot separate backpacking and fishing. So, what better way to do this than getting the best telescoping fishing rod for backpacking?

You can read about ultralight backpacking fishing rods through the information in this piece to learn more about the best types of ultralight telescopic fishing rods. And how to choose the one that is suitable for your fishing environment.

When choosing a telescopic fishing package for backpacking, you should be sure to pay attention to the rod’s power and action capacity.

If you purchase a backpack fishing rod , they can easily have faults or can sometimes be accidentally slow in action, which makes them handle like a wet noodle. Most backpackers expect situations such as camping conditions with brush or trees nearby or overhead.

What Is A Telescopic Fishing Rod Used For?

The best telescopic fishing rod for backpacking is to for anglers who move around a lot and would love to go fishing while they are up and about.

The backpacking fishing pole are easily collapsible and portable. However, the rod comes with certain limitations. But if you are in search of a fishing rod to use on the go, then a telescopic fishing rod is the best option

Comparison Of Table Best Telescoping Fishing Rod For Backpacking


Product Name



PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod 

Item Weight: 1.19 Pounds
Color: Fishing rod+reel(No Lures&Line)
Material: Stainless Steel, 

ShinePick Fishing Rod

Brand: ShinePick
Color: 2.1M
Material: Carbon Fiber

FISHOAKY Fishing Rod 

Color: 1.8M
Material: Fiberglass, 

CAPACI Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod

Color: Rod and Reel Combos with all Accessories
Material: Fiberglas

Milerong Fishing Rod

Brand: Milerong
Item Weight: 700 Grams
Color: 6.89ft
Material: Stainless Steel

01. PLUSINNO Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

Best Telescoping Fishing Rod For Backpacking

There are various types of fishing rods out there, but Plusinno is the best telescopic fishing rod and reel combo full kit are some of those fishing rods that you would want to own.

Plusinno telescopic fishing rod is well known for producing affordable, efficient, and compact fishing rods. Also, this is packed with an extensive list of features.

The kit comes in a package that doesn’t take up too much room and is easy to carry around. This makes it a excellent choice for backpacking. The Plusinno fishing rod and reel combo come in a kit without lures and lines. The rod is about 6.89ft.

Purchasing this product would mean that you may need to purchase some other accessories asides from the kit. While some persons might think that the backpacking fishing rod and reel combo aren’t worth the stress, but the product’s quality is worth every penny.

The quality rod is made of stainless steel covered with a carbon layer that makes it smooth and durable. The handle on it contains EVA material which is soft and increases the comfort level. Furthermore, it is anti-skid.

When we expand the rod, the extended part is made of carbon fiber, so it is lightweight and has high pulling power. The edge of the rod is compact and easy to manage.

To strengthen the combo rod powers drive, gear equipped is used. A deep aluminum spool provides an extensive line capacity. The spinning Reel containing aluminum is durable and lightweight.

The combo is ultra-light and highly durable. The material used in it makes it convenient for both saltwater and freshwater fishing. It is also perfect for experienced anglers.

  • 4 sizes available.
  • Fantastic starter kit.
  • EVA foam handle for comfort.
  • Durabkle.
  • No separate carry case for the reel.

2. ShinePick Telescopic Fishing Rod Kit

Best Telescoping Fishing Rod For Backpacking

If you’re in search of a telescopic fishing rod combo that is versatile, then the ShinePick backpacking fishing trip kit should be your last stop.

This actual fishing Rod kit consists of 1x fishing Rod Pole, 1x spinning Reel, 1x fishing line, 1x Accessories, and 1x carry bag. Also, a rod and a reel are the two main features of a Fishing kit; the revolution you choose must match your rod. The fly  fishing sets Reel and rod used in this kit are suitable for one another.

Telescopic Travel Fishing rod consists of stainless-steel guide rings used to reduce heat and friction, an Aluminum alloy reel seat that prevents electrolytic corrosion, and metal anti-slip rings for attaching lures to the leader or hook to lure. Three layers of Carbon fiber are used in manufacturing to make it stiffer and more robust.

A spinning Fishing reel possesses an instant anti-reverse one-way clutch bearing to allow the angler to move backward and forward, an adjustable drag system for fighting larger fishes, and an Anodized aluminum spool that makes the Reel stronger and more durable.

Both fishing travel rods and Reel are lightweight and easy to maintain balance. The fishing line available is a five #. That’s why it is best for beginner anglers.

Shine Pick Telescopic pole is suitable for saltwater alongside freshwater due to the Anodized Aluminum used as a protection shield against aggressive corrosion.

The design of this fishing rod is such that even a novice can handle the equipment properly. It is the perfect gift idea for a man who wants to learn to fish or who has an interest in fishing with no experience.

  • Comes with a full kit bag.
  • Lightweight and portable.
  • Comfortable handle with protected cap.
  • Breaks easily

03. Fishoaky Telescopic Fishing Rod kit

Best Telescoping Fishing Rod For Backpacking

The Fishoaky Fishing Rod kit is an ultralight backpacking fishing rod that cokes with all the necessary fishing accessories.

Corrosion-resistant rod:

Carbon fiber and Fiberglass constructions layers are used to protect the Fish oaky rod. The mixture of these two provides a lightweight, durable, and corrosion-resistant fishing rod.

Powerful fishing reel:

An interchangeable aluminum handle is used on both left and right sides of the reel to make it more powerful, stiffer, and lighter in weight.

Guide ring:

Stainless steel guide rings are used for securing long cast alongside ceramic inserts. It also decreases the chance of friction in lines.

Effective for saltwater:

Due to carbon layers, the rod is sufficient for saltwater as well.

Adjustable rod:

Easy to fit in a bag or car trunk, you can carry with you whenever you vacation. As your mood switch for fishing, you have the rod and enjoy your holiday with some fresh fish.

The fishing telescopic rod kit offers durability and strength in water, which enables the angler to properly handle the rod. Fishokay designed the fishing rod to be portable and lightweight. It also occupies minimal space, and it is easy to carry about.

  • Padded zipper case.
  • Good set combination.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Lightweight.
  • No handle grip.

04.CAPACI Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

Best Telescoping Fishing Rod For Backpacking

The telescopic fishing rod review of this product is great for pro anglers, however, for those who are new to angling, it might not be so great.

the actual fishing Rod included in the kit is made up of carbon fiber mixed with Fiberglass, which makes the fishing pole harder and lowers the friction. Also, effective for reducing the excess heat of Hard and lightweight guide rings.

High-quality Reel:

The size Reel plays a vital role in fishing alongside the rod. So, a reel must have long-lasting characteristics to work effectively. The Reel added in this kit is highly waterproof and dustproof and zinc material gear. Furthermore, a new design line roller avoids line breakage while catching fish.

Travel suitable rod reel combo:

Dual Knobs reel and telescope hander bar both the designs are travel friendly; you can carry this reel combo to the fishing spot far away from your home.

Additional products:

A career bag, a fishing line, and some other necessary fishing-related products are included in the kit.

The Capaci telescopicing fishing rod combo is in a way that is easy to pack up neatly after use. With this fishing rod combo, you can be up and about and still do what you love doing – fishing – without worrying about the type of water you would be fishing.

The Capaci telescopic fishing rod combo is suitable for both fresh water and saltwater. It comes with a lightweight backpacking fishing kit that contains one carbon fiber telescopic fishing rod, one fishing reel, one carrier bag, one fishing line, some necessary accessories.

  • Easy movement of reels.
  • Portable.
  • Lightweight.
  • durable.
  • Not easy to carry about

05. Milerong Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Best Telescoping Fishing Rod For Backpacking

The Milerong Fishing Rod and Reel Combo come with everything an angler would need in one precise package with great quality. The telescopic fishing rod is to be simple and portable and it is very keen when it comes to detecting the smallest species of fish nibbling.

The combo of a powerful and lightweight adjustable carbon fiber rod and a spinning reel that operates smoothly during the whole process reduces the chance of losing heavier fish while dealing with jerky drag or balky retrieve.

Anodized aluminum and stainless-steel reel are effective for fishing in saltwater. The ultralight rod and Reel make it easy for a Fisherman to carry it comfortably wherever he wants to take it.

Moreover, due to its lightweight, you can spend the whole day on the boat without noticing. The carbon fiber rod is highly durable. But using the rod to drag the fish ashore directly can cause damage to the rod. The kit fur

The collapsible fishing rod for backpacking usually come in a package that contains 1 Telescopic fishing rod, 1 spinning reel, 1 fishing Line, various fishing lightweight lures, fishing hooks, and 1 carrier bag

It is easy to use, and those with little or no angling experience can handle the fishing rod properly. The reel of the fishing rod opens in a nice style and extends to a full-length rod to achieve an excellent smooth casting effect.

  • Complete fishing accessory.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Durable.
  • The material is fragile.

See more about the best rod for frog fishing.

06. Zebco Roam Telescopic Fishing Rod 

Best Telescoping Fishing Rod For Backpacking

The simple spincast reel is paired with a sturdy fiberglass rod for fishing. The set-up will help you reel in the massive ones the whole day around. This pre-spooled pack-and-go combination comes with a 10-pound Zebco Cajun line and QuickSet anti-reverse, allowing it convenient to use anytime, anyplace.

The stainless steel used in rod and reel combo manufacturing challenges the rod and smooth Reel. It can extend to 6 feet and collapse down to 18.5 inches.

Reel and rod combo performance:

This combo is intermediate weight, easy to carry, highly durable, and provides you high comfort level. The product is long-lasting if you use it with proper knowledge. The aluminum reel and carbon fiber used in this combo manufacturing is convenient for saltwater.

Spin cast Reel:

The Reel included in this kit is a spin cast reel specially designed for all metal gears and a smoother gear of ratio 3.6: 1 for the silky-smooth retrieve.

The Roam telescopic combination is well-made, stretching to 6-feet and compressing to 18.5-inches. The Roam telescopic combination is the ideal choice for those on-the-go explorers, thanks to its striking stainless steel front cover, unique no-tangle construction for hassle-free casting rod and small dimensions for exceptionally convenient carrying.

The short baitcasting rod is best to catch fish. Anglers will enjoy hours of relaxation with this hardworking fishing reel and telescopic rod combo with a robust ComfortGrip rod tip.

Its medium-heavy power and moderate-fast action make it perfect for catching light and compact-sized fish like panfish and trout, as well as bass and other species. It can hold a 6–12 pound line weight and 1/8–1/2 ounce lure weights.

  • Lightweight and elastic.
  • Retractable reels.
  • High-density carbon fiber material.
  • Not beginner friendly.

07. CAPACI Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

Best Telescoping Fishing Rod For Backpacking

The Capaci portable Fishing rod reel and combos are from a high-density carbon fiber material mixed with fiberglass.

The  actual fishing rod and reel combo should have qualities that make them suitable for each other. If you are using a lightweight rod, select a light reel. Also, other characteristics features are efficient for fishing in seawater.

This rod and reel combo was designed in a way that they are perfectly working together. High-quality carbon fiber and Fiberglass create rigid fishing poles. Carbon fiber products are well known for their durability, stiffness, and strength.

While a spinning reel made up of aluminum is highly waterproof and dustproof. And Zinc material gear. The rod and Reel are lightweight and easy to carry wherever you want.

For the control of line breakage, rollers are used. Which also helps in the reduction of line twists. The other a

When you purchase this telescopic fishing rod, it comes with a carrier bag and the necessary accessories for fishing. The design of the fishing rode comes with a special line roller that reduces effectively avoids line breakage.

The reels have dual knobs and a telescopic handlebar design that enables the angler to throw the bait farther into the water. So, the dual knobs also enable the angler to catch big fish.

  • High-density carbon fiber material mixed with fiberglass.
  • Special line roller.
  • Dual Knobs and Telescopic handlebar.
  • Not easy to carry about.

08.Zebco 33 Telescopic Fishing Rod

Best Telescoping Fishing Rod For Backpacking

The telescopic fishing rod extended to 5 feet and collapsed to 19 inches which is easy to carry along while traveling. The fiberglass rod is durable, strong, and stiffer.

EVA handle:

Durable EVA handles are available in this package, increasing your comfort level and maximizing your average fishing hours. It processes moderate-fast action and ultra-light power that will help to hit the target like light species.

Average weight lifting limit:

This rod reel combo designed to lift 2–6-pound line weight and almost 1/64-1/8 oz lure weight. It is effective for both beginners and experts.

Spin cast reel:

The spin cast reel is made up of metal gears and a 4.3:1 gear for a silky-smooth retrieve. The retrieve is changeable. Its function is to adjust the drag and to set anti-reverse to stop the handle from irregular movement.

This comes in one of the best fishing rod brands. Hunters will enjoy hours of comfort with this hardworking catching heavier fish reel and rod combination, which features dual EVA/cork direct grip pole handles.

The best telescopic rod and reel combo reasonable motion and intermediate power make it perfect for capturing a wide range of fish, from panfish and trout to catfish, bass, and more. It can hold a 6-12 lb line weight and 1/8-1/2 ounce lure loads.

Every-metal gears, a 4.1:1 gearbox, and two ceramic pick-up pins give the spin-cast reel a velvety smooth ride yet high efficiency. While pulling in your fish, the interchangeable right-or left-hand retrieving reel has a MicroFine tap drag . Also, QuickSet anti-reverse to keep your handles from looking backward and building a solid hookset in the jaws of a fish.

  • Sensitive.
  • Easy to install and use.
  • Beginner friendly.
  • Catches large fishes.

09. CLORIS Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Best Telescoping Fishing Rod For Backpacking

The CLORIS fishing rod comes as a reel combo set that includes all necessary accessories for fishing. The best telescopic fishing rod 2022 is from Carbon Fiber and it is suitable for saltwater and freshwater. The collapsible fishing rod for backpacking

Carbon and glass fiber rod:

The rod is made of Carbon fiber, and Fiberglass is durable and lightweight.

Telescopic fishing rod:

The fishing rod of length 12ft after extension and almost 1.5ft after the expansion is easy to bring along with every tour to water.

Collapsible fishing pole:

It is designed in such a way that it decreases the friction level. Epoxy Resin Adhesive is used in it to empower the Guide Ring. Due to its adhesive nature, it is suitable for all types of water.

Smooth and comfortable Reel:

The Reel is more effective than any other reel. It has 13+1 corrosion-resistant smooth ball bearings that help manage the balance while dealing with large-sized fish. Precision-matched gears and powerful 5:5:1 equipment maximize its smoothness, minimize slippiness and become more comfortable.

Other Accessories:

  • Fishing line
  • Fishing bag
  • Various fishing lures baits
  • Fishing hooks

Also, it is to be collapsible with a lower friction coefficient. So, as an angler, this rod is all you need to have a great fishing experience.

The fishing rod and reel combo come in a kit that contains either a 5ft, 7ft, or an 8ft Carbon Fiber Fishing Rod. Also, spinning Fishing Reel, Fishing Line, Fishing bags, Various Fishing Lures Baitcasting reels and Fishing Hooks.

The best telescopic fishing rod for saltwater is made with an advanced international epoxy resin adhesive that makes the guide ring more solid. So, this fishing rod and reel combo is a quality product that is affordable and available to everyone.

  • Affordable.
  • Contains all fishing accessory.
  • Easy to use.
  • Exclent product feature
  • Breaks easily.

10.Leo Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

Best Telescoping Fishing Rod For Backpacking

The Leo telescopic fishing rod reel combos come with a carrier bag and the necessary accessories for fishing trips, and you probably won’t need to buy anything else.

The saltwater telescopic fishing rod of high-density carbon fiber material that is mixed with fiberglass which makes it lightweight and durable. Also, an experienced angler can easily handle the Leo Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combos.

The telescopic saltwater fishing rod and reel combo come with a carrier bag and other fishing accessories such as One carbon fiber telescopic fishing rod + One fishing reel + One carrier bag + One fishing line + Some necessary accessories.

Carbon fiber material:

Different Carbon fiber layers alongside Fiberglass strengthen your rod and make it stiffer. And lower the friction chances.

Highly effective travel spinning rod:

Stainless steel hooded reel seat allows fishing rods to fight against seawater corrosion. The spinning reel also sealed waterproof and zinc material fishing gear.

Line twister line roller:

A new unique line roller was designed to minimize the chances of line twists and fatigue. It also works well to avoid the breakage of lines.

Lightweight rod:

The material used in manufacturing is mostly carbon making it light and adjustable to carry it everywhere along with you.

Length of different sections:

  • 1.8 M 5.91 Ft: Closed Length: 40 cm 15.75 inch. Section: 5
  • 2.1 M 6.89 Ft: Closed Length: 41 cm 16.14 inch. Section: 6
  • 2.4 M 7.87 Ft: Closed Length: 42 cm 16.54 inch. Section: 7
  • 2.7 M 8.86 Ft: Closed Length: 43 cm 16.93 inch. Section: 8
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Portable .
  • Easy to carry around.
  • Premium guide.
  • No.

How To Choose The Best Telescoping Fishing Rod For Backpacking?

How To Choose The Best Telescoping Fishing Rod For Backpacking?

If you are backpacking and intend to go fishing while on your adventure, then most likely. So, you will be looking for a telescopic fishing rod. Because they are compact and easy to take along on any backpacking trip.

You can also call telescopic fishing rods collapsible fishing rods, folding rods, and portable fishing rods, and there are a number of them in the market.

You may need to decide which one fits your needs. So, here we’ll discuss the different factors that influence the type various of telescopic fishing rods. Also, available to help you make the telescopic fishing rod review.


Before you go into the market to purchase the best backpacking fishing rod 2021 your budget has to be placed into consideration first. In general, telescopic fishing rods of good quality is within the price range of $50-$80.

This is a good price range, especially if you’re a beginner who still hasn’t figured out whether a telescopic fishing rod is the best choice for backpackers. However, as you are aware the higher the quality of a product, the more expensive and choice for beginners.

Rod guides

After deciding how much you would like to spend on getting the fishing rod. So, the next thing is to figure out the components you would want your rod to possess.

For starters, one component that your rod should come with is the rod guides − the little eyelets that the fishing line runs through. The rod guides are responsible for directing the fishing line from the rod to the water and they also handle the weight and pressure when you have a medium fish on the hook. So, it is important that your fishing rod has this component.

A telescopic fishing rod that is similar to the traditional fishing rods, having about five guides or more won’t be a problem, but anything less might cause weak points which will affect the overall strength and balance of your rod.

Also, rod guides constructed of ceramic are usually the best as they are both lightweight, low-profile, and decently durable. The lighter your rod guides are, the better suited they are for the job at hand.

Style of Fishing

Your style of fishing performance and the size of the heavier fish you plan on fishing river should be the next thing to consider. So, it influences the action and power of the telescopic fishing rod you would need.

In case you are not aware, rod action refers to the rod’s flexibility when under strain while power refers to the rod’s resistance when flexed.

The various actions of the telescopic rods have their respective use. The fast action rod is beneficial for big, sturdy predators in deep water, and using it in small or shallow waters will show irritating for not catching anything

The slow-action rods work well with short casts and small fishes, and they are the best for this because of their short cast distance. The only disadvantage you might face is that they are susceptible to blowing in windy conditions.

Finally, the rods are in different categories such as medium, medium-heavy, light action combinations  or heavy power. If you want to get just one rod and need to make a choice. It is best to go with the medium power rod because it will cover the fullest possibilities in fresh and saltwater environments.

Type of material

The materials that telescopic rods are from are what are responsible for providing strength and flexibility for fishing rods.

So, when in search of a fishing rod to buy, you should look out for materials such as fiberglass, graphite rod carbon fiber constructions, or a combo of any of these materials mentioned. Also, that will be excellent for durability as well High-quality construction.

These materials have a certain lightweight and flexible design that enables them to transmit vibrations through their length to the angler’s hand. This allows the handler to feel the medium fish biting the hook of the fishing rod.

Type of rod

There are various options made available to choose from when in search of the best telescoping fishing rod for you. Some of these available options are spinning rods, surf fishing rods, and echo fly rods. The design of the spinning rods was mainly for spinning reels which can be useful for sport and recreational fishing.

There are also surf fishing rods that are ideal for fishing in saltwater due to their anti-corrosive properties, and there is the fly fishing rod. Also, telescopic fly rods are easy for the casting of artificial baits. If you are a beginner, you might want to go for the spinning rods. Most fishermen opt for them due to their versatility.

Best Telescoping Fishing Rod For Backpacking (FAQ)

02. Can you use the rod to catch big fish?

Absolutely! However, you might need to go for the telescopic rods with fast action to catch a big fish. This is because the rods are tailored for simple fishing exercises. If you get a telescopic fishing rod of high quality you could even be able to grab fish of about five pounds or more.

03. Do telescopic rods come with reels or do I need to buy one?

Yes, they do. Most telescopic fishing rods are a combination of both rods and reels and they are still portable. Asides from the reels, they sometimes come with all necessary accessories for fishing. So, if you purchase the telescopic fishing rod and reel combo. You won’t be needing to buy any other fishing accessories.

04. Are there disadvantages of telescopic fishing rods?

Of course, it is common knowledge that everything has both positive and negative sides. However, the major disadvantage of the telescopic fishing rod is that it can damage easily. Because not all of them are comfortable tools to work with, especially when it comes to handling.
Meanwhile, it is possible to prevent your fishing rod from going bad, but you would have to put in a lot of work. So, to prevent your rod from breaking easily, you should ensure that all the sections of the rod are properly locked before you use it. Always double-check that the line guides are perfectly aligned, else it could break when it catches a fish.


I sincerely hope you find the best telescoping fishing rod for backpacking. We found that, due to the high level of competition in the market. A new model of telescopic fishing rods is always released. If you buy an inefficient model, it may break out just before you start to enjoy your angling hobby or probably after you have caught a big fish.

So, to avoid the disappointment that substandard fishing rods will cost you. It is important that you opt for the best quality product. So, ensure that you buy a high-quality efficient fishing rod and reels combo, otherwise, your money will go to a complete waste.

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