The Best Surf Rod For Striper Fishing Reviews & Guide 2022

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Today we will discuss the Best Surf Rod For Striper Fishing. The surf rod for striper fishing is the product that delivers distant casting. There are diverse factors, which decide the performing prospective of such products.

Appropriate knowledge of the fishing rod’s useful features is helpful for fishermen. Since they utilize it for investing their cash in the buying of an appropriate product.

If you are searching for the best surf fishing rod combo, then you are in the right place. We will provide you with a few perceptions on some of the vital factors of surf fishing rods


Comparison Table of Best Surf Rod For Striper Fishing


Product Name 



Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod

Item Package Dimensions L x W x H
‎39 x 3 x 3 inches.
Package Weight
‎0.34 Kilograms.
Brand Name

Okuma Surf Graphite Rods

Brand Okuma Fishing
Material Blend
Color Black/Blue/Silver

Shimano Teramar Spinning Fishing Rods

Material Glass
Fishing Technique

St. Croix Rod Spinning Rod

Brand St. Croix Rods
Material Blend
Tension Level

Okuma Fishing Saltwater Spinning Rods

Brand Okuma Fishing Tackle
Material Stainless Steel
Fishing Technique



15-feet in length, Fiblink Surf Spinning Fishing Rod provides you with a longer swing. So you could cast your line very far-out into the sea.

The rod has a 4-pieces design that is easily moveable, and every piece is solid carbon fiber. It confirms you get unbelievable sensitivity plus power while reeling in your catch. 

High-grade stainless-steel guides are lined on these pieces. And those have ceramic inserts for even reeling with reduced friction. They improve sensitivity by moving vibrations from the line plus into your hand. 

The carbon fiber construction of the Fiblink Surf rod is one of the hardest on the market. It features increased sensitivity and enhanced tuned action. All the guides are well-aligned on the bottommost of the spine of the blank. Everything is flawlessly straight, which improves the smooth performance.

The pole features a non-slip rubber cork handle with a tapering back grip. Plus, its tip-over-butt ferrule linking offers durability and power for the long run. It also has a wheel seat with stainless steel tapering hood transitions. It has medium to heavy power as well as 15-30lb line weight.

  • Transportable 4 pieces’ design .npowerful and Sensitive solid carbon fiber make .nExcellent stainless-steel guide with ceramic insert. nExtreme disclosure plastic reel seat.n
  • Weighty.

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02.Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rods 

The Okuma Longitude Surf Graphite Rods are new and improved made by the new rod technology it uses. These graphite rods are of high density. The new version has dual-footed stainless steel guide frames. It has aluminum oxide guide inserts and pads both on top and under the reel seat.  To decrease slipping, these rods have rubber butt caps.

The models are two-piece blanks. And the length sizes array from 8 to 12 inches.  This 11-foot rod has a high amount of sensitivity. Appears to be a trend among Okuma’s killer brands. The rod has fiberglass 70/30 blanks with very well-made guides plus inserts. 

The stainless steel reel seat is a feature you may like too. EVA cushions above and below the reel seats would keep it from wearing out too soon. You may find the reel seat a bit too large. Though, you can easily fix that by tightening up the reel seat around your reel.  The aluminum oxide with double-footed stainless steel guide frames is a good addition.

  • Very temptinglyattractive.
  • Great guiding system.
  • Free service repairs.
  • High sensitivity.
  • Not as strong as expected.

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03.Shimano Teramar Northeast Spinning Saltwater Fishing Rods 

Shimano Teramar Saltwater Fishing rods feature dynamic cores made of T Glass material. It has a spiral design of high-modulus graphite. The TC4 blanks are for Power Pro rod fishing and have a brilliant strength-to-weight ratio. Fuji O guides and Fuji reel holders are furthermore here.

The Teramar SE is the greatest Shimano best surf fishing rods for fresh water and inshore fishing. Like the St. Croix Mojo, the Teramar SE only comes in large-scale models, beginning at 6’6. Each model has TC4 material, which is smaller and lighter than standard components.

Moreover, the Teramar SE has a great cork handle and a strong set of Fuji aconite guides. As such, anglers could expect to land heavy fish like largemouth, salmon pike, walleye, and more. Due to its big and cumbersome size, it is likely not the complete best rod in constricted spaces. Yet, those angling in open water could rely on its sensitivity, casting distance, and power. It is the best surfcasting rod for distance


  • Reasonable price. nQuality material .nFuji alconite guides.nExtra-extra heavy variants. n
  • Obtainable in one color.n

04. St. Croix Rod Tidemaster Inshore Spinning Rod

This 7’6″ light model is a flounder rod of the utmost quality. And remarkably sensitive and robust. You won’t discover the “steel” in this blank till about a third of the rod takes a bend. But once there, you will know the Tidemaster means business. 

The Tidemaster, with its comfy and smooth grip, is a great choice for all-day fishing. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced angler, there is no need to be concerned about size. Furthermore, the reel seat is Fuji DPS and has frosted silver hoods. There is also a special-level cork handle that is very comfy to hold.  

The Inshore Rod has iron-fisted components, and it is great for sunny and grey weather. The handle on the Tidemaster is continuous and has a high-quality cork. And there is no need to concern about sufficient space for even the biggest hands. 

The 7’6″ light model is as good a flounder rod as cash can buy. Long sufficient to cast into the following zip code. It’s also strong and sensitive.


  • Excellent blank.nSensitive tip.nNice long handle. nGreat guides .n
  • Graphite that lacks the sturdiness of a Penn .

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05. Okuma Fishing Tackle Saltwater Spinning Rods

If you are a beginner, one of the best tips is to get a lightweight fishing rod. If you are fishing for a length of time, you do not want the weight of the rod to bear on you. Let alone add weight to it while you are fighting what you caught. It is the best surf fishing rod length.

This rod is an astonishingly light instrument because of the combination of materials. It features 30-ton fiber blanks by the core. And it has a 316-grade stainless steel guide frame with Zirconium inserts. It gives plenty of durability and strength as well. 

Having a stainless steel structure helps keep it from corrosion caused by seawater. It is a trustworthy rod in any body of water. The small diameter inserts aid creates a guide system. It aids in the fast changeover of loops coming off the spinning reel to the straight running line. It helps you land that catch as fast and proficiently as possible.

For a comfy control, it has a non-slip rubber shrink tube handle. It boasts a tapered back grip. It is one of the greatest saltwater surf fishing rods in the marketplace today. 

  • Great lightweight. nComfy handle. nRobust material constructions. nGreat for novices. n
  • You need to pair it with a good reel for top performance.

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06.Fenwick AETOS Fly Fishing Rod 

Fenwick Aetos fly fishing rods is the next generation rod. It features an extensive range of high performance. It is double-handed, single-handed, and switch models. Also, the Aetos fly rod uses nano blank technology. And this rod is very light and robust than standard carbon fiber.

Fenwick Aetos fly fishing rod offers you blank structure nanocomposite technology. It has a Two-tone anodized aluminum reel seat and AAA-grade cork grips. It also features woven carbon spacer and composite cork tippings. 

The AETOS fly rod is blank blue through black trim wraps, alignment dots, and carbon flake accents.  This rod is only 3.44 ounces; it is heavy for a 5wt. The swing weight is a slight bit comparable to other 5wt fly rods on 61.7 gm2.

The Aetos fly rod is excellently accurate. And you can do effortlessly close the distances. This feature is for the angler with fast casting stroke. While the Aetos fly rod core trout distance of 45 feet. And then, the rod could maintain exact precision and feel. 

  • Precise fly fishing rod.
  • Caster-friendly at significant distances.
  • Nano Composite Technology used in blank.
  • Heavy general weight.

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07.Sougayilang Catfish Rod 2-Pieces Saltwater Offshore Portable Surf Rods Glass Spinning Rod 

It is a telescopic rod crafted from E-glass. It also has high-density 24-ton carbon fiber construction. There is no need to worry; this rod is powerful enough to lift 10 pounds of heavy fish. 

This rod is available in 5.91′, 6.89′, and 7.87′ long enough for beach fishing. Yet, it can pack down into a small size that fits into your backpack. 

Thanks to the retractable handle, you can cast for long-distance. Plus, designed for smooth reeling and comes with a 5.5:1 gear ratio. You will also find an adjustable cast control that notifies with a sound when adjusted. The Sougayilang Fishing Rod is perfect for right and left-handed anglers. 

One thing you can’t ignore about the Sougaliyang best size rod for beach fishing is its portable design. You won’t find it difficult traveling with the pole on a hiking trip as it doesn’t add any weight to your backpack.  

We also love the fact that the best surf rod for striper fishing is easy to set up and takedown. You don’t need any prior experience with a fishing rod to use this one. So you may want to consider this if you are new to angling.

  • It comes with a comfortable EVA knob. nThe rod is suitable for both right and left-handed anglers. nRods for saltwater. n
  • This rod does not come with assembly instructions.

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08.Sougayilang Surf Fishing Rod Graphite Spinning Rod for Beach Saltwater

Sougayilang Surf Fishing Rod is for travel. Being telescopic, they compacted down to a very small size plus are easy to set up. The carbon fiber comes with an aluminum reel seat. It provides extra strength against the elements. 

The guides are stainless steel and ceramic made. It makes them sturdy and very smooth for casting. Telescopic rods usually come with some issues. But by proper care, you can avoid it. You will not get the similar power as a non-telescopic rod; thus, bear this in mind. 

This rod could be completely collapsed for ease of storage and transportation. 

Fiberglass and carbon fiber rods together give it strength and sturdiness. It is much lighter.It houses a CNC machined aluminum reel seat together with 3-point welded guides. Its construction makes it corrosion-resistant. 

It moreover offers decent sensitivity to catch even the small fishes. Also, this rod’s handle features ergonomic and ceramic guide rings to deliver a better grip. 

  • Flawless for travel.nCasts well. nGood action. nOk sensitivity. n
  • Feels a slight flimsy.

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09.TICA UEHD Samira Surf Fishing Rod Series 

TICA’s UEHD Samira is the light tackle surf fishing rod. It is the best surf rod for striper fishing. Built from high modulus graphite, these are particularly designed, powerful surf rods.

 It has a FUJI ALCONITE ring guide plus TICA’s graphite APS reel seat. It makes the UEHD harsh and powerful rods for surf fishing. 

UEHD rods has 7-10 feet in length. It comes in casting and spinning models. And are the ideal match for TICA’s Scepterreels series. With their excellent look, UEHD Samira rods perform attractively on the water. 

This model has good precision and high-quality modules. The company’s designers make this rod not only potent and durable but also fairly versatile. Equipped with a heavy bait, heavy rain or gusts of stormy wind can’t damage it. Given the abilities of this tackle, its length is more than satisfactory.

  • Stylish design. nIt is perfect for fishing for salmon, perch, and stripers. nBuilt of high modulus Japanese graphite .nHigh-quality Fuji ring guides. n
  • Somewhat stiff.


10.Daiwa Liberty Club SURF T Telescopic Surf Casting Rod 

The Daiwa Liberty Club Surf Telescopic rod is the greatest travel rod. These rods are more than 14 feet. It makes them faultless to long-distance casting essential for surf fishing. 

Liberty Surf rods are certain to please surf casters. It is a perfect compromise between technologies, appearances, and price! 

In the hollow (AF) version, these fine rods will let you optimize your casting distance. Helped by the Fuji Low rider guides. The hybrid tip version (HAF) offers a more sensitive rod to pick up on the lowest knocks and bites. 

The blank at the reel seat has a smooth anti-slip finish for enhanced grip on the cast. While the butt is round for better grip and eventually more power. This anti-slip finish is also in the joints to create setting up and taking down the rod easier. 

If you are serious about surf fishing, this must be a rod you consider. Even if you will not be doing any traveling. It performs just as any 2-piece surfcasting rod. 

  • Modern carbon technology.
  • High strength plus reduced the weight.
  • High density as well as carbon weave.
  • Extremely responsiveness.
  • The rod is little bit weighty in size.


How To Choosing The Best Surf Rod For Striper Fishing

Rod Material

Most striper rods materials are fiberglass, graphite, or some mix of the two. Carbon fiber is also used along with aluminum and other materials for the reel seat. Fiberglass is lightweight, while graphite is hard.

The main thing about the construction of striper stealth fishing rods is the rigidity. Many anglers love to have a stiff fishing rod. But a parabolic bend is truly critical in a striper rod. Or else, the fish would split without a hook in it.

Rod Length and Action

Striper rods are the same length as other rods. The longer ones would help cast more. It could help avoid scaring off objects in shallow water. While a good medium otherwise medium-heavy rod is best for striper fishing. That rod should not have the fast action several anglers insist on. To get the accurate hook set, the parabolic bend of a slower action is a must-have.

Line Weight and Guides

Most mid-sized striped bass could have scored an 8 or 10-pound test. Though rods geared toward bigger targets would have scores for up to 17 or 20-pound tests.

The line guides are frequently bent on inexpensive rods. On the better ones, the guides are one single piece. And come without inserts to preserve their durability. The more line guides, the better, as they will keep the line bent with the shape of the rod.

Ease of Use

Fishing for striped bass could be a little frustrating since they are so flighty. But the rod itself would be easy to use. Besides ease of use just means the rod will not break down on you.

Price and Warranty

Guarantees are almost always restricted to manufacturing defects. The majority of best surf rods for striper fishing are reasonable compared to the cost of some reels. The price will command the kind of material of the blank plus line guides.


From ultra-light to x-heavy, there are various kinds of rods based on power. The amount of strength vital to bend a rod is its power. Of all rod features, this one is the simplest to explain and understand.

An ultra-light rod curves at the lightest of touch, though a heavy rod would need more strength to bend the rod. There is a benefit of having a powerful rod. You might easily reel in larger fish with less effort.

Handle Material

You would discover rods with varying lengths of the handle that are for precise fishing purposes. A smaller handle is faultless if you want to fish nearer to the shore. Though a long handle is more suitable for long-distance casting.

The handle material is significant as it is accountable for the amount of coziness that you feel. The foremost materials of the handle grip are cork EVA or foam. While both work well sufficient to offer a steady hold, the cork has a better feel and is so costlier.


01. What is the difference between a travel-friendly and a standard fishing rod?

Standard fishing rods are not for traveling needs. They are large, lengthier, and stiffer. Travel-friendly rods are collapsible also pack down small for easy storage. They are also smaller and lightweight.

02. Can I carry my fishing rod on a plane?

Yes! You might carry a fishing rod on a plane. However, you should check with your airline for any in-cabin size limits. It varies from one airline to another. u003cbr/u003e

03. Are four-piece fishing rods less sturdy than two-piece fishing rods?

Yes! The more pieces there are, the less sturdy the rod. It is an unfortunate detail that you have to accept. We suggest going for the number of pieces you could tolerate for a situation. Do not purchase a four-piece rod just to have one; instead, purchase if it is completely necessary.


To select the perfect product, you need to be conscious of the features you need in your surf fishing rod. These contain its length, weight, power, material, etc. In addition, you moreover need to make certain that it is easy to carry and store. Finally, the price of the product should be inside your budget.

To help you make the correct choice, we have brought you several of the best surf rods for striper fishing. We have included a detailed description of the features of each of these products. These are along with all their positive and negative features. It will confirm that you know whatever you are paying for.


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