The Best Spinning Rod for Smallmouth Bass Review & Guide 2022

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Today we will discuss Best Spinning Rod for Smallmouth Bass. Fishing is one of the most exotic and enthusiastic outdoor activities that enable you to enjoy a good time with your family and explore the underwater world a little bit more.

The best fishing rod is the essential part of the fishing activity as you can only enjoy the fishing experience when you have a good quality fishing rod. The spinning rod is one of the most common and usable rod styles. Smallmouth bass is one fishing species mostly caught by best spinning rods

The best spinning rod has a lot of advantages for the angler, such as it allows you to move the fishing line much quicker. It gives you more control that enables you to catch the fish without any hassle, and lastly, it allows you to cast much further, which is excellent for efficient and extraordinary win shots.

But for all that to experience, first, you have to buy the best spinning rod for smallmouth bass. Through this article, you will be able to explore much more about the best spinning rods and the perfect buying guide so that you can choose the best one for yourself. 

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Comparison Table Of Best Spinning Rod for Smallmouth Bass


Product name



Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Fishing Rod

Brand Ugly Stik
Material Ugly Tech 
Handle Material

Ugly Stik tiger Elite Spinning Fishing Rod

Brand:Ugly Stik
Material; stainless Steel
Color 7' - Heavy - 1pc

ST. Croix Rods Eye Con Spinning Rod

Brand: St. Croix Rods
Grip Type: Split
Material: Blend

Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Fishing Rod

Brand; Ugly Stik
Material: Ugly Tech Construction
Tension Level
6 pounds
Line Weight: 6-15lb

St. Croix Rods Bass X Spinning Rod

Brand: St. Croix Rods
Grip Type
Material; Blend

What Is The Best Spinning Rod for Small-mouth Bass? 

 Choosing the best spinning rod is essential to enjoy your smallmouth bass fishing while also being efficient at it. The following list of the top 10 best spinning rods for smallmouth bass includes all the excellent rods that you can have while being slightly different in some aspects and features. 

Every best spinning pole on the list is of high quality, and they are not only rated best on Amazon but also by the customers, which ensures you that they are the best of the best. However, let’s talk about the best one.

The Ugly Stik elite fishing rods are the best ones as they acquire the most appreciated and premium features, which provide the angler with the best fishing performance. 

Top 10 Spinning Rods for Smallmouth Bass

01.  Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Fishing Rod 

Ugly Stik fishing rod is one of the highest-rated Amazon fishing rod products and a massive brand for the best spinning rods category. It is one of the best spinning rods for smallmouth bass. They are best known for delivering extraordinary performance for anglers of all skill levels, whether expert or beginner. The newer models have added strength and higher sensitivity.  

This spin rod has a precise tip design specialized to even the slightest nibbles, and strikes can be used for every kind of line, giving the angler diversity. 

The brand provides its customer with a 7-year warranty that makes them more trustworthy. The Ugly Stik Elite spinning rod delivers you with excellent performance at a very reasonable price. It is a great spinning reel and rod combo

Key features of ugly Stik elite spinning rod

They are made up of 35 percent graphite spinning rod, which is a much lighter material than others and with 65 percent indestructible fiberglass material

  • It has a length of 7′ feet.
  • It includes cork handles that deliver a smooth yet firm handhold so that you can do fishing with comfort for hours without any kind of loose end
  • It weighs about 12 ounces
  • The stainless-steel; guides provide ease in using the fishing rod, and the blank style reel keeps it in place firmly.
  • It has a medium/light action field.


  • It is very affordable with a very high-quality. product

  • Easy to use and easy to handle 

  • Portable and convenient to use. 

  • The stainless-steel guide has a very mediocre quality. 

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02.  Ugly Stik tiger Elite Spinning Fishing Rod 

This is another best fishing rod from the ugly Stik elite fishing rod. The distinction in it is that it has a much lighter weight and has increased sensitivity that enhances the performance of your spinning technique. They provide versatility and strength to the angler gives you more advantage in fishing. 

. The material combo of this bass spinning rod also gives you improved pulling power which provides you a well-stable feel that makes the rod unbreakable. It is one of the best spinning rods for small-mouth bass fishing.

Key features of ugly Stik tiger elite spinning rod

This spinning rod and reel combo also has a mixture of increased graphite content with fiberglass, which gives the angler a lighter weight that makes it very portable for you

  • The reel seat provides reliability to the spinning rod
  • The spinning rod length is 7′ feet, suitable for beginners and experts. 
  • The spinning rod has very minimal weight, not too much, making it easy for you to fish from coast to coast.
  • The EVA gripped handle is lightweight but still provides you firm and comfortable handhold of the spinning rod.
  • The stainless-steel, double-footed guides deliver high durability, excluding insert pop-outs for easy use.

  • The EVA grip handle is very comfortable to use, even for hours of fishing. 

  • Convenient to transport. 

  • Very durable material. 

  • The packaging of the spinning rod is not very durable.

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03. ST. Croix Rods Eye Con Spinning Rod

St, Croix is a name of a confident attitude for best spinning rods.  The advanced technology of the spinning rod provides excellent performance with extraordinary value; it is one of the best spinning rods combos.

The spinning rod comes with a 5-year warranty which is very admirable by the customer as they do not worry about the durability and future repairs of the rod. It is a massive ultra-light fishing rod and light fishing rod.

Key features of the ST/Croix eye con spinning rod

  • It includes the new SCII graphite and IPC tooling technique, making it much more sensitive and balanced.
  • It includes medium-level power and fast action, which both play a superior part in the rod performance
  • The spinning rod has a length of 6.10′ feet.
  • It includes kagan master hand 3D guides with aluminum-oxide rings that give a good grip and prevention from corrosion.
  • This spinning rod has also been made with 15 % lighter material, enabling the angler to travel easily without any kind of trouble.
  • The fishing rod includes a premium quality cork handle with a split drip that gives more comfort to the angler.
  • Affordable price and great value. 

  • Very simple to operate. 

  • Easy to transport. 

  • Durable construction. 

  • Cheap fishing rods.

  • The spinning rod is not packaged properly.

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04.  Ugly Stik GX2 Spinning Fishing Rod 

The Ugly Stik GX2 best bass fishing rod provides you with effortless performance for anglers of all skill levels. The rod has enhanced stability with a much lighter feel, a stylish design, and improved parts while maintaining the classic durability and strength qualities.

 The best spinning pole can be used for every lining, which is a versatile quality. 

It acquires a sleek structure and the classic diamond wind, which gives a very eye-catching design, attractive to the customer. The rod has 7 –year warranty which is very reliable for the customer as they will keep it maintained without any significant expense. 

Key features of the ugly Stik GX2 spinning rod

  • This spinning fishing rod is made up of graphite and fiberglass material, creating a durable, robust yet enabling it to act as a sensitive rod so that you feel stability with it. 
  • It includes an EVA grip handle that offers a firm grip that enables you to make good catches without causing too much shake or instability,
  • It acquires medium power
  • The spinning rod has two-piece fishing rod construction and has a 6-feet’ length,
  • It comprises stainless-steel guides that act as an anti-corrosive agent to maintain the rod.
  • Warranty product. 

  • Comfortable and strong grip. 

  • Enables you to do various fishing methods. 

  • Backpacking fishing rod as it is portable.

  • The size of the reel seat can be a little bit overwhelming. 

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05.  ST. Croix Rods Bass X Spinning Rod

This ST. Croix’s best fishing rod is best known for the spinning rod for bass that is big on bass fish but not so big on price, which is why customers appreciate it a lot as it is of great value without breaking your budget.

 The spinning rod guides also have excellent durability, which enhances the rod’s performance. The rod comes with a 5-year warranty which includes that if any damage is caused to the rod, the brand will be responsible for the repair and regular maintenance, which is excellent as it makes the customer reliable of the 2-piece spinning rod

Key features of St. Croix rod bass x spinning rod

  • It acquires graphite with fiberglass construction which makes it very lightweight, meaning easy for transport, but also very durable to use
  • It has a split-grip handle, which makes the tiny spinning rod operating very Flexible for the angler. 
  • It acquires a length of 6′ feet, which is a very standard length suitable for every skill level.
  • It has medium power and a fast action
  • It has a very moderate fishing rod price rate. 

  • Includes exceptional value when it comes to performance.

  • Has solid and reliable material. 

  • You need to take great care of the rod, preventing it from breaking. 

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06.  Dobyns Rods Fury Series Spinning Fishing Rod 

Dobyns delivers one of the best bass spinning rods at an exceptional value which attracts the customers a lot. They are known for being sensitive, strong, balanced, and light; all these factors improved the performance of the spinning rod. To provide the customer with perfect perfection, Dobyns includes a warranty with the product, which ensures the long-lasting life of the rod. 

The rod is helpful for both freshwater and seawater fishing, which makes it very versatile. It is considered one of the best spinning rod reel and rod combo. It is regarded as the best 2-piece spinning rod.

Key features of Dobyns fury series spinning rod

  • It is made of flexible and light graphite, which is very durable and provides its ultimate strength.
  • It includes a cork grip which is very comfortable and firm to use so that you can go fishing for a long time without being too tired
  • It has a length of 7 feet and a medium action.
  • It comprises of medium/light action specification which enables you to cast further with perfect bending of the rod 
  • It includes an improved reel seat which makes the rod very efficient and effective in catching the smallmouth bass
  • Very budget-friendly. 

  • It includes an excellent and firm cork grip handle. 

  • The spinning rod has an efficient action performance.

  • Does not come with a proper manual. 

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07.  Cadence Essence Spinning Rod

Fishing is what you need to enjoy lightly. For having a good experience, you need to buy a lightweight, constructed best spinning rod that is comfortable to handle.

 It also consists of premium components. The sensitivity of a fishing rod is a critical factor that makes it easy to nibble. This rod has an adequate level of sensitivity that assist you in catching the fishes. It is the best fishing pole for bass.

The essence fishing rod is best used in freshwater to catch species like bass, walleye and trout, redfish, and flounder. This fishing rod is highly affordable with premium features and performance. Also, It has the tagline fishing with quality. They give one year warranty and provide the utmost care for their customers. It is the best spinning rod for money matters.

Key features of cadence essence spinning rod

  • The handle is made up of pure cork. It provides maximum grip and comfort while you’re using it in water.
  • It has a length of 7′ feet.
  • It comes in a wide variety of lengths and actions, making it a more suitable choice.
  • Cadence Essence spinning rod uses 24-ton carbon material. It gives you a sensitive blank.
  • It is also coated with Stainless steel that provides durability and exceptional casting performance.
  • The grip is super comfortable.

  • The price is affordable.

  • It is durable. 

  • It has excellent value and components.

  • Drag isn’t easy.

08.  Piscifun Torrent Spinning Rod with 2 Tips

It provides smooth casting performance. It is the best bass fishing rod and reel combo 2021. An oxidation-coated guide is a spinning rod for bass that minimizes the friction between the fishing line.

This rod has a super comfortable handle. The line guide is also made of stainless steel that is super smooth, stable, and durable. All the components together bring super value to your experience. Piscifun Torrent series spinning rods are two tip rods available in peer from ultra to medium-heavy light

The power transition is consistent and smooth throughout the also has two hook keepers, one at the front of the nose cone and the other at the back for the foregrip.

Key features of Torrent Spinning Rod

  • This best bass spinning road is versatile, ranging from 6″ to 7’6″ in length.
  • It consists of a graphite reel seat, making it a more durable option.
  • That gives the fisherman an excellent and comfortable grip.
  • The gear is noise-free.
  • Its style is ambidextrous.


  • It has good construction and design.

  • The strength is super reliable.

  • The fishing reel has all the specifications needed for good fishing.

  • It has unique features.

  • It can’t be equipped with a heavy rod. 

09.  Sougayilang Fishing Rod and Reel Combos,

The Sougayilang Fishing Rod is the best bass fishing rod and reel made up of a comfortable cork grip that provides a light and comfortable grip. The construction of a fishing rod plays a vital role in fishing. This rod’s structure is excellent and compact.

 The graphite material makes this rod an excellent option for use in different circumstances.

This bass rod and reel come in the form of a kit containing all the equipment required for enjoying your fishing experience. The adjustable butt section makes it an appropriate option to buy. It is considered one of the best spinning combos for bass.

Key features of the sougayilang fishing rod and reel

  • It’s a two-piece rod with ultra-power light. It’s made up of durable stainless-steel guides.
  • The bass spinning rod graphite construction makes it a strong yet lightweight rod. That provides you with an incredibly unprecedented fishing experience.
  • The reel and gears are super smooth.
  • The size is incredibly versatile as it ranges from 5’6″ to 6’00”.


  • The cork provides a comfortable grip.

  • The two-piece rod has ultra-power.

  • The graphite makes it durable.

  • The reel is too small.

10. Zebco Roam Spinning Reel and Fishing Rod Combo


Roam spinning rods offer a broad range of bold colors considered the best bass rod and reel combo 2021. The design is super comfortable and super lightweight. It is a great bass pro shop fishing rod.

The best bass fishing combo comfort grip technology gives you a solid grip handle. This product comes up with a warranty of one year from the manufacturing date. It is one of the best bass fishing rods and reels.

Key features of the Zebco roam spinning rod and reel

  • There is an aluminum spool, and it’s an ambidextrous rod
  • This rod is versatile so that you can use it for all types of fishing.
  • It’s made up of the Zebco Cajun line and fiberglass rod that is durable.
  • Its length is six feet, and it comes up with two rods.
  • The twist-lock reel provides medium power.
  • The moderate fast action makes it easy to catch fish species in water.


  • The look is incredibly cool.

  • It can be used for versatile purposes.

  • The material used in this rod is durable.

  • The grip and handle are super comfortable.

  • It is breakable easily.

How To Choose The Best Spinning Rod For Smallmouth Bass?

The middle point between a good fishing time and a lousy fishing time is mainly determined by the quality of your Best Spinning Rod for Smallmouth Bass. If you have the best bass rod, you can even make an awful fishing experience a good one with its enhanced performance and excellent quality.

So, it is a much more advisable way to buy a small fishing rod or bigger one after determining various factors and features, mainly through a buying guide. So, here is a well-organized and well-though buying guide for the best spinning rods for smallmouth bass that will guide you through when you will choose the rod for yourself: 

Material Composition

Material is an essential aspect of the quality of the best spinning rods as only if the material is durable and solid. So, a spinning rod is made if made up of several materials such as graphite, composite, and fiberglass. Fiberglass is a reliable and tough material; however, it can be a little bit heavy, affecting the spinning rod’s sensitivity. On the other hand, graphite is a much lighter material but requires more care.

The composite is a bit of both world, which is a great choice. So, you should buy a good fishing rod that has a little bit of both fiberglass and graphite so that you can get benefited from both without getting any damage. 

Spinning Rod Length 

Length is an essential feature of the rod as it determines how long you can cast your catch and expand your fishing. A longer fishing rod will allow you to last longer, while a mini fishing rod will be able to throw in a short distance. If you want to be more focused and precise, then a tiny length rod is a good idea, but if you’re going to achieve a more extended cast, then longer spinning rods are preferable. 

Spinning Rod Action 

Action is a specification of the spinning rod often quoted as fast, medium, moderate or slow action. Action describes how much the spinning rod will bend under the load of the fish. Fast action one turns at the tip while the medium one bends in the middle, and lastly, the slow one bends near the reel. The immediate action is stiffer, so you will only detect a light take on the hook.

 However, the medium and Slow one bend more and includes more power, which enables the rod to cast much further and firmly, so it is better to choose the best spinning rod with medium or slow action specification.

Best Spinning Rod for Smallmouth Bass FAQ 

01.What are the utilizations of a spinning rod?

The best spinning rod reel and rod combo 2020 is mainly used for the spinning technique. However, it is also used for another fishing and fishing technique which includes casting and retrieving lures. You can do various types of fishing with good spinning rods, such as bobber fishing, bottom fishing, live lining, ice fishing, surf fishing, boat fishing, and trolling. The best bass spinning rod is very versatile and diverse, enabling you to experience different fishing techniques and methods.

02.Can I use a conventional reel on a spinning fishing rod? 

The best spinning rod and reel combo is a rod built with a spine so that they are purposed to bend in one direction. So, if you want to use a conventional reel with a spinning rod, then there are higher chances of bending and reshaping the rod as it will distort the rod against the spine, resulting in breakage. So, using a conventional reel is not much of a good idea as it can affect the durability of the spinning rod. 

03.What is the spinning rod fishing technique? 

Spin fishing is a fishing technique in which you angle a spinning lure to entice a fish to bite to catch the fish. You can do spin fishing in freshwater and seawater, increasing its utilization. The main difference between a spinning rod and a baitcasting rod is that in a spin rod, there is no trigger attached to the base of the rod for catching the fish, while in a short baitcasting fishing rod, there is a trigger at the bottom. 

04.Is a spinning rod good for beginner-level anglers? 

Best Spinning rods is one of the most common and, at the same time, a popular type of fishing rod. They are especially very good for beginners, enabling an angler to long cast with light and convenient lures. Also, it is a very affordable fishing rod, which makes the person use it as their first rod.

The Final Takeaway 

The best fishing rod is the core part of fishing, so it is kind of your responsibility to choose the right one other than buying any random one. The best spinning rod is one of the most common fishing rods, which is remarkable in freshwater and seawater fishing. But, the most important is to choose the right rod with the best features and quality so that you can have the most perfect and exotic experience with it. 

This article will help you explore the best spinning rods for smallmouth bass so that you can choose the most suitable one for you. The best spinning rods for bass vary from each other on minor features such as price range, length, material, and others so that you still have the space to buy the one which is according to your fishing method and conditions. The buying guide will further convoy you through with the most essential features to look after while buying the rod so that there is no gap for any kind of mistake.