10 Best Rod And Reel Combo For Saltwater Pier Fishing Reviews

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Pier fishing is impressive if you know how to do it. A passion among fishermen for pier fishing is for the best rod and reel combo for saltwater pier fishing. Pier fishing is fascinating because it allows you to go away from the beach and prey species. You would not usually be able to catch these from the surf.


At that time, you must need the best deep-sea fishing rod and reel combo for a better Pier fishing experience. This post is for those new to pier fishing and who wish to get one of the best pier fishing rods.

We’ve examined many rods created for pier fishing. These have listed below the pricing, features, and value. Combining the best saltwater fishing rods 2020 with saltwater spinning reels enhances your value.

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What Size Rod Is Best For Pier Fishing?

Pier fishing rods around seven to eight feet in length are ideal for all-around pier fishing activities. In general, longer rods are better for casting but are less effective up close. However, shorter rods are better for jigging and lowering bait down vertically.

But make it more challenging to turn a large fish when it chooses to run underneath the legs of the pier.

Comparison Table Of Best Rod And Reel Combo For Saltwater Pier Fishing


Product Name



Calamus T1 Telescopic Fishing Rod

Brand Calamus
Material Fiberglass, 
Rod Length
6 Feet

Magreel Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Brand Magreel
Material Stainless Steel, Fiberglass, 

PLUSINNO Fishing Pole Fishing Rod

Color Full Kit with Carrier Case
Material Carbon Fiber

DRAGON SPORT Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

Item Weight 2 Pounds
Material Carbon Fiber

Sougayilang Fishing Rod Combos

Package Dimensions ‏ : ‎17.68 x 9.53 x 2.8 inches;

weight:1.21 Pounds

10 Best Rods And Reel Combo For Saltwater Pier Fishing

01.Calamus T1 Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Best Rod And Reel Combo For Saltwater Pier Fishing


Dimensions: 17.95 x 10.04 x 4.8 inches

Brand Name: Calamus

Material: Fiberglass, Aluminum, Graphite

Style D: Spin 7’0”- Moderate Fast- Medium-Heavy

Fishing Technique: Casting, Spinning

Rod Length: 7 Feet

We use graphite-made rod blanks to make Calamus Telescopic Fishing Rods. Lighter than fiberglass, graphite composite rod blanks provide a better balance and sensitivity. You can fold down this Shimano solora 2 pieces spinning rod to less than 17 inches long for easy travel.

You never know when you’ll run into a great fishing spot. That makes you wish you had a telescopic fishing pole with you. Always pack a fishing rod with you when you leave the house. The Calamus Fishing Rod Combo is small and light when you’re on the go. It will fit in almost any bag or luggage compartment, including overhead bins on airplanes and golf bags.

We built the Calamus Telescopic Fishing Rods using only the best materials. Use the best saltwater fishing rod and reel combo 2020 and Graphite Casting Reel Seats with a Trigger to keep fishing reels in place.

A 2 piece medium-heavy spinning rod is also included with each drop shot style hook keeper. In addition, high-density Eva Handles Provide A Stable Connection To The Angler’s Hand.

In addition to the 4+1 Ball Bearings, the Calamus Casting reel has the best two-piece saltwater fishing rods and an 8.8 lb. maximum drag.

Calamus rods are the best saltwater baitcasting rods for you. They include durable brass pinion gears. They also have lightweight graphite side plates for easy portability. Therefore, the calamus is ideal for long fishing days. It is because of CNC aluminum V-shaped spool, solid aluminum handle, and non-slip rubber paddles.

  • Stainless steel hooded reel seats.

  • High-density carbon fiber mixed with fiberglass.

  • Medium power.

  • EVA Grip.

  • Pricey.

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02.Magreel Fishing Rod and Reel Combo 

Best Rod And Reel Combo For Saltwater Pier Fishing


Dimensions: 17.8 x 6.97 x 3.35 inches

Weight: ‎0.56 Kilograms

Brand Name: Magreel

Material: Stainless Steel, Fiberglass, Aluminum, Graphite, Carbon Fiber, Metal

Size: 1.8m/5.91ft

Fishing Technique: Spinning

The excellent design of the Magreel Telescopic Fishing Pole makes it portable, friendly to hold, and highly effective. The reel seat is stainless steel on the 24T carbon fiber rod. We made the handle from EVA, which provides a solid, non-slip grip. At last, a protective cover for the tip is also included.

The Magreel Telescopic Fishing Pole is resistant to seawater corrosion. It is because of the 24T carbon fiber and stainless steel hooded reel seat. It is very comfortable to hold because the EVA handle is soft material.

The ceramic ring in the best Shimano saltwater spinning rod improves heat dissipation. In addition, people use stainless steel for both the line guide rings and guides. This best rod and reel combo for fresh and saltwater is solid and long-lasting because of its high-quality materials.

It is exceptionally adaptable and can catch various species, including bass, salmon, and trout, in salt and freshwater. Moreover, there are six sizes to choose from. When purchasing one, it’s essential to look for a saltwater fishing rod made of corrosion-resistant materials.

Magnet Telescopic Fishing Pole contains all the vital components of a fantastic saltwater fishing rod. Carbon fiber and stainless steel are famous for constructing this saltwater fishing rod. At last, you can prevent saltwater corrosion since it has all the essential elements.

    • Easy to store and carry.
    • Superior abrasion resistance.
    • Ergonomic design.
    • Comfortable and safe to hold.
    • It has a protective cap.
    • For both fresh and salty water.
  • Non-durable.

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03 – PLUSINNO Fishing Pole Fishing Rod

Best Rod And Reel Combo For Saltwater Pier Fishing


Dimensions: 16.5 x 6.1 x 2.8 inches

Weight: 0.79 Kilograms

Brand Name: PLUSINNO

Material: Carbon Fiber

Fishing Technique: Casting

Handle Material: Cork

Grip Type: Split

This telescopic rod is the finest on the market for this price. Plusinno is famous for producing inexpensive fishing gear. If we talk about the value of your money, this is the best saltwater spinning rod 2021. This is a fundamental piece of fishing equipment.

The plugin has a long history of producing innovative fishing rods for various applications. It is almost impossible to compete with this product. If you’re looking for a high-quality fishing rod, go no further than this product.

If you’re going on a fishing trip, camping, or vacation, this is the best rod for you. You will get a thrill from watching the rod shrink from 7 feet to about 20 inches! The rod’s stainless steel construction makes it ideal for use in saltwater since it resists corrosion.

Getting fish on the line is much easier now that the line outlet is smoother and easier to use. A carbon oxide wireline guide is available on a stainless steel frame with the rod.

When it comes to fishing rods, the ability to withstand saltwater is an excellent factor. Saltwater fishing may be safer and more enjoyable using a stainless-steel fishing pole. This model should meet your needs if you’re seeking a well-balanced rod with a soft grip.

The stainless steel hooded seats. The use of high-quality materials contributes to the chair’s long-term endurance. Another significant characteristic is the driving gear. It enhances the casting speed and reaches of the casting machine.

    • Fantastic starter kit.
    • Fiberglass rod with the excellent build quality.
    • HA 3000 reel provides a smooth, efficient reeling process.
    • EVA foam handle for comfort.
  • No separate carry case for the reel.

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04 – DRAGON SPORT Fishing Rod

Best Rod And Reel Combo For Saltwater Pier Fishing


Dimensions: 19.2 x 7 x 3.5 inches

Weight: 2 Pounds


Material: Carbon Fiber

Fishing Technique: Lure fishing

Hand Orientation: Ambidextrous

Firstly, you will not be sad with the Dragon Sport Fishing Rod. This Dragon Sport Fishing Rod is the company’s tradition of providing high performance at an affordable price. Moreover, we supply more than adequate resistance for largemouth and walleye. We deliver a powerful, smooth drag with a most tremendous tension of 13 pounds.

Saltwater anglers need a special rod and reel combination. We can catch fish because of the rod’s responsiveness and the proper balance of sensitivity and strength. We dedicate the power of a rod to the material and the amount of that material in its cross-section.

Medium-light power from the Dragon Sport Fishing Rod is plenty for trout and smallmouth. It is in fast currents, delicate methods like drop shot setups for bass, and even hard-fighting walleye. It is slightly stiffer than longer lengths of the same material and taper rod; the size also affects it.

At last, Dragon Sport Fishing Rod’s quick gear ratio and extra-large spool allow for a recovery rate of 32 inches per crank! In addition, crankbaits for walleye are no problem with this rod and reel set, which is a value for this rod at this price.

    • Excellent reel.
    • Good braking system.
    • Very smooth.
    • Sensitive, strong rod.
    • Expensive.
    • Stiffer.
    • Less capacity.

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05 – Sougayilang Fishing Rod Combos with Telescopic Fishing Pole

Best Rod And Reel Combo For Saltwater Pier Fishing


Dimensions:17.68 x 9.53 x 2.8 inches

Weight: 1.21 Pounds

Brand Name: Sougayilang

Material: Carbon fiber

Finally, we have the best inshore spinning rods under $100. It has low popularity but is still satisfying. So, you can use this best inshore spinning rod for saltwater fishing. But it’s also a flexible piece of equipment that you can use for freshwater fishing as well.

Telescopic fishing rods from Sougayilang can be fit various rod sizes and situations. It is because of the rod’s additional features. But, because of its versatility, length, strength, and longevity, we know it as the best saltwater fishing rods 2021. And its reel set is our pick for the best saltwater rod and reel set.

For telescopic fishing with Sougayilang, you have a choice between two different packages. A basic rod and reel set and a more comprehensive one provide excellent value. Despite its simplicity, this is a perfect starting fishing kit if you are looking for the best saltwater spinning rods for the money.

In addition to being extremely light and powerful for its size, the telescopic fishing rod is also resistant to corrosion. On the other hand, an EVA handle and other comfort features make it easier to hold and operate in slippery weather. But, You’ll also need a few extras like lures, leashes, and other essentials.

This best saltwater fishing rod and reel combo 2021 has the strength and durability to be a powerful piece of equipment. Because of this, we’ve announced it the best. The reel’s construction and components, such as stainless steel ball bearings and brass gears, are superb for the price. At last, cast control is one of the valuable options by default.

    • Easy to assemble.
    • Great build quality.
    • Value for money.
    • Two kit options are available.
    • Lightweight fiberglass rod.
    • Can handle larger fish.
  • Expensive.

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06 – Calamus T1 Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Best Rod And Reel Combo For Saltwater Pier Fishing


Dimensions: 18.31 x 10.63 x 3.35 inches

Material: Fiberglass, Aluminum, Graphite

Manufacturer: Calamus

Style: Moderate Fast- Medium

Fishing Line: Type ‎Monofilament

Fishing Technique: ‎Casting, Baitcasting, Spinning

The Calamus T1 Telescopic Fishing Combo is a must-have for beginner anglers or seasonal fishermen. They wish to travel light and efficiently with their fishing gear. These best offshore spinning rods provide all the tools you need for a wide range of various fishing scenarios.

Therefore, this fishing set shows that it can meet customers’ needs on all sides. You don’t need to buy any additional fishing gear with this lightweight kit, and you can carry this tote bag with you everywhere you go.

These are the best saltwater fishing rods for beginners built to function at the best possible price. Graphite composite rod blanks are more sensitive and lighter than fiberglass counterparts. A high-quality carry bag will shield your equipment from harm in the event of an accident.

Calamus selects high-quality Penn reels and casting reels to complement the telescopic rods. The spinning and casting combinations have stainless-steel ball bearings (4+1 for spinning and 5+1 for casting). It also has a machined aluminum spool, making them perfect for long fishing days.

Its excellent design is less than 17″ long when collapsed. It plays the most crucial role in the portability of the Calamus T1 Telescopic Fishing Rod. You can take the Calamus fishing rod combination with you on a trip in your backpack, suitcase, golf bag, or even on a motorbike.

So, keep a fishing rod with you at all times! A telescopic fishing pole can be convenient when you come upon an excellent fishing spot and wish you had one with you. We store the fishing rod in a smaller area at home when they are not in use.

    • Lightweight.
    • great spinning reel.
    • Easy to pack and travel.
    • Build quality.
  • Non-durable.

07 – Sougayilang Fishing Rod Graphite Carbon Fiber Portable Spinning Telescopic Fishing Pole

Best Rod And Reel Combo For Saltwater Pier Fishing


Dimensions: 20.2 x 3.5 x 1.5 inches

Brand Name: Sougayilang

Material: Graphite

Size: 5.91 Feet

Fishing Technique: Spinning

Sougayilang portable spinning fishing rods fold flat for simple storage and travel when not in use. We use stainless steel guides with ceramic inlays in these travel rods. They feature CNC machined aluminum reel seats, and three-point welded stainless steel guides.

You can deadlift 10 pounds using its 24-ton carbon fiber and E-Glass structure. This rod has a gorgeous appearance, as it is well-built and lightweight.

Due to its small packing size, it’s an excellent option for people looking for the best rod and reel combo for saltwater pier fishing. At last, it will undoubtedly help your efforts to catch fish quickly.

We can use the fishing rods made by Sougayilang for saltwater or freshwater fishing. They look excellent with any Sougayilang reels. These are particularly perfect for the needs of hikers and campers. Besides, we can fold up the rod and store it away in a small space for easy move and storage when not needed.

Fiberglass and carbon fiber make up the best surf fishing rod and reel combo structure, which provides both power and lightness. Aluminum reel seat, 3-point welded stainless steel, and ceramic guides make it corrosion-resistant.

In addition to the handle’s ergonomic and ceramic guiding rings, we enhance the rod’s grip using rings. Because of its high sensitivity, we can catch small fish using this fishing rod.

    • Lightweight and Portable.
    • Easy to use.
    • Real value for money.
    • Carbon shield for much higher strength and durability.
    • Excellent grip.
  • Unable to cast at longer distance.

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08 – Sougayilang Fishing Rod, 30 Ton Carbon Fiber Sensitive

Best Rod And Reel Combo For Saltwater Pier Fishing


Dimensions: 38 x 2.85 x 1.5 inches

Material: Carbon Fiber

Manufacturer: Sougayilang

Fishing Technique: Casting, Spinning

Handle Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

Firstly, we use carbon matrix blank technology in every Sougayilang Megalodon. Two-piece fishing rods, making them solid and objective. These fishing poles are the best saltwater fishing rod and reel combo for beginners.

We can use it for bass fishing, trout fishing, walleye fishing, salmon fishing, catfish fishing, or saltwater fishing.

We have an understandable and lovely Sougayilang telescopic fishing rod and reel set. The complete series is perfect for taking on the road or having on hand in case of an emergency. In addition, the telescopic design allows for one-piece performance.

With its maximum length, you can use the Shimano saltwater rod and reel combos on the pier, kayak fishing, and even trolling for medium saltwater fish. Finally, we can easily store telescopic rods in a small space.

It is because of their compact design, like car Trunk, boat hatch, or backpack. It’s not only that they’re more convenient to take with you while you’re on the go; they’re also more efficient in working.

Because of its versatility, length, strength, and longevity, this rod and reel set is our pick for the best saltwater rod and reel set. At last, you can use Penn rod and reel combo saltwater for fishing. But it’s also a flexible piece of equipment that you can use for freshwater fishing as well.

    • Special Spigot Joint Design.
    • Lightweight fiberglass rod.
    • Can handle larger fish.
    • The price range is excellent.
    • The price could be better.
    • Good for beginners.

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Best Rod And Reel Combo For Saltwater Pier Fishing


Dimensions: 62 x 4 x 1.5 inches

Weight: 0.5 Kilograms

Material: ‎Carbon, graphite, glass fiber

Manufacturer: Fiblink

Fishing Line Type: Pe line, braided fishing line, braided line, braid line

Fishing Technique: Trolling, Spinning

Handle Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

This one has a medium-fast action and a good balance as far as blanks go. Fiberglass is the latest material in its structure. If you’re looking for the best rod and reel combo for pier fishing at a reasonable price, go no further than this model.

The fishing pole has gotten lighter and more comfortable, but it still has a lot of power. Inexperienced anglers looking to catch tranquil fish in lakes and rivers with minimal currents should use this trick.

The backbone of the Fiblink rods is well-known. The price is worth it for the structural quality and endurance you receive with this rod. Moreover, it is possible to catch any fish size because of the ring mounts. Even if a fisherman just has a few hours with saltwater rod and reel combos Walmart, the weight isn’t a big deal.

It’s common for fishermen to question their rods because it’s one of the most eye-catching on the market. The blue-black-gold color scheme is eye-catching, and the design is modern. Graphite composite 1-piece rod blanks are available in this rod.

EVA foam is there to make the handle more friendly. Everyone likes saltwater rod and reel combo amazon deals because of their functionality. The black EVA foam is sturdy and appealing in a contemporary style.

    • A powerful and fast-action rod.
    • Big fish hunting.
    • The line does not get stuck in the guides.
    • Robust construction.
    • The rod has to be seriously handled.
    • Heavy enough.

Best Rod And Reel Combo For Saltwater Pier Fishing


Dimensions: 65 x 2 x 1 inches

Weight: 1.32 Pounds

Brand Name: ‎Fiblink

Material: Stainless Steel

Fishing Technique: Trolling

Handle Material: Ethylene Vinyl Acetate

With an E-glass, solid composite blank, and high-quality construction, the Fishing Rod is the best saltwater rod and reel combo under 100. It is a trustable and powerful saltwater offshore rod. It ensures that this rod is durable and provides the right amount of pressure when struggling with a large saltwater fish.

Aero glass construction and a fuji reel seat ensure that this trolling rod will survive for a long time to come. Finally, you can relax that this rod will endure a long time because its high-quality materials and EVA foam handle give you a sturdy grip.

Additionally, this high-quality rod features an aluminum alloy reel seat. It helps keep the reel in position and avoids corrosion. As a result of its foregrips and EVA foam handles, this casting rod saltwater rod and reel combo have a tight grip. It also eliminates pressure on the line and the user’s hands.

This is a strong fishing rod for trolling massive fish from a boat. Carbon fiber and fiberglass make up the blank. In addition, we made the roller guides of stainless steel, which is resistant to corrosion. It also lowers friction, making for a more pleasant fishing experience. Even if you have damp hands, the EVA handle will be easy to grip.

    • Aluminum reel seat.
    • Corrosion-resistant.
    • Easy Grip.
    • Stainless steel hoods.
    • Two-piece design for easy movement.
  • Stiff enough.

How To Choose The Best Rod And Reel Combo For Saltwater Pier Fishing

What makes you stand out from others in pier fishing? What should you look for in a pier fishing rod? These are reasonable questions, and we’ve got answers to these. Heavy-duty deep sea fishing rods with a quicker action are ideal. The fishing rod is an essential piece of equipment if you plan for Pier fishing.

The best rod and reel combo for saltwater pier fishing must have multiple pieces. Attaching a string to a pole is a thing of the old times. Every model is more modern than another. These are some of the most important things to keep in mind when choosing your pier fishing rod.

●    Size

Its length from the grip/handle to the blank’s tip determined the rod’s size. There is no “right” or “wrong” length, only what works for you. But there are some rules. Pier fishing rods are usually 6-9 feet long.

A longer rod helps an experienced angler keep a battling fish from swimming beneath the pier. There are lovely best 2 pieces casting rod equipment for launching larger fish. But not great for close-up use with other people and a pier rail.

More controllable and comfortable in “tighter” spaces. They’re also great for lowering your line rather than casting it. Find the best saltwater fishing rods and reels that will help you play.

●    Type

The best saltwater spinning rods will bring convenience when you’re out on the pier, so make sure to get one. The guides on best saltwater rods under $100 lie near the bottom of the blank, making them easier to cast. Moreover, you need to understand your experience level and the nature of a place you want to go for Pier fishing. One of the best saltwater spinning rods under $100 is essential to consider when going out.

The line’s pressure presses down on the guides while you’re reeling in a fish, which is a nice feature. The best Spinning rod is also constructed to accept spinning reels. Usually, the best saltwater fishing rods under $100 come with a reel seat intended for spinning reels.

●    Power Capacity

Pier fishermen often use a medium-power rod with a medium-to-high breaking force. Because of this, they can target the vast majority of the fish species that gather near a pier.

But, if you’re fishing for a particular species of fish, you can go ahead and get a rod with a higher power rating to match your needs. As a general rule, the larger the fish you’re after, the greater the amount of electricity you’ll need.

●    Material

Fiberglass, carbon fiber, graphite, or a mix of these materials make most fishing rods these days. No specific material is more suited to pier fishing than another. Yet, each saltwater fishing rods and reels model has its own set of advantages and disadvantages.

You should also consider other rod characteristics. It includes power and motion while considering your alternatives. At last, the material significantly impacts these characteristics, but there are no fixed rules for you.

Best Rod And Reel Combo For Saltwater Pier Fishing (FAQs)

1. What Is The Right Time To Fish Off A Pier?

Usually, fishing is best before dawn and the first hour or two after sunset. Before sunrise and the first hour or two after sunset is essential.

2. How Many Rods Do I Need For Pier Fishing?

To begin, you’ll need a medium-light spinning rod and reel that’s 6ft to 6.5ft in length and spooled with a 10lb mono or 20lb braided line. At the very least, you’ll require three fishing rods and reels. You can use it for jigging, pompano, Spanish mackerel, whiting, and other small game fish


The reviews we’ve provided here are for your help. So, you can make a good decision and start playing right away. Ultimately, some best saltwater spinning combo has many features that make it ideal for open-ocean fishing.

Even more fascinating is that it has a set of qualities that you can use for other fishing initiatives. In other words, you’ll get a lot of bang for your buck with these versatile fishing rods.

You may not want to use a light and sensitive graphite rod to rest your rod on a pier all day. But a fiberglass rod can withstand a lot of punishment without losing its sturdiness.

Considering rod and reel combo reviews, the Sougayilang fishing rod with a telescopic fishing pole is our best pick. Maybe, your choice is different because of your expectations or requirements. I hope you find your best rod and reel combo for saltwater pier fishing from the above-mentioned unique products.

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