The Best Perch Rod Review & Guide 2022

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Today we will discuss Best Perch Rod. There are different types of fishing based on several factors like climatic conditions, water level, and place. At the same time, there is a variety of fishing like ice fishing, regular fishing, freshwater fishing, saltwater fishing, etc. One among them is Perch Fishing.

Perch fishing is catching a fish called perch. Perch species are found in Europe, Asia, Kazakhstan, North America in ponds, lakes, rivers, and streams. If you are a perch fishing person and want to know the best rods for perch fishing, this is the right place.

A special type of perch rod is using; this article will provide you with the top 10 best perch fishing rod. Here you will also get a valuable buying guide about perch fishing rods, so perch fishing lovers continue reading to widen their knowledge and buy the best perch rods. 

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Which One Is The Best Perch Rod

You were planning to enjoy your spring or summer with your family and friends. Is fishing on your list or at the top of the list and wondering what type of fishing would suit this time of the year.

If you live in Europe, Asia, and North America, and have lakes, streams, and rivers, remember to buy a perch fishing rod without a movement left head early in the morning to a water body near you.

With all the entertainment in mind, it is also time to decide to buy rods for perch fishing. Don’t worry; we’ve got your back with our 10 best rod and reel for perch fishing.

Each of these rods will provide you the best perch fishing rod setup with its unique features, design, performance, capability while catching – let’s aim – for the biggest perch to set records. 

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Comparison Table Of Best Perch Rod


Product Name



Fiblink Portable Travel Ice Fishing Rod

Brand Fiblink
Material Carbon Fiber
Color 26" Light

PLUSINNO Ultralight Winter Ice Fishing Rod

Color A-Ice Full Kit
Material Metal

KastKing Blackhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rods

Brand KastKing
Color Black
Fishing Technique

PLUSINNO Ice Fishing Rod

Color: Ice Rod Combo with Lures

EVA foam soft, Durable handles.

Cadence Spinning Carbon Casting and Ultralight Fishing Rod

Brand Cadence
Grip Type Split
Material Stainless Steel


Top 10 Best Perch Rod

Best Perch Rod

This best ice fishing rod for perch fishing is made out of carbon fiber, which is the reason behind the strong solid durability and transmission of casting power. These rods have a high sensitivity, and even the new fishers can understand the action. 

The solid carbon fiber will maximize the rod’s strength and be lightweight. The reels are making up of corrosion-resistant stainless steel hoods that can withstand any forces. The handle of the rod gives you a good grip in all conditions.

Key Features

● The Glass Carbon Fiber composite blanks

● The rod is light in weight.

● The guides are stainless steel; the lines flow effortlessly through them.

● The cork size and shape for that extreme comfort and solid grip.

● The rod comes with high-strength nylon plastic reel seats.

● Best experienced while retrieving the fish along with the line.

  • ● Cork gives a great feel.

  • ● Cork does not slide in hands, and it is firm.

  • ● The light spinning reel and rod are balanced well.

  • ● Lightweight.

  • The tip is stiff; hence the flexibility for faster action cannot be expected.

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02.PLUSINNO Ultralight Winter Ice Fishing Rod

Best Perch Rod

PLUSINNO is a brand that buyers most seek out. They create natural, lightweight, and excellent fishing equipment mostly brought by professionals. This Best Perch Rod gives the best durability and performance.

This should be the best perch ice rod for serious ice anglers. You will be able to feel the bite and the haul of the fish due to the fast action tip and high-quality fiberglass. This offers the best sensitivity for better performance.

The reel’s body of this best perch ice fishing rod is lightweight Aluminium. PLUSINNO’s best perch ice rods aluminum reduced the weight without sacrificing its strength and durability.

The grips are designing for a good gripping experience; the softest EVA and cork handle makes this best perch fishing pole have the best durability; they still managed to make it lightweight for convenience.

Key Features:

● The durable solid glass combines graphite and fiberglass.

● The ceramic guide is making out of stainless steel.

● Ceramic guides ensure no pop-outs and minimize the line slippage.

● It can be easily moving from right to left-hand without any tools.

● Has superior sensitivity and strength.

● Fast action tip.

● Comfort is not compromise with the ergonomically-shaped handle.

● The reels are easy to assemble and fix.

  • ● Lightweight and compact

  • ● Great rod for traveling

  • ● Worth for money, as it comes with lures and lines

  • ● Best rod for kids

  • ● The line that comes along with the rod is quite cheap.

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03.KastKing Blackhawk II Telescopic Fishing Rods

Best Perch Rod

One among the best brands for buying the best perch fishing poles and best perch fishing rods and reels. The rod is made up of graphite and an important point to understand is it comes in a variety of different lengths and actions. These differences give these rods the best versatility. Imagine you have different fishing needs; this will help you.

KastKing Blackhawk II is spectacular in look, especially for those telescopic fishing rods. The Blackhawk II comes with more improvements and features than the previous Blackhawk version. This is the rod that gives the natural feel to the hands.

Key Features:

● The carbon Matrix blank and solid glass tip gives the best results.

● Comes with maximum durability, sensitivity, and performance.

● The multiple line guides give the best performance while casting.

● The snug-fit ferrules provide good power transition.

● It is available in 14 lengths.

● The best option for travel is spinning rods and casting rods.

● Amazing design and balance.

● High-quality components are using such as the stainless steel line guides, graphite reel seats, and comfortable EVA handles.

  • ● We designed seasoned anglers’ needs.

  • ● Great strength, versatility, and resilience

  • ● Meet multipurpose needs.

  • ● It is convenient to use.

  • Nit durable.

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04.PLUSINNO Ice Fishing Rod

Best Perch Rod

This is the second-best ice fishing rod for perch in the PLUSINNO category. As already mentioned, this band is always most sought by anglers if they aim to buy perch fishing rods and reels that are natural, lightweight.

Also, have excellent quality and durability equipment. You can, without doubt, buy the best ice fishing rods for perch from PlUSINNO without hesitation as they give the best performance.

This feature enables it to make slower actions more durable and limber in its tip. EVA and cork handle provide the best balance and the most comfortable grip. The stainless steel guides with their inserts are making in ceramic to avoid the line getting stuck in the guides.

Key Features:

● The rods are lighter, softer, and more sensitive.

● The high-quality fiber gives the rod superior sensitivity.

● EVA foam soft, durable handles.

● The anti-winding tip and guide rings are made of ceramic.

● Smooth drag and anti-reverse system. 

  • ● Good medium powered rods.

  • ● Durable.

  • ● Great flexibility.

  • ● The best grip in the handle.

  • ● Not convenient for traveling.

05. Cadence Spinning Carbon Casting and Ultralight Fishing Rod

Best Perch Rod

The Candace perch fishing rods are made with carbon matrix graphite blanks that offer superior strength and sensitivity compared to other perch fishing rods. 

These perch fishing rods feature durable stainless-steel frames and a snug Fuji reel seat. They also have blank wrapped in carbon veil to enhance durability. This spinning rod offers two handle configurations. A carbon split grip using premium cork and a full grip using EVA.

It offers a distinctive two-piece design, making it easier to fit it into car trunks and boats. There are multiple lengths and power options to choose from. So, I’m sure you’ll find your match here, even on a budget.

  • Easy on your pockets.

  • Not very durable.

  • Feature 2 handle configurations.

  • Not very durable.

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06.Calamus T1 Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combo

Best Perch Rod

These lightweight, sensitive rods can be brought down to 17″ long for travel. It is making up of graphite, therefore a very good option for fishing. All the parts of these rods are made only in high-quality components. 

To keep the fishing reels securely in place, the calamus telescopic rods come with lightweight graphite spinning reel sears, and the same material is also used for the casting reel seats. The amazing brass main gears are made to deliver the best reliable performance and durability for life long.

Key Feature:

● Calamus fishing rods come with the best fishing combo.

● Telescopic rods can be expanded while fishing and collapsed.

● Easy to travel.

● The reel has unpredictable power.

● Most importantly, it is easy to pack.

  • ● Great truck set

  • ● Can cast well for a spinning reel

  • ● Has smooth retrieval

  • ● It comes with a cool briefcase.

  • ● Delicate rod.

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07.KastKing Compass Telescope Fishing Rods and Combo

Best Perch Rod

The second in the Kastking compass telescope fishing rod series. KastKing fishing rods are usually the most bought fishing rods when it comes to the best perch rods and reels, and of course, it is the Best Perch Rod.

This is the best travel fishing rod for active angles, and these rods can be broken down to as far as 17″, therefore compatible for travelers.

These fishing rods are made out of durable graphite composite rod blanks, making the blank light-sensitive because the graphite blanks are lightweight compared to rods made out of fiber. The best factor about KastKing is they are designed to meet the needs of the fishers and anglers. 

They come in both spinning and casting models in various lengths. All you have to do is choose the one that suits you the best. Kastking never compromises on quality; only premium components are used.

Key factors:

● The reel seats are kept in place with the lightweight graphite reel seat.

● The butts are fitted with the EVA fitting butt.

● The machine spools are made in aluminum for longer casts.

● Built-in line keepers ensure the control of lines while traveling.

● For a sure and strong grip, the handles are made of aluminum.

● Comes with a rubber paddle for a strong grip.

  • ● Best for traveling

  • ● Lightweight

  • ● Value for money

  • ● Best durability

  • ● Good materials

  • The joints are not very strong.

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08.Telescopic Fishing Rod And Reel Combos

Best Perch Rod

This telescopic fishing rod and reel combo is one of the best rods for perch fishing in the Amazon category. First, the fishing rod is made up of graphite to make the rod lightweight, giving great flexibility and long-lasting durability. 

Salt-water you need not worry about anymore; this rod is completely rustproof. There are 4 ceramic ring guides, and these allow less heat formation as it lowers friction on the line. The soft EVA handles provide the best grip and comfort.

The best feature about this is the smooth spinning reel with the most amazing drag system. It can pull up to 15.6 kg capacity fish, and you never feel that it has lost its smoothness.

Key Features:

● This is the best graphite telescopic fishing rod.

● Graphite rod to give durability and flexibility.

● Rustproof rods for that saltwater fishing.

● Smooth spinning reels to bring back the beautiful perch onshore.

● Traveling in mind and thinking about contactable rods, this telescopic rod is for you.

  • ● Beginner-friendly kit.

  • ● The whole kit includes a lot of amazing stuff.

  • ● Best Value for money.

  • ● Handle the tip carefully, and it is prone to break.

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09.Tailored Tackle Universal Multispecies Rod and Reel Combo

Best Perch Rod

This unique fishing rod is the best perch fishing reel and rod for those idle to catch big and small fish. Dreaming of catching perch and other fishes like Panfish, Bass, Red Drum, Striped Bass, and Walleye, this is the idle one. 

The spinning rod has that strong backbone to bring those big fishes to the shore without much of a problem. An important noticeable feature of the spinning wheel is that it can be turned right and left.

Experts designed this super beginner-friendly rod to give you the joy of catching various fish in one single rod in different conditions. It also gives the experience of premium rods with superb durability.

Key Features:

● The most versatile unique fishing rods.

● Multipurpose fishing both in freshwater and saltwater.

● An idle medium rod that has fast action power.

● Can turn the spinning wheel from right to left as per your comfort.

● Versatile fishing rods.

● Experts design them for both beginners and professionals.

  • ● Best Value for money

  • ● Both beginner and professional friendly

  • ● Super lightweight rod

  • ● Highly responsive in most situations

  • ● The reels can give out.

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10.Pflueger PRESS President Spinning Reel and Rod

Best Perch Rod

The last category is, yet this one is also the best rod and reel for perch fishing. The ball bearing is stainless steel; therefore, one needs not to worry about corrosion. The spool can be directly tied to the braid-ready spool.

The material is made up of aircraft aluminum metal. If you want extreme durability, this is the right fit. The guides are also made in stainless steel, so even the guides are protected from corrosion.

Key features:

● Braid-ready spool.

● The body and rotor are completely made of graphite.

● Ball-bearing made out of corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

● The drag system is completely sealed.

  • ● Sharp and fast hook sets

  • ● Smooth and light reel

  • ● Light tips with the backbone to catch big fishes

  • ● Rods do not have the required quality.

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