The Best Mini Fishing Rod Review & Guide 2023

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Fishing rods play a key role in reliable and smooth fishing. They help the fisherman to reach their target in no time. Thus, best mini fishing rod play a significant role in this process.

Mini fishing rods are easy to carry and used by non-professionals. Suppose you are not an expert. And you want to go fishing with family or friends. Then these mini fishing rods will help you a lot.

Nowadays, there are many different types of mini fishing rods. They have other names like mini pen fishing rods, pocket pen fishing rods, etc. They are of different lengths and materials. Here is the list of the top 10 best mini fishing rods.

Why Do We Call Mini Fishing Rods Slow-Action Rods?

Mini fishing rods or pocket fishing rods are famous as slow action rods. This is due to their ability to bend. These rods have the tendency to turn, which makes them work slow when thrown inside the water. Also, while taking out the species from the water.

This bending and slow action of these rods make them unique. It helps to create fascinating scenes and beautiful moments. People and the fisherman himself can observe the whole charming scene. The bending property of the rod relies on the material used.

The length of the rod is also significant. So, while buying the rods, make sure to buy them with the suitable material and size to enjoy the whole fishing experience.

Here are the details of the top 10 best mini fishing pocket rods and their features, pros, and cons.

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Comparison Table Of Best Mini Fishing Rod


Product Name 



QINKEWUYU Mini Fishing Rod and Reel

Item Weight 0.54 Pounds
Material Aluminum

YOGAYET Mini Ice Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

Brand Yogayet
Color Black
Material Aluminum, Fiberglass

Lixada Fishing Rod and Reel Combo 

Brand Lixada
Color Black
Material Fiberglass

Vkissdress Small Fishing Rod

Package Weight
‎0.42 Kilograms
Brand Name

PLUSINNO Kids  Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

Black Handle with Bag
Material Aluminum, Plastic,

01.QINKEWUYU Pocket Small Stainless-Steel Elastic Fishing Poles and Reels Combo

Best Mini Fishing Rod

Aluminum Alloy is used to making QINKEWUYU mini pocket rods. They have a length of about 34-42cm. It is susceptible and stable. The combination of the aluminum alloy makes it easy to use and handle. The handle is very durable and provides a firm grip while fishing.

The elastic nature makes the mini fishing rod easy to handle. Thus, an un-experienced non-specialist can simply operate it and enjoy fishing. You can use it for rafting, ice fishing, etc.

The net weight of this product is about 0.54 pounds which makes it easy to carry and the best traveling partner. Besides these features, copper and aluminum alloy make the rod’s reel. Copper and aluminum alloy makes the reel smooth. It becomes efficient to use for a newcomer.

Why Should Buy It?

  • Easy to handle due to its elastic nature.
  • Affordable price
  • Easy to carry (light-weighted)
  • Suitable for both left- and right-hand users.
  • Covers less space due to small length.
  • The best combination of elastic and rigid material
  • Have a solid and smooth grip.
  •  Made of stainless steel means, it is free from rusting
  • Best choice for beginners.
  • We can use it for ice fishing, raft fishing, sea fishing, etc.
  • It can be the best gift for a beginner who is a fishing lover.

Why Should Don’t Buy It?

  • Not suitable for long-distance fishing
  • Not ideal for larger species
  • Not recommended for expert and experienced anglers.

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02. YOGAYET Mini Ice Telescopic Fishing Rod and Reel Combos

Best Mini Fishing Rod

YOGAYET fishing rod is comprised of Aluminum and other materials like fiberglass. Combining these two makes this mini fishing rod free from rusting and corrosion. Its reel is very smooth, like blowing wind, and we can operate it quickly and effectively.

Fiberglass in this mini fishing rod helps in bending, and it flexes. This ability thus decreases its speed. Low speed provides a beautiful scene while using it. We can observe an attractive and eye-catching moment.

The length of the YOUGAYET mini Ice rod is about 39.0,38.0 inches. You can fold this fishing rod up to 8 inches. It is small handy, and you can store it in small pockets, like a briefcase, bag pack, and within your pocket.

This mini fishing rod is light weighted and thus can be easily carried and handled by beginners. A great variety of fascinating colors is available for this mini fishing rod. Therefore, it is an excellent combination of beauty and quality for beauty lovers and those looking for something workable, efficient, handy. Along with the heartwarming colors then, this product is a good option.

Besides all the features and benefits, this mini fishing rod is not the only thing in this kit. This kit contains a beautiful pocket fishing rod and a fishing box fishing reel. The fishing line is about 20m long.

Why Should Buy It?

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • Available in different-catching colors. They include black golden, purple-green, and many more.
  • Best for non-professionals
  • You can carry it in a bag pack or in small pockets
  • Rust free
  • Best for the use of Children

Why Should Don’t Buy It?

  • They are not recommended for professionals.

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03. Lixada Fishing Rod and Reel Combo Set 

Best Mini Fishing Rod

This pocket fishing rod comprises a length of about 1 meter or 39 inches. Its length is more extended form. While in a closed position, its length is about 20cm.

Aluminum alloy and brass are used to make it, which makes it stable and stiff. Its reel is beautifully fixed between the two sockets inside the reel body.

The reel is smooth and contains two rachets for stopping and controlling the reel.

These pocket pen fishing rods are light in weight due to their composition of aluminum brass. It is also elastic. That’s why we can easily fold them into smaller lengths. Thus, we can store it in any small space like a pocket, briefcase, or handbag.

These provide a firm grip due to the enclosure of the reel between the two sockets. The forward and reverse rachet made it easy to use and handle the reel while fishing. As it provides separate control for the stop or floating of the string

This is a complete package. It consists of the reel, string or 25 m line, pocket rod. It also contains a box with fishing equipment like rubber tubes, hooks, floats, etc.

Why Should Buy It?

  • Affordable price
  • Light in weight
  • Easy to operate
  • Best gift for fishing lovers and kids
  • Highly stable reel with two rachets controlling the reel movement
  • The extendable rod helps it to fit in different spaces
  • Excellent traveling partner.

Why Should Don’t Buy It?

  • The color of the accessories within the box may not be the same
  • It can not bear a load of more than 1kg. So not recommended for larger species.

04. Vkissdress Small Fishing Rod

Best Mini Fishing Rod

A beginner fishing Rod is composed of a combination of different materials. Like ABS and EVA, Ceramics, glass fibers, and many more. Collectively, all these materials are responsible for their hardness and stability.

A fully extended Vkissdress mini fishing rod comprises a length of about 44 inches. While in the retracted state, it is only 12 inches long.

This product is specially designed to help beginners. It helps them to gain a great fishing experience. It is smooth to use and lightweight. Its Lightweight enables everyone to carry this mini fishing rod at any place and at any time.

The primary benefit of this mini fishing bar is that it contains a detachable frame. We can easily attach and detach the stand. This makes it easy for the user to carry it. Its flexible nature helps store this product in smaller, even the smallest spaces.

The handle is firm.‎Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene is used to make it. It provides a firm grip and is stable to use. Thus, it is an efficient product for beginners.

This rod set contains a variety of fishing accessories. Like, such as lead hooks, pins, loops, etc. The fishing kit consists of 2 T-tail fish, earthworm, cricket, and grass shrimps. These all help the user easily catch the fish as these are the best fish trapping tool.

Why Should Buy It?

  • Easy to handle
  • Cost-effective
  • Best for beginners
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Non-breakable.
  • Detachable reel

Why Should Don’t Buy It?

  • The size is small, so not suitable for fishing large species.

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05.PLUSINNO Portable Telescopic Fishing Rod, and Reel

Best Mini Fishing Rod

This product is specially designed for the kids to enjoy their fishing trips. For a kid, first-time fishing is great fun. If they can catch a fish at that time, that will be so fun. So keeping in view kids’ passion and their expectations with fishing, we have made this design.

 The mini fishing rod consists of a fishing reel. It works by spinning and makes it easy to control the reel for beginners and enjoy fishing.

This pocket fishing rod has a small size of about 3.9 feet. It is meant to be handled by little, soft and gentle hands.

The small size enables one to handle and operate it efficiently. It also helps store them in small spaces like kid’s bag packs.

This colorful gadget is only meant for children, and children of any age above three can use this product.

The fishing gadget and the combo consisting of the Pocket fishing pole, spin reel, and fish line. Fishing accessories along with a cute bag pack are also present.

Why Should Buy It?

  • Compact and Stable ‘
  • Easy to handle
  • Easily controlled by kids
  • Best for family trips
  • Suitable size to take for kids
  • Fascinating colors for kids
  • Short length and can be bent.

Why Should Don’t Buy It?

  • Not suitable for fish more than 2.5 kg.
  • It does not contain the case.

06.Mini Fishing Rod 1 Pack Portable Reel Combo Set 

Best Mini Fishing Rod

This mini fishing rod or pen fishing rod is suitable for fishing beginners. People can use it in areas where they cannot take long fishing rods. They can use these for fishing in micro poles. It contains tiny fishing reels. The length is about 38 inches.

The material of these mini fishing rods is Aluminum alloy fiberglass. It makes it lighter in weight. It is easy to handle. These two materials provide a firm grip over the handle.

The rod reel contains the forward and reverses two rachets. Reel combines the two rachets. These two perform the function of stopping and dragging. And thus, these rachets are responsible for controlling their emotions.

This product is reliable for use, and one can control it quickly due to its light-weighted nature. This product is a good choice if you are a newcomer and want to go fishing in mid of river on a boat while enjoying the cool breeze. Or if you’re going to go to Iceland and want to enjoy the chilly weather and the fishing activity.

The pen fishing rod is a long-term partner having a long life than normal ones. It can be your partner life long.

Why Should Don’t Buy It?

  • Smaller length
  • Compact
  • Durable
  • Corrosion Free
  • Stable and withstand a little weight
  • Light-weighted
  • Affordable price

Why Should Don’t Buy It?

  • Avoid the forceful attachment and detachment of portable reels. Once it loses its grip, we cannot restore it. 
  • There is no variety in length.

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07. CONUBL 1 Pcs 1.8/2.1/2.4/2.7m Carbon Fiber Telescopic Mini Fishing Rod

Best Mini Fishing Rod

Fishing is a great fun activity for kids, adults, and older people. This product is the best choice to increase the fun and provide you with a great fishing experience. It is easy to handle and easy to carry in a small space to take whenever and wherever you want to go fishing.

These mini pocket fishing rods are best to use because there is a variety in their length. One can order the mini fishing rod of his own choice according to his own need and capacity.

It is the lightest in weight and is about 120grams. But it has the quality to lift heavyweights. It is flexible, and we can fold it to its shallow length.

It is easy to carry it to different areas for fishing. For these two qualities, you can use them yourself or can gift them to your near and dear ones so that they can also enjoy fishing smoothly and joyfully.

It comprises a material, i.e., Carbon fiber. The body of the rod is finely polished by paint. It makes the rod appear so attractive. The carbon fiber provides strength, stability, and durability to pen fishing rods.

Why Should Don’t Buy It?

  • Lightest in weight
  • Variety of lengths according to your choice
  • Durable and easy to handle
  • Strong enough to carry heavyweights

Why Should Don’t Buy It?

  • Only for uni-sex adults
  • Only Fishing rod without any fishing accessories
  • A bit costly as compared to others due to its different distinguishing features

08.1pc Mini Fishing Pole, Pocket Fishing Rod, 

Best Mini Fishing Rod

Friendly joy Brand launches this product. It consists of an Aluminum body. This element has made it the lightest pocket fishing rod. The net weight of a pocket fishing rod is about 113grams.

It is small in size light in weight. It has a portable structure, making it a traveling partner as it can easily fit into small spaces. Thus, it is easy to take it in a bag pack or a briefcase from one place to another.

This rod is effective for fishing by sitting in a boat or at the seashore. It is easy to carry easy to handle. The most important thing is it can be the best choice for beginners. Professional or skilled anglers can also use this mini fishing rod.

Everyone and anyone can use it easily. Anyone can understand its working. They can enjoy a great fishing time with friends and family.

This product is reliable and cost-effective. It can be the best gift for friends, family members, and neighbors. You can also choose it as a birthday gift or any occasion present.

Why Should Don’t Buy It?

  • Light in weight, i.e.113 grams
  • It can be easily handled being a high-end tool.
  • Best for beginners
  • Corrosion-free
  • High durability
  • Best for use in saltwater and freshwater.
  • Easy to carry and excellent for traveling

Why Should Don’t Buy It?

  • Not recommended for kids.
  • We cannot use it for heavy species.

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09. LZQDM Portable Pocket Telescopic Mini Fishing Rod

Best Mini Fishing Rod

This product belongs to the brand LZQDM. It provides you great, joyful, and full of exciting fishing experience. Its metal body has made it suitable for use in water. It is rust-free and also it is corrosion-free metal. So, you need not worry about your product while using it in water as water may not cause any rust or corrosion over it.

Stainless steel is the material of choice for the handle. Thus, making it a suitable mini fishing rod which for efficient use. It provides a firm grip and is comfortably preventing the slippery surface. This is a drawback in the case of different fishing rods.

Corrosion-free and rust-free qualities have increased its life span. You can use it for a more extended period.

These mini fishing rods are pen-type, and you can place them in your pocket and go anywhere for fishing for fun. Its folded length is small enough to put it in a bag, but in the extended form, it is about 1m.

Why Should Don’t Buy It?

  • Lightweight
  • Corrosion-resistant
  • Nonslippery handle along with stainless steel
  • Easy to carry as you can fold it into such a smaller size which can easily fit within a pocket
  • Rust resistant
  • Best for beginners because it is easy to handle.
  • Long term partner due to high stability and durability

Why Should Don’t Buy It?

  • Expensive than others
  • Not recommended for children under the age of 12 years.

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10.MOUMI New Fishing Rod Super Hard Mini Fishing Rod

Best Mini Fishing Rod

MOUMI fishing rod or mini fishing rod is a great fishing rod that is small and handy. It gives the user a variety of lengths they wish to use. The size of this pocket fishing rod ranges from 1m to about 2.1m.

The length of the rods is different. Thus, there is a visible difference in the size of their parts, like Shrink length, diameter, yuan diameter, etc. 

We can go fishing in different areas by using this product. The main areas include lakes, rivers, and ponds. Mini fishing rods are flexible. You can fold them into the desired length. Then you can place them in your bag pack and go fishing.

The material for the ring of the rod is ceramic. At the same time, Eva provides the grip for holding. These two give a firm grip while fishing.

Why Should Don’t Buy It?

  • Have variable lengths according to the need
  • The handle provides a firm grip
  • Ranges from small to large depending upon the size of your order
  • Easy to handle
  • Light-weighted
  • Beginners and experts can easily use it
  • Best for fishing at rivers, ponds, and seashores

Why Should Don’t Buy It?

  • No fishing accessories
  • Costly as compared to other mini fishing rods


How To Choose The Best Mini Fishing Rod Buyers Guide

Suppose you are a fishing lover and a beginner. Then you need something which can help you in fishing. For this reason, you must need fishing rods that are small in size. They must be lighter, easy to carry, and easy to handle. Mini fishing rods are an effective tool to help a joyful newbie fish. These pen fishing rods are of different types based on their material and length.

Suppose you want to make your fishing experience reliable. Then you must keep in mind a few key features when purchasing a pocket fishing rod.

Two things much matter when buying the best pocket fishing rod.

  1. One thing is the material which describes the quality of the product.
  2. While the other is the length of the rod.


 For the best fishing experience, the material of the rod must be flexible from the top so that it may not break during fishing. For this reason, fiberglass is the best material for forming fishing rods. Carbon fiber and graphite fishing rods are also important. These rods are light in weight and are easy to handle.

These pocket rods are best for smaller species. Because they have the property of bending at the butt region, these are famous as light rods. The rods like this are best for beginners.

Graphite rods are lighter in weight. They are more sensitive than the other two. But fisherman, in most cases, prefers composite rods. These are a mixture of fiberglass, graphite, and carbon.

Composite rods have the properties of graphite as well as fiberglass. So, the people who wish to carry the lightest and most sensitive fishing rod use Graphite rods. Those fishermen of the intermediate level go for the composite rods.


Sizes and lengths of fishing rods vary. A pocket fishing rod or pocket pen fishing rod’s length is entirely determined by its material. Rods are small, making them easy to carry.

Many people travel with a pocket fishing rod because of its short length. Due to its smaller size, it is easy to carry and handle, especially for beginners. Let’s say you’re traveling far away.

There is already a lot of luggage with you. As the standard fishing rod will take up a lot of space, you hesitate to bring it along. If you use a mini pen rod, you can also enjoy the journey and fishing.

A fishing rod should have the following features. It is also important to take into account the other two factors when choosing the best rod.

The shape

The most common rod handles come in two shapes. There are two types of grips: pistol grips and trigger sticks. Short and contoured, the pistol grip has a hook for your index finger. When it comes to casting accuracy and precise jigging movements, this type of handle is excellent. 

Trigger sticks are longer handles that allow you to cast with both hands. Battling larger species will enable you to cast farther than a pistol grip. The price difference between the two is not significant, so it just depends on your fishing style.

Best Mini Fishing Rod(FAQ’s)

02. Are These Mini Fishing Rods Suitable For Catching Large Water Species?

No, they can capture fishes or other water species to some extent. These are suitable for beginners. The second thing is they do not provide much tensile strength. So these rods are less stable, and you may experience a broken rod. Third, they are suitable for capturing small fishes up to 2.5 to 5 kg. This is due to the bending nature of mini pen rods.

03. What things should you keep in mind when buying a fishing rod?

When buying a fishing rod, you must consider its type. Therefore, you should pay attention to two things. Firstly, the fishing rod’s length, and secondly, its material.These materials are corrosion-resistant, so buy aluminum, graphite, or fiberglass rods. Materials made from these materials are highly durable.

Make sure the rod is the right length. The smaller the rod, the easier it is to handle. They are easier to operate than traditional fishing rods. You can easily take them anywhere.


Finally, we found out that pocket fishing rods are flexible and easy to carry. Anyone can use them easily. Beginners or kids can handle them easily. Fishing has become easy and enjoyable with these rods. Fishing can now be done anywhere as these rods are easy to fold.

Thus we can store these pocket fishing rods in the bag pack or simply in the pocket. You can take these mini fishing rods anywhere you like. This article contains a list of the top 10 best mini fishing rods. The above article also has its pros and cons

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