Best Japanese Fishing Rods Review & Guide 2022

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Toady we will discuss Best Japanese Fishing Rods. Most people consider fishing as a leisure activity. It is mainly associated with males of different ages. Fishing is exciting and helps in relaxing the mind after a long day. To get a memorable experience, you need the best fishing rods.

You all know the market is full of all types of fishing rods that are sometimes counterfeit. However, Japanese fishing rods always stand out compared to other brands. The good Japanese Fishing Rods come with several advantages. First and foremost:

  • These rods are light; therefore, there are more chances of catching something, including a non- predator.
  • They also give more tactile information of what is happening with the fishing lure manufacturers japan.

What Size Rod Do I Need For Fishing?

A short (6 feet or less) stick is great if you want to make short and accurate throws. If the focusing accuracy is not very critical, a tall bar (more than 7 feet) is appropriate. Dirty water and strong coverage are two situations where small accuracy is part of the recipe for success and a shorter stick can really shine.

Are Tenkara Rods Worth It?

Tenkara dry flies can comfortably fall at a distance of almost thirty-five meters. All this can be done with a fly rod or Tenkar rod. For me, the extra length of the Tenkara rod is the only big advantage for taut fishing, and it’s not worth selling.

It could not go further from the truth. Simplicity can also mean that you must rely more on technology than on equipment. It can be argued that Tenkara is more difficult than Western fly fishing. It is true that for many beginners, Tenkara is much easier.

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Comparison Table Of Best Japanese Fishing Rods


Product Name



DRAGONtail Tenkara Fly Fishing Rod

Brand DRAGONtail Tenkara
Material Graphite
Fishing Technique


Material Carbon Fiber
Color 13FT Tenkara Rod Kit


Uzaki Nissin Japanese Tenkara

Origin Imported
Brand Uzaki Nissin
Color Black×natural colors

Major Craft Benkai Fishing Rod

Manufacturer ‏ : ‎Major Craft


Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Fishing Rod

Brand Ugly Stik
Material Ugly Tech Construction Spinning

01. DRAGONtail Tenkara Fly Fishing Rod

 Best Japanese Fishing Rods

The Dragontail Tenkara is among the cheap Japanese Fishing Rods. Compared to other Tenkara rods, the Dragontail has high performance, which outshines most of them. The rod has a length of about 365cm, equivalent to 12 feet. The rod weight measures approximately 29oz.

The most outstanding feature about this rod is its light balanced feel and smooth action for a fantastic Tenkara experience. We recommend it for small streams to rivers with fish that are about 18 inches.

The Dragontail comprises high-quality materials 1M12 carbon fiber. The rod has a collapsed length of 23.25 inches and the handle length of 10.25 inches. The rod comes in various colors; however, the most common one is the Matte Black finish. Except for the logo section that has a gloss finish.

The Dragontail has a soft, smooth casting action to help you cast more naturally and accurately. Additionally, the rod comes with a soft knitted material that is thick enough to offer padded protection in case you decide to leave the hard case behind.

It makes it easy to remove and set aside without necessarily messing with strings or Velcro flaps. The handle design fits the hand more comfortably to reduce fatigue and offer more casting control. The camel hump-like shape provides you with more options for grip.

Another fantastic thing about this rod is it comes with a one- Time Rod Replacement. In case you accidentally break your Tenkara rod. 

  • he accurate cast is spot on.
  • It is light.
  • Both beginners and experienced anglers can use it.
  • The 12-inch length is challenging to use in a tight creek.

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02. ANGLER DREAM Tenkara Rod

 Best Japanese Fishing Rods

Another Best Japanese Fishing Rod is the Angler Dream. The Angler is made of 30T Carbon Fibre, making the rod light yet strong enough to handle medium-sized fish. It also has a cork grip that is AAA grade 11.9 inches. With this feature, it becomes comfortable to hold the handle.

The Angler Dream has 7:3 action and nine segments to enable the rod to give a lot of play and strong enough to provide it with the chance to fight with large fish. The handle of the Angler is designed in a way to fit more comfortably in your hand.

This feature reduces fatigue and gives you ample time while fishing. Also, it comes in a 21.55` collapsible length that helps you carry the rod easily by just putting it in the bag.

The casting of the rod is very smooth. What you need to do is move the rod back and forth to help the rod flex deep while fighting with fish to evenly spread pressure through the whole rod to the palm of your hand.

The Angler Dream is suitable for catching small wild trout but can also work well with large fish. We recommend it for both hikers and backpackers. 

  • Light but durable.
  • It has a quality cork grip.
  • Suitable for beginners.
  • It comes with extra features to get you started.
  • Good price point.
  • Experienced anglers may prefer an experienced rod.

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03. Uzaki Nissin Japanese Tenkara

 Best Japanese Fishing Rods

The Uzaki Nissin design satisfies all anglers while catching various types of fish in most freshwater. The rod is 11.8` at its extended length and 10’8 “short in size. The rod has the top diameter of 0.65mm while the bottom diameter of 9.8mm.

The handle of this rod is soft and made of foam that has a cork veneer look. The feature makes the rod suitable for people with more extensive hands. The handle butt is 9.mm2 in diameter.

The handle has a cypress wood grip to help hang onto the rod when you have struggled with the fish on the line. The Uzaki Nissin fishing rod weighs approximately 60g. It is a well, fully rod that is well controlled.

This rod type is suitable when fishing in small streams and not rivers. The reason is that The rod is only good without a reel. The Uzaki Nissin comes with a complete kit with a telescoping rod, some lines, and the tippet. The tippet is to attach the fly to the bar. 

This rod, however, is of high-quality artistry from the heart of Japanese fishing tackle  , precisely the birthplace of Tenkara.

Lastly, the rod comes with a plastic spool with a foam insert that you use to carry your line when not in use. The rod fits the spool on the end of the rod for easy storage.

  • High-quality artistry.
  • Lightweight.
  • It comes with everything to start fishing.
  • Only suitable in small streams and not lake.

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04.Major Craft Benkai Fishing Rod

 Best Japanese Fishing Rods

Bankai comes from a legendary Japanese hero who had the reputation of being solid and loyal.

The Bankai comes with a FUJI K series ring set. It comes along with Alconite Fuji ring liners. The modulated carbon blank from Tray gives fantastic feedback to the Angler and comes along with sufficient backbone to catch big fish.

The FUJI reels seat allows a firm grip and round with the EVA split grip. This rod is very classy. The rod comes in a length of 6’4 “. The Major Craft was created to stop the status quo for freshwater anglers.

The rod itself is versatile with unique features to present your lure the best it can be.

The rod appears simply beautiful, especially the carbon finish of the rods is top-notch. The blanks are lightweight with high modulus blanks that are perfect for stalking pike.

  • Very class.
  • Versatile.
  • Perfect for stalking pike.
  • Not durable.


05. Ugly Stik Elite Spinning Fishing Rod

 Best Japanese Fishing Rods

Another Best Japanese Fishing Rod is The Elite Spinning fishing rod. This model comes with increased strength compared to the former model. The model gives excellent performance for anglers of all levels. The Ugly Stik has added graphite of about 35% that offers magical strength and feel.

Secondly, the rod comes with cork handles that give you a firm and smooth grip for long hours of pleasant fishing. It also comes with a straightforward top design that responds to the slightest strikes. The design gives the rod added response and strength.

Additionally, the rod has a one-piece stainless steel Ugly Tuff guide that helps eliminate the insert pop-outs. This feature makes the rod easy to use.

The rod also comes with exposed style reel seats with stainless steel hood cushions that ensure the Best Japanese Fishing Reels stay firm. It also has a virtually indestructible blank construction with a combination of graphite and fiberglass.

Another fantastic feature is the rod is backed by a 7 –year warranty, so you don’t have to worry in case of a breakdown. The rod usually uses premium cork grips that give you a comfortable grip even during wet seasons.

  • Long-lasting.
  • Affordable.
  • An Excellent grip.
  • Flexible enough.
  • Can get corroded.

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06. Shimano Sojourn Spinning Rod

 Best Japanese Fishing Rods

The affordable Japanese Fishing Rods are those from the Sojourn line. The rods come with a custom-made look and other excellent performance features. First and foremost, the rear cork grip and the EVA fore grip usually contrast against the rod’s red and black color scheme. The two-color technique allows you to use both hands for better control,

The rod blank has a graphite composite that is lightweight and very durable. The rod has an excellent feeling in popular actions because of the cork strapped handle. This rod also has a 1-4lbs mono line capacity and aluminum oxide guides that make them stiff.

The Shimano Sojourn is a two-piece rod that makes transportation easy as you just put it in your car. The two-piece feature also allows you to store the fishing rod easily. 

The rod has ultra-light power that is the best action for anglers looking to fish the pan fish or trout. Moreover, the heavy action rods are best suitable for anglers chasing catfish and pike.

The rod has a variety of actions to meet the needs of different levels of anglers. For example, medium and medium-heavy rods are the best all-around fishing rods for beginners. They are also suitable for anglers working on a budget, yet they would love to fish for various species.

  • Light and graphite construction.
  • It has a multipurpose look keeper.
  • Accessible to transport and store.
  • It comes with a 1- year warranty.
  • Not ideal in case of a much structural integrity.

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07. KastKing Brutus Spinning Rods and Casting Fishing rods.

 Best Japanese Fishing Rods

Among the cheap Japanese Fishing rods is the KastKing Brutus Spinning Rod. This type of rod is known for its incredible toughness and durability, maintaining the performance that every Angler wants. The Brutus line Guides- Brutus components are as challenging as the rod itself.

The Brutus fishing poles are braid-ready suitable for the most challenging conditions compared to other competitive Japanese fishing brands. The guide frames comprise stainless steel that is resistant to corrosion. However, the tip-top guides are Zirconium oxide rings which are best for single fluorocarbon filament or braided fishing.

Under heavy pressure, the graphite reel seats hold the reels firmly even when exposed to heavy pressure.

The KastKing handles are durable and comfortable. The EVA handles on the spinning rod and baitcasting rod give all-day comfort. The EVA material also is easy to clean and doesn’t crack nor get cold when temperatures drop.

The Kastking has over 20 spinning and casting rod models in different lengths, actions, and power ratings. These composite blanks range in both spinning rod and casting rod models. Also, a Brutus rod is suitable for almost any freshwater or saltwater experience. 

  • Made from high-quality material.
  • Zirconium oxide feature is ideal for braided fishing lines.
  • The Chartreuse strike enables fishing even in low light conditions.
  • Sometimes it comes with some missing parts.

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08. Daiwa Megaforce Tele MFT

 Best Japanese Fishing Rods

The Megaforce comes in a redesigned form with an expanded range and improved components. First and foremost, the rod length is between 3M 9 (Approximately 5.91-9.84 feet). Their casting weight ranges from 7 to 25 grams ( approximately 2.47 to 5.29 ounces).

These rod types come with an oversized cork and EVA foam type of handles, titanium oxide guides, and graphite backbone. With the EVA foams, they make the rod comfortable and durable, while the cork makes your grip firm.

However, you get various features that you might probably not get in any other telescopic fishing rods. With the titanium oxide, the line guides are resistant to corrosion. This feature makes it suitable for both fresh and saltwater fishing.

The most outstanding feature of these rods is the handle. It is significant, and each collapsible part shorter than the rod. The rod offers you more leverage!.

Among the Best Japanese Fishing reels, the Megaforce has the reel seat with robust graphite construction. Just like any other rod, you can adjust to get different spinning reels. The handle areas are enormous to help accommodate both hands and support your hand. 

  • Best action at the tip.
  • Super lightweight.
  • Tough and long-lasting.
  • Easy to use.
  • Expensive.

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09. Daiwa BG Offshore Pilk Fishing Rod

 Best Japanese Fishing Rods

Daiwa BG Offshore Travel is another Best Japanese Fishing Rod. The Japanese fishing lure brands have spigot joints reinforced on them to help in easy transportation. Secondly, the rod comes with a reel seat that has a double nut.

The double nut is a plus because it helps prevent unnecessary loosening of the heavy reel. This feature, therefore, allows do away with the tedious readjustment.

The HMC + Carbon Fiber blank is another feature with distinct tip action and a strong backbone. If you target cod, coalfish, or halibut, this is a perfect feature for you.

The Daiwa BG Offshore has a length of 2.40M which is approximately 7.87feet. It also has a casting weight of 40 to 125 grams (about 141 to 4.41 ounces), while the surface of the BG rod has a spiral wrap, which makes these rods very strong. The spiral wrap also contributes to the amount of strength needed for use in rough sea fishing conditions.

The titanium oxide double leg guide is another feature found in these rods. Titanium is an excellent feature because of its propensity to spring back to its original form even it bends. The material is also four times lighter than other similar guides.

Lastly, titanium oxide is resistant to corrosion. The japan fishing brand also comes with an EVA handle, making it easy on your hands.

  • Strong and durable.
  • Tight and large handle.
  • Comfortable.
  • Affordable.
  • It needs buffering in case of head butts.

Buying Guide Of Best Japanese Fishing Rods 

Most people who take up fishing as a hobby usually overlook the type of fishing rod to use. Like any other item, rods can break depending on their strength and quality. However, choosing the best fishing rod should not give you a headache.

Therefore, look at a few tips to help you settle on the Best Fishing Rods.

Rod Length

Rod length is an essential factor to look at as it will help know which fishing rod to settle on. The sizes of the Best Japanese Fishing rod brands usually range between four to twelve feet. However, some people choose to customize the rods to fit their tastes and preference. One thing you need to know is different fishing requires different rod sizes. For example:

you Surf Fishing requires a longer rod. The sizes range between ten to twelve feet. More extended size is needed because of the distance necessary to throw the bait. Additionally, pick the length according to the type of fish you want to fish and your experience level.

For offshore fishing, usually, the fish are very cruel. Therefore, It is advisable to go for shorter rods while fishing these types of fish.


Japanese saltwater fishing rods usually come in different weights. The most common ones are the Ultralight, light, medium, medium-heavy, and extra heavy. Nonetheless, all these rods have their use. All factors held constant; the rod type depends on the Japanese lure brands weight and size of the fish.

It, therefore, means you cannot use a light rod with a heavy lure and vice versa. Additionally, light rods work best with light lines.

Having said this, it is clear that the weight of the Japanese fishing rods tenkara is essential.

Once you settle on the right rod power, then you also need to choose the Best Japanese Fishing Reel size to pair with. To achieve this, use the line rating to get a reel that has the same line rating.


Apart from the length and weight of the fishing rod, the material is also an essential factor to consider. Fishing rods come in a variety of materials, from wood to metal. Different materials have different qualities, for example:

Bamboo Rods: 

Rods made of bamboo are pretty exceptional. The best feature of bamboo rods is light water-resistant, and long-lasting. They come in different varieties, such as Tonkin Cane Calcutta and Madake.

Fiberglass Rods: 

These are highly recommended for beginners because they are affordable. They need little maintenance and come in manageable weight. Furthermore, they do not break easily.

Graphite Fiber

These fishing rods are more sensitive than fiberglass. They are stiff, robust, and durable. However, they require you to dig deep into your pocket to get one!

Rod curvature

The flexible curvature of the fishing rod should match the type of fish you want to catch. Choosing the right curve will help you catch bait and attract fish faster. Therefore, you can select bars with the corresponding curvature according to the purpose of use. For example, flexible rods are the best choice for catching small fish, while rigid rods are better for larger fisheries.

Rod Eyelet:

The rod eyelet is usually made of hard plastic, metal or peeled porcelain. These eyelets are perpendicular to the body of the attached rod. The number of stitches is equal to the length of the angle.

The guiding principles here are the 10 Best Japanese Fishing Rods to choose from.

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Best Japanese Fishing Rods (FAQ)

What is Tenkara Fishing?

This is a type of japanese fishing brands that uses long rods, fixed casting line lengths that are attached to the rod-tip, and simple patterns. Tenkara bamboo rod originated from the word Tenkara- tsuri, which means fly fishing.

02.Which Are The Best Japanese Tenkara Rods?

Some of the Best Japanese Tenkara rods are the Uzaki Nissin Prospec 2 way 6:4 Action Tenkara rods, Daiwa SEIRYU X Koucho 64 bamboo Tenkara rods, and the Uzaki Nissin Rod Tenkara Starter Set 360.

03.What Do You Look For In Best Tenkara Rods?

Before you settle on the Best Tenkara rods, here are some tips that will help you choose a quality rod.

Action or Flex
The action rating is about how the total length of the rod flees and how much the rod is stiff. For example, the 6:4 action rod has a 60 to 40 percent ratio of flex to the rod’s stiffness.

You need to know that the more extensive the action, the more backbone the rod will have. Therefore, if you are sourcing a rod to handle a large type of fish, you will go for a 7:3 action rod.

Rod Length
A good fishing rod should range from 4 feet to 14 feet. However, bass fishing rods have a varied length of 6 to 8 feet. All in all, longer rods cast longer distances while shorter rods cast shorter distances

The material of the fishing rods made in japan is an essential factor not to be left out. Earlier, the Tenkara rods were majorly from bamboo.

However, carbon fiber and fiberglass replace bamboo rods. Although some cheaper Japanese bamboo fishing rods  may be made of plastic material, we advise avoiding them because they are not durable.

Apart from the material, also consider a real cork handle if you need the best gripping action, especially when pulling bigger fish.

04. What Strength Line Should I Use?

Any high-quality line will do mostly 6 to 10-pound tests. You get more security for the 6-pound line without necessarily affecting the presentation.

For the 8 pound test, We assure you of a lot of pulling power. All in all, aim for more natural presentations for more hookups. More presentations are made easy by the use of thinner and lighter lines.

05.Where Can I Buy Japanese Fishing Rods?

Where to buy the rods is a factor to be considered. With the introduction of technology, good websites will meet your needs. Among them are:

Amazon Japan
Amazon Japan is a well-known website where you can get any item you require. The Japanese bamboo fishing rod are well defined on Amazon using either Japanese or English. You need to follow the steps of selecting the product and mode of payment.

The Sandbox has a service unit specializing in ordering original goods on Japanese websites. The link below will help you navigate through.


The Best Japanese fishing rods brand is from the Shimano Japanese lure companies. Having been in existence for over 100years, the company is known to produce rods suitable for freshwater and saltwater.

It has a focus on the low-weight yet robust setup. The Shimano is made of wood to make users feel comfortable. An incredible feature about the Shimano is its high heat resistance of about 100 degrees Celcius. 

Second to Shimano is the Daiwa. The traditional japanese fishing rod has unique features you want to check. The Daiwacompany produces high-quality rods that are pocket-friendly. The rod has coats of water-resistant material that give you a more extended service.

Make the right choice, and let fishing be an exciting experience depending on your pocket.

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