The Best Deadstick Ice Rod Review & Guide 2022

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Today we will discuss best deadstick ice rod. Fishing has a lot of variations around it, but the best one so far that attracts the anglers mostly is ice fishing. Ice fishing is the practice of catching fish through an opening on a frozen water body with a distinct fishing rod named ices fishing rod.

This sport has come a long way since the native peoples used this technique to find food. At the same time, modern ice fishing is mainly about sport and doing fun.  

Ice fishing is an epic way to explore different species and find new experiences, which is excellent for anglers. But first, you need to buy the best ice fishing rod to perform different ice fishing tactics and techniques.

Through this article, you will get the perfect set of information about the top 10 best ice fishing rods for northern pike, and also a buying guide is given in the article that will help you find the best one for yourself and set the proper buying standards. Also, it will provide you answers to what is the best ice fishing rod? And what is needed for ice fishing?

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Which One Is The Best Deadstick Ice Rod

Ice fishing is a great winter sport which makes you feel very active and enthusiastic in cold weather, more overly who does not want to have a good weekend with a lot of fishing activity for some great time with your loved ones.

Now, as per se, we know that the best fishing experience depends upon the quality and performance of your fishing rod. And for that, it is your job to get the best ice rod for pike fishing. 

Now, buying the best one can be a challenging task, but you will have no problem with our top listed 10 best ice fishing rods. Each of the ice rods from the list is an excellent one with spectacular features and extraordinary fishing capabilities.

You can choose any one of them without worrying too much. However, the best ice fishing rod is the snitch and the PLUSINNO one. But each one of these will definitely will live up to your expectations.  

Comparison Table OF Best Deadstick Ice Rod

Top 10 Best Deadstick Ice Rod

01.13 Fishing – The snitch – Ice Fishing Rod  

Best Deadstick Ice Rod

The snitch is a massive brand for the best ice fishing rods for northern pike; they are also the best sellers of ice fishing rods Amazon which is an approval of their product quality.

The 13-fishing snitch ice fishing rod is considered perfect for ice fishing techniques for any ice angler; whether they are an expert or just a beginner, it will suit them both effortlessly. 

The flex-core tip technology of the ice fishing rod for bluegills allows the angler to achieve effective bite detection and precise focus not only visually but also by touch.

This snitch ice fishing rod and the best spinning rod have a well-composed and solid construction that delivers you liability and authenticity. And This is why you will be ready for the ice season to catch some northern pike with a snitch ice rod in hand.  

Key features: 

  • The 13-fishing snitch ice best fishing rod has a length of 20 inches 
  • It includes medium power and medium action, which provides stability and balance.  
  • It weighs about 13 ounces which is relatively lightweight and portable  
  • The stainless steel makes it anti-corrosive and also protects it from a freeze-up  
  • The firm graphite material provides it the perfect strength and excellent backbone 
  • The handle is made up of premium cork, which provides a firm grip. 
  • It includes a lock-down reel seat providing more security and durability  
  • The flex-core tip technology makes it ultra-light and provides it with perfect sensitivity.  
  • Lightweight and convenient to carry.  
  • Durable and high-quality material. 
  • Ultra-light fishing rod . 
  • Very-well constructed.  
  • The handle has an excellent grip. 
  • Very secured and well put together ice fishing rod.  
  • The bending action needs to be controlled very well. 

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02.PLUSINNO Ice Fishing Rod, Ultralight, And Sensitive Ice Fishing Rod

Best Deadstick Ice Rod

PLUSINNO is one of the best ice fishing rod and reel combo out there when it comes to fishing rods, they have done an excellent job with all of their rod types, and ice fishing rod is just another one of their smash hits.

The new PLUSINNO ice fishing pole setup and rod and reel combo are now more sensitive, stronger, and lighter. Also, it is constructed with premium quality carbon blank and fiberglass blank, which gives it increased performance action and improved sensitivity.  

As we all know, that fish is not that active in cold and icy weather, so you require a valuable and practical ice fishing rod, and PLUSINNO delivers you with that. They aim to provide you with much more than you can imagine. It has the best lure for northern pike ice fishing. It is an excellent 2-piece fishing rod and a cheap fishing rod

Key features 

  • The PLUSINNO ice fishing rod has a length of 18 inches.  
  • It weighs about 5 ounces which is very lightweight 
  • The stainless steel with ceramic inserts gives it more smoothness and prevents a freeze-up. 
  • The ice fishing rod and reel combo are effortless to assemble.  
  • The fiberglass and carbon material combo are very durable and long-lasting 
  • The foam EVA handle grip is very soft and firm 
  • It has an immediate and smooth anti-reserve action.  
  • It includes medium power.  
  • Premium quality and very much affordable.

  • Great for backpacking and long trips. 

  • Durable construction.  

  • Great power quality.  

  • Improved performance delivery.  

  • The length can be short for a more extended casting technique.  

03.St. Croix Mojo Ice Fishing Rod

Best Deadstick Ice Rod

The St. Croix ice fishing rod mojo series is a high-rated product on Amazon and also very popular among the users.

With this best fishing rod and ice fishing rod model, they are still providing their customers with the best, and now the new mojo ice fishing rod has the classic and quality custom reel seat and the firm grip EVA handle. It is one of the best custom ice fishing rods in Minnesota

The ST. Croix ice fishing rod is a versatile product as you can catch a wide variety, northern pike being the highlighted one. It is the best ice fishing rod tip-up

Key features 

  • It has a length of 25 inches and weighs about 2 ounces. 
  • The power and action modes are very flexible in it. 
  • It includes a high-quality cork EVA split-grip handle  
  • It comprises lightweight stainless-steel guides, which makes it anti-corrosive and anti-freeze.  
  • Light fishing rod
  • The premium carbon blank material is very durable and reliable. 
  • The mojo fishing rod includes a custom reel seat perfect for various fishing techniques.  
  • Firm and solid construction.  

  • Affordable price.  

  • Lightweight and portable 

  • Short fishing rod perfect for ice fishing. 

  • Easy to use and easy to assemble.  

  • It does not have a well-constructed instruction guide.  

04. Fenwick Elite Tech Precept-Tip Ice Fishing Rod  

Best Deadstick Ice Rod

Fenwick is a quality name for the best northern pike ice fishing rods; they have been in the business for quite a while, and customers as their products.

The model includes three variations that differ in length and action, which provides the customer with the versatility to choose what they prefer and what suits best to their fishing technique. It is also coming in a version of palm rods for ice fishing

The ice fishing rod includes more sensitivity and strength simultaneously, which delivers the angler with much smoother and precise catches. The Fenwick elite tech ice fishing rod is best known for doing excellent spinning work. It is a tremendous Shakespeareice fishing rod

Key features  

  • It comes in two lengths which are 27 inches and 24 inches.  
  • It comes in shiny blue color, giving the ice fishing rod a fantastic appearance.  
  • The cork handle of the rod is substantial and gives an excellent grip 
  • The stainless-steel guides make it anti-corrosive and give it ultra-light sensitivity  
  • It includes a vibrant orange tip for more precise bite detection  
  • The constructing material is very durable and reliable.  

  • Great handle grip.  

  • Enables great casting techniques.  

  • Portable and easy to handle rod. 

  • The bending quality of the rod is medium and not too flexible.  

05. Zebco Spin-Cast Ice Fishing Rod And Reel Combo  

Best Deadstick Ice Rod

The Zebco pike ice rod and reel combo kit are some of the best kits as they include all the essential parts that you will need during fishing. It is straightforward to use and has a larger gear ratio which is epic.

This Zebco northern pike ice fishing kit includes two snap swivels, nine hooks, 2 swivels, 4 curly-tail grubs, I spinner attachment, 1 inline spinnerbait, four jig heads, 1 float, 1 swimbait, 4 split-shot sinkers, which is quite a lot at such a reasonable price. The best ice fishing gear fulfills all the ice fishing gear lists

This ice-fishing rod and reel combo is an excellent choice for beginners but offering such high performance, and it should also be great for experts. It is the best ice fishing pole setup for pike. You can find it in the ice fishing pole Walmart

Key features  

  • It includes a built-in bite alert which indicates when the fish takes the bait.  
  • It has a changeable cork handle with an excellent and firm grip  
  • The Zebco rod and reel combo is constructed of high-quality fiberglass material  
  • It includes moderate action and medium power  
  • It comprises a dual ceramic pick-up pin that provides long life and high resistance from corrosion. 
  • It includes a firm reel seat and lures action.  


  • Great value pack.  

  • Reasonable price rate.  

  • Excellent construction and reliable approach.  

  • Great for backpacking as it comes with a bag.  

  • It is a medium-quality product.  

06.13 Fishing- Tickle Stick- Ice Fishing Rod  

Best Deadstick Ice Rod

The 13-fishing tickle ice haat rod is one of the modern and new innovative fishing rods in the market. The highlighted and best addition to this ice fishing rod is the linear fiber flat tip that is admitted to do two things.

The first one is to increase the angler’s ability to detect strikes to levels perfectly for ice fishing techniques. The second is that it adds extreme rigidity to the rod, which greatly enhances the performance. It is the best 13 fishing ice rods review.  

It is excellent for beginner and expert anglers as it lives it to every fishing technique and method. It is best known for its durability and improved strength, so customers like this product a lot. It is excellent as a backpacking fishing pole and a backpacking fishing rod.  

Key features 

  • The tickle stick perch ice fishing rod has a length of 28 inches  
  • It weighs about 10 ounces and comes in a white color  
  • It includes ALPS thin wire ice fishing rod guides, which improve the performance a lot  
  • It included an innovative reel seat which gives increased sensitivity  
  • The cork handle is great to hold on to, and it has a firm grip  
  • Include premium carbon blank tip construction  
  • It is well-constructed.  

  • Includes great and durable building material. 

  • Easy to handle.  

  • Easy to operate.  

  • The packaging is not that great.  

07.Frabill Ice Spinning Fishing Rod 

Best Deadstick Ice Rod

The frabill 26-inch quick tip is a great brand name for ice fishing rods. It comprises five-rod actions ranging from heavy to medium light, and the ice fishing rod is equipped with improved strength, enabling you to handle heavy lures in deep waters. 

This brand has been around for a long time, and this new addition is another great one out of their fishing rod collection. It is suitable for all types of ice fishing rods. Also, It is considered the best ice fishing rod for perch. It is an ice fishing rod and reel combo’s review

Key features  

  • It has a length of 26 inches and weighs about 9 ounces 
  • It includes variable action techniques  
  • It includes graphite solid rod blanks that provide higher sensitivity and smooth delivery 
  • It has a full-length reel seat that provides extra power 
  • The EVA cork handle is excellent for handling the catch  
  • It has an anti-reverse mechanism 
  • It has a high-visible tip section 
  • Stainless-steel guides make it anti-corrosive 

  • Great durable ice fishing rod.  

  • The cork grip is substantial to use.  

  • Convenient to use.  

  • Easy to carry.  

  • A little complicated assembly.  

08.13 Fishing- Radioactive Pickle- Inline Ice Fishing Rod

Best Deadstick Ice Rod

The radioactive pickle 14-fishing ice rod is one of the best quick tip ones you can get for the best ice fishing experience. This product is an excellent combo of an effective tickle stick rod and the freefall ghost reel that creates the effortless and dynamic ice fishing combo.  

It includes excellent visible construction and firm fishing rod parts that enable you to do various ice fishing techniques to try out some new fishing methods. It is also considered the best fishing rod for panfish and the best fishing rod for walleye.

Key features  

  • The length of the ice fishing rod is 27 inches 
  • It weighs about 9 ounces  
  • The rod comprises a flat tip construction, which significantly improves the fishing performance.  
  • It includes a split grip handle which enables you to balance the rod very well 
  • The reel enhances the instant anti-reverse action  
  • It includes the feature of drop speed control  
  • Made with durable and high-quality material.  

  • Improved ice fishing performance.  

  • Great grip hold.  

  • It enables you to last longer.  

  • It is a heavy ice fishing rod.  

09.Fenwick Eagle Ice Fishing Spinning Rod  

Best Deadstick Ice Rod

Fenwick eagle’s best custom ice rod is another excellent product from this brand which is why it is rated an Amazon choice product. This ice-fishing rod is mainly appreciated for its increased durability and sensitivity, making it perform even better than ever. It has the best lures for pike ice fishing.

It is considered one of the best fishing rod brands options that you can get for an ice fishing rod as it delivers a very smooth and friction-less fishing experience to the angler. It is also very well-constructed, making it durable for the angler while doing very little maintenance. It has the best depth for northern pike ice fishing

Key features 

  • The ice fishing rod has a length of 6 inches, and its weight is about 3 ounces  
  • It includes moderate action, which gives it a perfect boost  
  • It is built from blank carbon material, which is very firm and solid, making it a long-lasting product  
  • It includes stainless-steel guides with aluminum oxides guides which makes it anti-corrosive and reduces frictions  
  • It has a cork handle which provides you with compact and string grip  
  • It has an ergonomic reel seat design which provides increased sensitivity  
  • Very lightweight and easy to transport.  

  • Easy to handle.  

  • The quality is very durable and reliable.  

  • Great performance capability.  

  • Strong grip action.  

  • The ice fishing rod may not be able to make longer casting. 

10. Zebco 404 and Zebco 202 spin-cast 2-pieces ice fishing rod  

Best Deadstick Ice Rod

This model is another hit of the Zebco fishing rod series, which is also rated as an Amazon choice product for the best northern ice fishing pole and best panfish ice rod. 

It has got great reviews from the customers. It is one of the popular approaches to best ice fishing rods for northern pike, best known for their easy-casting reel performance.  

The ice fishing rod includes excellent structure and design construction, which mainly attracts the customer but becomes their best for the ice fishing techniques.

It is suitable for both beginners as well as for and expert anglers. Also, It is considered the best ice fishing rod and reel combo 2018. It is also considered the best rod for ice fishing lake trout.

Key features  

  • It comes in various lengths ranging from 5 to 6 feet 
  • Its weight ranges from 6 to 17 lbs.  
  • It comprises of moderate action capacity
  • It delivers medium power, which enhances the overall performance of the ice fishing rod  
  • It includes a firm and comfortable rod handle 
  • It comprises shock-ring guides 
  • It is a 2-piece rod and reel ice fishing set  

  • Great material reliability.  

  • ‘Firm and comfortable grip strength.  

  • Very travel-friendly.  

  • Enhanced performance capability.  

  • If used too rough, the rod can snap.

How To Choose The Best Deadstick Ice Rod?  

Choosing the best ice fishing rod for northern pike can be a challenging task to pull off, which is why we have provided you with an ice fishing rod buying guide that will make you go through all the essential features of an ice fishing rod so that you can choose the right ice fishing rod. 

This buying guide will also help you with how to fish northern pike in the winter and what I should look for in an ice fishing rod?

Ice Fishing Rod Material 

Material matters a lot when it comes to the best ice fishing rod blank as it determines the durability and strength of the rod. Graphite, fiberglass, and composite are the most common materials of ice fishing rods. 

A graphite ice fishing rod is a more expensive material, a stiff ice fishing rod. It is very light, has excellent action mode, and is a sensitive ice fishing rod; on the other hand, fiberglass is less sensitive than graphite, but it is more flexible and bendable.  

Fiberglass is also durable and works great in a freezing environment. The composite one is the combination of a little bit of both materials. If you want an ice fishing rod with more sensitivity, then graphite is the most sensitive ice rod.

But if you want to have something more flexible, then fiberglass is your way to go. Lastly, if you want a little bit of both, then composite is the best option, the choice is yours, and the material also determines the weight of an ice rod.


Length is critical for best ice fishing rods as we know that they are much smaller in length than regular fishing rods because the angler needs to do fishing in a small opening that they cannot do with a long rod. Ice fishing rods lengths range from 5 inches to 40 inches.

If you are fishing in a small opening, smaller or medium ice rods are better. Still, if the opening is significant, you should choose the one with more length, so you should choose the suitable one according to your fishing method and conditions.  

Ice Fishing Rod Action  

Action is an essential aspect of the pike ice fishing rod as it determines where the rod flexes along with its blank. Now, the ice fishing casting rod comes in various action modes, including slow-action, medium-action, fast-action, slow-medium action, and fast-medium action rod. You can choose the one that is most suitable for your fishing style.  

Most anglers do not use slow-action rods that much as they lack sensitivity. Fast-action rod flex at the tip, medium one at the middle, and a slow one at the bottom.

A fast-medium action mode custom ice fishing rod is preferable as it has increased strength and sensitivity. Top 10 best ice fishing rods for northern pike. So, this will be the perfect answer to what action rod for ice fishing walleye and pike is best?

The Best Deadstick Ice Rod FAQ 

01. What size rod is best for ice fishing? 

The answer to what size rod do you need for pike? Ice fishing rods can range from tiny 4 feet to gigantic 14 feet, but you should choose the most suitable one for your fishing method and capability.

The general rule of finding the best rod is that longer rods cast longer distances while shorter rods cast short distances. The best size rod for ice fishing is 25-inch to 27-inch range for convenient fishing. 

Longer rods than a 28-inch ice fishing rod can also be great if you are doing ice fishing in a more spacious place. The recent trend for ice anglers is to ice fish with longer and longer rods as it offers excellent benefits.  

02.What is the best bait for pike ice fishing?  

Northern pike is one of the most delicious fish taste-wise, and also it is enjoyable to catch pike fish as well. Now, fishing techniques are essential while catching a fish, but the bait is another end of that part as you can only catch the fish if the pike is attracted towards the bait.

The best bait will also help you with how do you catch northern pike ice fishing?

The best bait for northern pike ice fishing is live baits, as they are used most often under tip-ups technique. The most common ones are fathead minnows, shiners, and suckers.

Frozen and death baits are also very appreciative of northern pike. So, when you choose any bait from this, you will undoubtedly catch the northern pike.  

03.How long are ice fishing rods?  

How long are ice fishing rods?  
How long a best ice fishing rod is an important aspect when looking for the best ice fishing rod and choosing the fishing techniques.

If we look at standard or conventional fishing rods, they are 6 to 7 feet long, but the measurement is quite different when it comes to ice fishing rods as the conditions are pretty different. The length enables you to know where to target pike ice fishing

An ice fishing long rod is maximally longer than just 48 inches ice fishing rod, which does raise the question of why it is so short than the standard fishing rod.

The main reason behind it is that you usually ice fishing in an ice shelter or wheelhouse, so for that, you need to have a shorter ice fishing rod that allows you to fish in the designated area properly. It is one of the best winter pike fishing tips

04.Is there a closed season for pike fishing?  

Is there a closed season for pike fishing?  
Pike fishing is one of the popular fishing types that anglers enjoy. Typically, pike fishing has always been a pursuit for the cold winter season.

Also, in general, pike season starts from early October and goes on till March, which is early summer for early ice pike. However, the best pike fishing months are September and October. 

You can also pike fishing in the autumn season, so the only closed season left for pike fishing is the summer season which is considered a closed one for northern pike ice fishing mostly.  

05.Can you ice fish with a standard rod?  

Can you ice fish with a standard rod?  
Musky Ice fishing rods are quite different from regular fishing as it is not the same to do fishing in freeze water than in normal water. Can you ice fish with a standard rod is?

Yes, you can go ice fishing with a standard fishing rod. However, the situation will not be ideal as the experience will not be the same. It is also an answer to comparing ice fishing rod vs. regular rod

The main distinction between a standard rod and an ice fishing rod is the length difference which raises the question of why are ice fishing rods so small? 

Ice fishing rods have much shorter lengths because they are specifically designed as you need to be close to the hole so that a regular rod will be too long for that. More overly, it would help if you had more sensitivity, and the small size of ice rods helps better feel the fish. 


Ice fishing is one of the best kinds of the excellent fishing rod as it is very adventurous and unique at the same time; catching fish in freeze water sounds great, but it is also very exotic. But, as usual, for the best ice fishing experience, you first need to buy the best ice fishing rod for yourself as the ice fishing rod plays the leading role. So, buying an ice fishing rod is one of the biggest tasks you need to do to get the perfect ice fishing experience.  

But there are so many options and brands in the market nowadays that a person can get confused quickly and buy a random ice best fishing rod that later may not fulfill their expectations. So, it is always best for you to consider various products and do your research before buying the best one. As a buyer of ice fishing rods, then you must have this question in your mind which is the  Best Deadstick Ice Rod

This article is the perfect way to choose the best fishing pole for ice fishing that includes all the essential features and optimal performance capacity. As this article contains the top 10 best ice fishing rods for northern pike, and each one of them is an excellent one, they just differ slightly so that you can choose the one with your suitability. The article also contains a well-composed buying guide for the best ice fishing rod to help you with the buying process.