The Best Crankbait Rod For The Money Review & Guide 2022

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Today we will discuss the Best Crankbait Rod For The Money.  Crankbait rods assist in adequately applying a crankbait lure’s action, allowing you to capture more fish. Crankbait rods have several unique characteristics that are particularly useful for drop shot and crankbait fishing. 

Are you using the wrong fishing rod? Why are crankbaits the best choice for bass anglers? What’s the best crankbait rod

After researching, I discovered that most experienced and dedicated bass anglers utilize crankbait rods to boost their catch rate while trolling on the river. 

The modern crankbait rod has a shape like a parabola bend, especially from the tip. Its slow, moderate movement aids in creating long casts, lunging bass, and controlled leaping. 

Getting the correct crankbait rod should be your priority if you’re serious about professional fishing or want to enhance your fishing odds. 

For your convenience, I’ve compiled a list of the top ten crankbait rods to spice up your fishing experience!! 

So, let’s get started. 





Lew's KVD Crankbait Casting Rod

Brand: Lew's
Grip Type: Split
Material: Blend

G LOOMIS IMX PRO 843C Crankbait

Package Weight
5 Pounds
Brand Name
G. Loomis
‎G. Loomis

Dobyns Rods Champion XP

Brand:Dobyns Rods
Material: Glass

Halo Fishing Crankbait Casting Rod

Brand: Halo Fishing
Material: Blend

Lew's Custom Speed  Magnum Crankbait Rod

Brand: Lew's
Grip Type: Split
Material: Blend

What is the action rod best for crankbaits? 

Answer: The best crankbait rod should be bent down when we apply moderate pressure. The slow-action rods work best for crankbaits. That rod has preferred for deep-running square banknotes. I recently purchased a medium-heavy reasonable action crankbait rod. It’s more suited to crankbait fishing. 

The motion of a decent crankbait rod should be slow. When considerable pressure is given to the top side of the rod, it should begin to bend about halfway down. Fast action means that just the top third of the body turns at the same time. 

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01.Lew’s KVD Series  

Best Crankbait Rod For The Money

The seven-foot, 10-inch variant of this loose crankbait rod will be a fantastic choice if you want the best crankbait rod for deep diving crankbait.

When you have a lot of lines out, like fishing in deep water, a strike can feel a little soft, but the incredible sensitivity of the loose crankbait rods allows you to handle even the most minor impact.  

A quality 42 million modulus graphite slash glass is used in the loose crankbait rod blanks. It gives the rod the strength to cast and manage crankbaits and the flexibility required to sense bites and fight large fish. It allows the rod and reel for easy hold as it is the best crankbait rod and reel.  

The rod has a precise guide built of durable stainless-steel frames with aluminum oxide inserts for smooth and straightforward line flow. It aids in the launch of crankbaits over longer distances, which Fritz says is the key to success. This rod’s lightweight graphite open seat has a cushioned stainless-steel hood. As a result, the rod and reel are easy to hold. 

  • Long-lasting construction. 
  • Guides made of stainless steel. 
  • Handle made of premium cork. 
  • Design that is light in weight. 
  • Easy Hold. 
  • Sensitive. 
  • Easily shattered .

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02.G LOOMIS IMX PRO 843C Crankbait 

Best Crankbait Rod For The Money

The G. Loomis IMX Pro Crankbait Casting Rods add several plug-specific versions to the compact, performance-driven IMX range. Unlike some of the other rods that use the identical spindle for several diameters, the G. Loomis IMX Pro Crankbait Casting Rod is the best crankbait rod length. 

The range has been designed employing G. Loomis’ multi-taper system to enhance the optimal strength-to-weight balance. 

The G. Loomis IMX Pro Crankbait Casting Rods offer approximately 15 percent lighter thanks to a set of excellent Fuji K-Frame guides, giving an entire day of casting and cranking.

The G. Loomis IMX Pro Crankbait Casting Rods have quality cork gripping and give anglers the ultimate crankbait-specific efficiency. 

The eventual purpose of the revolutionary IMX-PRO Series of bass lines is to offer a wide variety of quality, technique-specific rods to professional championship anglers. The empty tapering has been fine-tuned and is the best crankbait rod for bass. 

The componentry is designed to provide maximal solace with softly curved rear controls that offer you that split-grip sensation with complete gripping convenience. 

A good illustration is the new IMX-PRO Series. It combines technical innovation and high-tech elements that allows you to develop a rod template that responds and loads faster. It has more responsiveness than any other IMX rod.  

  • Graphite structure with a high modulus.
  • Swing weight that has evenly distributed. 
  • incredibly long-lasting. 
  • Design with Multiple Tapes. 
  • Cork handles with a full grip. 
  • Pricey.

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03. Dobyns Rods Champion XP Series 

Best Crankbait Rod For The Money

Gary Dobyns, a bass fishing icon, invented and produced Dobyns Rods, and it is the best crankbait for a beginner. These high-performance rods are composed of the best components available.

This superbly designed rod for anglers gives maximum responsiveness through-line to hand, providing unrivaled precision whenever you need it. Featuring the ergonomic 12″ complete stopper, cast effortlessly and relentlessly the whole day. 

Each rod is custom-made to deliver exceptional results in any scenario. Discover the Fury, Sierra, Kaden, or Champion if you’re specifically looking for a budget-friendly choice to expand your armory or take your fishing to the next notch. The Dobyns wins the title of the best crankbait rod fast or moderate action. 

Dobyns Rods’ Champion XP Spinning Rods encompass the whole range of recreational angling programs that demand spinning dowels. Veteran angler Gary Dobyns manufactures Dobyns Champion XP Spinning Rods to fit the requirements of bass anglers and their approaches. 

  • Graphite blanks with a higher strength. 
  • Alconite Guides from Fuji. 
  • Reel chairs made of Fuji graphite. 
  • Wrapped in Kevlar. 
  • Cork from Portugal, grade AA. 
  • A little bit sensitive. 
  • It is expensive. 

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04.Halo Fishing Crankin’ Series II  

Best Crankbait Rod For The Money

The all-new Halo Fishing Cranking II Series Rods are the best crankbait rod under 150 that offer the same fantastic efficiency as the original versions, albeit with a few critical upgrades.

Every rod has the parabola curve and delicate point essential for fishing crankbaits or response baits and therefore is extremely lightweight because of its high-quality glass components.  

Every blank also has enough strength to handle large fish, providing the endurance and responsiveness you require. Stainless-steel instructions are adequately positioned along either blank to improve casting accuracy while offering the durability to withstand braided lines and the best crankbait rod for the money. 

Premium cork knobs with EVA butt cushions for all-day relaxation and excellent, specially made reel seats offer a pleasant anatomical basis for your reel.

Discover the distinction with an all Halo Fishing Cranking II Series Rods, which are suitable for a broad spectrum of cranking and response bait techniques that wins the title of the best crankbait rod on amazon. 

  • Blanks made of fiberglass. 
  • Reel seat with a unique design. 
  • Handles made of premium cork. 
  • Stainless-steel guides of excellent quality. 
  • Easily Affordable. 
  • The top is a little bit heavy .

05.Lew’s Custom Speed Stick 

Best Crankbait Rod For The Money

The G ClutchTM Handle Framework with Midas TouchTM technology on these customized Speed Sticks and the best crankbait rod action offer immediate interaction with the quality HM60 graphite blank, removing all obstacles between the fisherman and the vacant.

The updated Customized Speed Stick line from Lew’s has Fuji Concept O guides, stainless steel rust-protected hook keepers, and dual grip EVA grips featuring dura cord inlays, making it a power to contend with it on the water. 

These Custom Speed Sticks are finely balanced with the best crankbait rod setup, making them highly responsive and pleasant to use all day. I spent an entire day tearing that giant flutter spoon with that 7-foot, 11-inch rod. Wanking that spatula reminds me of attempting to start my 8-hour-old trigger razor. 

More responsiveness is commonly associated with lighter rod blanks. The manner the shells have produced can help create a lightweight. However, you wouldn’t want to go too lightweight at the expense of endurance. The newly Designed Speed Sticks use numerous graphite coatings in several orientations. The blank isn’t adding weight because the poles do not coat the top. 

  • Compact.
  • exclusive. 
  • multi-layered.
  • multi-directional.
  • little durability. 
  • Heavy bass. 

06.Bubba Tidal Rods 

Best Crankbait Rod For The Money

 Bubba Tidal Rods is one of the best Crankbait rod setups that evolved from a Bubba blade filet knife into various categories throughout time. The apparent missing item was a fishing rod, which, of course, would not be an off-the-shelf fishing rod with a handle on it, and call it a day. 

As a result, we rapidly recognized that we needed to build this from the ground up—it required years of work and study to have everything for a strong starting point. The specialists who use these rods daily are the ones who can genuinely construct the perfect rod. 

When they said to bring down some prototypes of their new things; I was expecting knives and other equipment, but instead, they brought down some rods, which we immediately used in the field.

Bubba Tidal Rods is the best crankbait rod and reel setup. They devoted a lot of work and energy into creating this defensive line. Its designers worked with seasoned leaders and fishers with extensive inshore fishing expertise, breaking down the procedure into minute details and producing a rod on which the company can be confident.

It’s difficult to find any disadvantages to these rods. In terms of materials, you get what you paid for this. The best crankbait rod for smallmouth bass is undoubtedly the best option if you often fish inshore and want something that will last a lifetime.

On the other hand, the primary rod is an excellent, reasonable alternative if you’re a more casual salt angler — perhaps a Montanan with inshore fantasies. 

  • Easy to use. 
  • Affordable price. 
  • Best suited for day-to-day use. 
  • Lightweight. 
  • Durable. 
  • It has no cons.

07. Lew’s Custom Speed Stick 7’2″ -1 Crankbait Rod 1 

Best Crankbait Rod For The Money

The G ClutchTM Grip Design with Midas TouchTM new tech on the Customized Fast Sticks offers interactions with the quality HM60 graphite blank, removing all obstacles between the fisherman and the blank.

The updated Customized Speed Stick range from Lew’s has Fuji Idea O guidance, stainless corrosion-protected hook keepers, and half grip EVA grips with dura cord inserts, making it able to compete on the water. 

It is one of the best Crankbait rod forums with a lightweight stick and optical for you. It helped you with your wrist. If you have any problems with your wrist or elbows, this new custom light series is a 60 million modulus, giving you more sensitivity and durability.  

It also comes with a wind grip, which is a grip that allows the fisherman to have a lot more control and casting control on the rod. This best Crankait rod 2021 is available in various actions and links, ranging from a seven-eleven, big, matt flipping style rod to a very light six-eight jerk bait rod, and everything in between. 

  • Sensitive and light. 
  • It has a wide range of applications. 
  • It appears to be rather lovely. 
  • The lack of a hook hanger is a disadvantage.

08.13 Fishing 

Best Crankbait Rod For The Money

What do you mean, giant fish? Is there a lot of padding? Yes, absolutely. This Series takes cues from the finest rods in the 13 Fishing line-up and delivers performance much above what you’d anticipate. Each taper is handcrafted to ensure the best possible appearance and physical strength. You can continue to challenge the competitors on the next version of Defy Black. 

It is one of the best crankbait rods in its class. It is 400 dollars. Also, it covers everything from six-nine, your lightest actions, up to seven-nine, dipping everything you need.  

The delicate and thunderous Japanese 36 Ton Blank Building Muse Seabass series has debuted through its unique design. The rod is compact and high in graphite, which keeps it agile and responsive. Longer throws are made easier with the Evolve Custom Airfoil Carbon Reel Seat.  

A lighter breakthrough design gives coupled sensibility and feeling in the most refined mesh. It has Fuji A (K-frame) Guide, a better Alconite alloy that reduces friction and increases range. EVA with a dense population gives a fantastic blend of shape and structure.

It has an incredible build and design, but it was much stiffer than imagined, primarily since it would be a MEDIUM action.  

Not only does 13 Fishing build a fantastic bait, but they also fix some issues other rod makers have. For example, the flats produce from Composites Graphite, high-quality Japanese graphite. Most of those grips has made of elevated Portuguese cork as standard. 

It is the best crankbait rod under 300. 

  • Rods are sensitive and well-built. 
  • Easy to handle. 
  • It is pretty compelling. 
  • Best for beginners. 
  • There is no guarantee on the guides. 

09 ST. Croix Mojo Bass Glass Casting Rod 

 (Crankbait rod under $1oo)

Best Crankbait Rod For The Money

For deep diving crankbaits, the ST. Croix is the most excellent crankbait rod. It’s a SUPER-PREMIUM LINEAR S-GLASS CONSTRUCTION that’s 100% LINEAR. While preserving incredible durability and responsiveness, it is the sharpest, lightest, highest modulus, and most agile glass rod available.

That means being a top-of-the-line fishing rod. I paid extra for a great rod, hoping it would deliver. The top of the rod shattered after eight uses. Whenever it concerns rods, St. Croix is, in my opinion, the best.

You will not be dissatisfied because it comes with the best crankbait rod blank with a 5-year guarantee. My favorite rod is the Mojo bass glass since I prefer to fish with crank and chatter baits. 

For 2020, Mojo Bass Glass rods have been designed and upgraded. These best crankbait rods 2014 offer exceptional productivity with all crankbaits, especially squared bills, thin-lipped cranked, and chatterbaits.

Thanks to St Croix’s patented integrated Poly Curve (IPC) mandrel design and extra quality, 100 percent straight S-glass. They thrive with tricks that suit a rod with a modest motion. 

Mojo Bass Fishing Rod by Croix®. Featuring premium quality SCIII graphite, the methodology Mojo Bass line is conceived and designed for outstanding function. Kigan Master Hand 3D guidance with black frames and thin, robust metal rings prevent injury for long, precise casting. 

  • Increased strength ⋅  
  • Greater sensitivity ⋅ 
  • Suitable for a variety of bass technique 
  • Extra-rapid and lightning-quick action. 
  • There was no warranty, and the rod’s tip broke quickly.

Best Crankbait Rod For The Money Buying Guide 

Crankbaits come in various sizes and shapes and respond differently at different depths. As a result, choosing the correct crankbait to achieve stability becomes extremely difficult. 

I’ve covered a few key points to think about before purchasing a crankbait rod in this article. So, let’s get this party started: 

Rod Length 

When purchasing a crankbait rod, the length of the rod is the most crucial thing to consider. The sort of water (area) in which you wish to fish determines the size of the rod.

You’ll obtain longer casts and faster line movement when you use a longer rod.

The most suitable length for the rod ranges between 6 to 8 feet. A longer rod will allow you to get the maximum depth, and your chances of trapping fish will increase. 

Experts don’t recommend too short rods because in such a case, you might lose control, and you need to struggle for a bigger fish.  

Rod Power 

Another critical element to consider is the crankbait’s power. Rod strength has used to bear a certain amount of force before bending. can find crankbait power ratings in the following standards: 

  • Light  
  • Ultra-Light 
  • Medium  
  • Medium Light 
  • Heavy 
  • Extra Heavy 

You may be perplexed as to what range is best for you at this point. The rod’s strength has described by the specifications listed above. For example, if you’re angling for a larger fish, you’ll need a pole with the maximum power. 

Rod Action 

The term “action of the rod” refers to bending when applying pressure. A rod’s action rating is similar to that of a power rating: 

  • Slow  
  • Moderate 
  • Moderate Fast 
  • Fast  
  • Extra Fast 

Fast rod action can work in both choppy and aggressive seas. If you’re looking for a rod for medium-sized fish, moderate tods are the way to go. 

Slow-action rods are also suited for small-scale fishing and calm water. 

Type Of Reel 

The reel is another crucial factor to consider while setting up fishing gear. When working with a crankbait rod, most of you may be unsure about the type of reel to utilize. 

The largest size genuine is required to hook a fish when the rod is heavy. It has come to my attention that most anglers use baitcasting reels rather than spinning reels. 


Advanced fishing rods have various materials such as graphite, fiberglass carbon, and fiber. However, the question arose about what material should use for the crankbait rod. 

You must first consider the material while selecting a crankbait rod. Most experienced anglers prefer graphite and fiberglass materials. 

Fiberglass rods have a slower and more moderate motion than graphite rods. They may, however, be heavier than graphite rods. 

Graphite rods with moderate action are now available thanks to recent technological advancements. Graphite rods have a significant advantage over fiberglass rods in terms of sensitivity and weight. 

Because of its lightweight properties, the graphite crankbait casts smoothly in the water. The more sensitive the rod, there is the best possibility for the anglers to distinguish between mud, grass, huge stones, and other materials. 

Type of Lure  

If you’re new to fishing, you’ll notice a range of lures, sizes, styles, and designs when you step into a tackle store. So, let’s go through some of the most prevalent types of interests and how they function.  

Simple jig  

The first one I’ll discuss is the bass jig. These are between a quarter and an ounce in weight and feature bristles on the top to prevent weed growth. You can drag them around, and the plants and brush will glide off rather than getting trapped on the hook.  


Crankbaits are available in a wide range of sizes and types, some of which are shallow diving and others are deep diving. One type is a shallow diver, have a very little plastic lip on the front and dives between 3 and 5 feet depending on how much line is out. 

Best Crankbait Rod For The Money (FAQs) 

02.What’s the best crankbait rod for $200? 

 Halo fishing cranking series II is the best crankbait rod for $200, and there are so many crankbaits in this series that are under $200.  

Secondly, for Under $200, the Dobyns 704CB is the most excellent crankbait rod. It should be able to take 3/8oz square bills such as the KVD 1.5 or Megabass S Crank 1.2 all of the way to the top to 3/4oz as well as 1oz deep dives such as the Strike King 6XD. It must also be capable of handling lipless baits. 

03.What is the best crankbait rod for smallmouth bass? 

Smallmouth bass’ best crankbait rod is a medium-light spinning rod and reel. The best crankbait rod and reel combo would be a medium-light spinning rod between 6 and 7 feet long with a 2000 series reel. 

Although many people recommend fishing with a crankbait for smallmouth bass, I believe the Daubin 705cb cranking rod, similar to a composite glass crankbait rod, is the most comfortable for smallmouth bass because it’ll be able to handle crankbaits with a diving range of 12, 15, and 8 feet. 

Another crankbait for mall mouth is Dt-4 which is a small crankbait. It quickly down to the intended depth and stays on the entire retrieve.  

04.What is the best crankbait 1/4 to 1/2 ounce? 

The Bandit series 200 is the best crankbait ¼ to ½ ounce, which dives up to 8 inches deep.  

Also, the Cotton Cordell Super Spot is best ¼ to ½ ounce. The Cotton Cordell Super Spot is a thin-lipped crankbait that has been around for a long time. The Super Spot, including its resonance body style and inbuilt whistles, seems to be a tried-and-true construction that perfectly simulates escaping baitfish.

The Super Spot will generate vigorous response bites from a broad range of fish breeds whether you throw and retrieve it or elegantly dangle something over feeding aquatic creatures. 

05What do you say about tackle’s tour best crankbait rod? 

G Loomis GBR845C is the tackle tour best crankbait rod. This rod material is made of graphite for more sensitivity for cranking.  

While most individuals consider a rod with a fiberglass blank, they imagine E-Glass. These rods are typically substantial, have a medium movement, and have limited specificity. S-Glass blanks, made of glass designed especially for fishing rods, are now used by many producers.

The consequence is a smaller, quicker blank with much more responsiveness than an E-Glass rod, with almost the same buttery experience as an E-Glass rod whenever a fish has been on the tip of the hook. 


When it comes to fishing, the best crankbait rod for the money is the first thing that comes to mind. Why do crankbait rods outperform other fishing rods? Its parabolic bend shape and material can improve your fishing experience. In this post, I’ll go through the top ten crankbaits that will make your life easier. 

I’ve also talked about what to think about when buying the best fishing rods. It is always vital to select the rod’s power and length based on the fishing area. It’s a good idea to learn more about the characteristics of a crankbait rod before purchasing one.

I hope you’ll find this helpful article so why are you waiting? Just go and grab the best crankbait rod on the market that makes it.

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