Abu Garcia Pro Max Reviews 2022

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Today we will discuss Abu Garcia Pro Max Reviews. The pro max reel is a great fishing instrument or machine with incredible speed. One of the top fishing gear brands is the Abu Garcia brand on the market. A large number of professional anglers, like the bass pro fishing trip, i.e., Mike laconelli use the rods and reels of this brand.

It is the most identifiable brand for fishing in freshwater. This brand is specifically famous for its rods and reels. The gear ratio of baitcasters is 7.11:1. On the other hand, the range of spinning reels is 4.8:1 to 5.2:1. It is made up of three materials: aluminum, graphite and stainless steel.

Abu Garcia Pro Max Reviews

About Garcia

Initially, Abu Garcia was a brand that made reels on the market at a viral level. That product was a Mitchell spinning reel from France in 1947, made by two partners, Abu and Mitchell, who belonged to France. Then, in the 1980s, their partnership declined.

Abu started a separate company, Garcia Tackle, based in New Jersey. This company was named Abu Garcia. In 1995, a global fishing tackle provider, i.e., Pure Fishing, was developed by Abu Garcia.

The company was the national leader in the imported tackle. It fits naturally into other kayak bass fishing products. ABU was added to the name of Garcia Company in 1984.

This company was officially started in 1921 in Sweden. Until World War II, this was a manufacturing company of watches, telephone timers and taxi meters. The taxi meter demanded less, and their production slowed down. After this decline, Abu Garcia started to develop outdoor equipment.

The manufacturing of fishing reels was prominent. The first reel was invented in 1941. Their real work was started in the 1950s in all categories. In 1955, the first spinning reel, ABU 444, was created. Then in 1965, the company made the cardinal series of spinning reels.

Reasons For Popularity

Any fisherman that uses that machine has the best experience ever. Abu Garcia makes a large number of baitcaster models in the market. These models include the Revo, Black Max Model and Ambassadeur etc. It is famous just because of the quality of the material.

The material’s quality is very high, along with a very affordable price made with a qualitative brake system by MagTrax. This machine provides very comfortable work as its handle rod is made of EVA foam. This handle allows you comfortable use and a firm and strong grip.

Abu Garcia Pro Max Features

Abu Garcia Pro Max Reviews

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These features can be discussed one by one, along with the benefits of each component. Also see more about Are Abu Garcia Reels Good 

Machined Dnodized Aluminum Spool

Anodization is a chemical process. In this method, metal is considered an electrode on the surface, to which an oxide layer is applied chemically. This oxide layer plays the role of an insulator. This insulator is dyed to use in different colors.

This electrochemical process enables the metal surface to be more decorative. It becomes resistant to corrosion. This double anodized aluminum spool provides extra strength to the machine. Here, there is no addition of excessive weight. The power and performance of this fishing rod equipment are also enhanced.

Compressed Bent Handle and Star

This compressed and bent handle allows users to comfortably use it for a long day. This handle is light, compact and delivers reliability.

MagTrax Brake System

This is one of the essential features of Abu Garcia pro max that claims specifically for its celebrity. This system is found on all series of reels. This system fully and ultimately controls the speed of the aluminum spool. This is useful to avoid the creation of repercussions.

EVA knobs

There are two knobs present on this reel. These knobs are made up of EVA foam. These knobs are used to hold the reel comfortably and easily. The reel works efficiently and actively. These knobs decrease the overall weight of the reel.

Ball Bearings

Pro max reel consists of 8 ball bearings, of which 7 are the ball bearings while 1 is a roller bearing. These bearings bring smoothness to the reel and enable the reel to pull back when the hook is set. These reels perform other functions, i.e., reducing the friction between the moving parts of the fishing reel.

Benefits Offered By Abu Garcia Pro Max Reel 

Abu Garcia Pro Max Reviews

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A large number of advantages of using this equipment, as well as the benefits of its different parts, are available. Some of them are listed as

Stability and Resistance to Corrosion

The central concept considered while constructing this equipment was that it could bear every weather condition. So parts are designed, and materials are used in this context. So that pro max reel can be used in every type of weather and water environment.

Its graphite framework protects it from drops and collisions. Its brass bear increases its life span. All of the material used is of high quality to increase its value. Thus, all these features provide excellent resistance and strength along with stability.

Unique Drag and Brake System

Its power drag system and the drag wheel and brake system are available in several models. These brake systems are straightforward to handle and control. This system applies constant pressure on the reel throughout the entire retrieval. The uniqueness of the brake system helps to achieve the prevention of backlash and air knots.

Comfortable And Ergonomic Design

It is designed to be used comfortably with a proper and robust grip on the rod and reel. The recessed foot of the reel provides a better balance. The handle may be short or long.

Abu Garcia Pro Max Reviews(FAQs)

What is The Line Capacity of The Pro Max Reel?

The line capacity allows you to unspool quickly. Line capacity refers to the most extensive length of the line that can hold by the spool without taking the risk of overloading. It tells how many lines you are able to put on your reel. The line capacity of Abu Garcia Pro Max Reel is 145 yards/12 pounds mono and 140 yards/30 pounds braid.

Why is the Number of Ball Bearings Essential to Consider?

The number of ball bearings in the reel shows the smoothness and capability of hooking. As the number of ball bearings increases, the chance of hooking increases. That is why people must prefer q more significant number of ball bearings. You must take into consideration this factor while choosing a reel to purchase.

Which Gear Ratio is Preferred to Choose?

The preferred gear ratio of the Abu Garcia Pro Max reel is 7.1:1. This is an optimum ratio that allows quick retrieval of dropped shot rig when fishing style is done in deep water. The retrieving rate at this gear ratio is 29 inches. A low ratio reel is preferred if more power and speed are required as it works better than a high gear ratio.


Finally, we learn about Abu Garcia Pro Max Reviews. The Abu Garcia Pro Max baitcaster reel is a premium reel at a very affordable price. This equipment is famous because of its quality material and unique features. This reel is lightweight, so you can cast it all day with a very high retrieval rate.

Its brilliant design and low profile make it excellent equipment for fishing. Its uniqueness and way of construction allow its use for some years. You are either an experienced person or a beginner at fishing. You can use it easily with no trouble. It does not matter which species you are targeting, like trout, bass, salmon etc., the pro max reel is worth it.

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